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Happy birthday MG!

8 years old today. All started way back when 6 guys from the UK/Ireland decided to make their own community after Squadplay All The Way 2142-community/server went down (?). This is how it looked back then – homepage and forums.

Those were some good times with BF2142 as the main-game. When Bad Company 2 got released, the more dark and inactive era of MG started. Members got dispersed into other games, since BC2 did not really have that much focus on squadplay. There was much optimism with BF3 to begin with, but the inactivity and new members became even worse after that, with only 4-5 new members in a span of 1-3 years.

After some time linc and me decided to work on a new homepage to get things started again. And with the release of BF4, we gave it a new go with a new server. This time we at least had in-game VoiP to help us. New members started to appeared, but things started getting really good after Classic mode was released. And I must say that Classic mode+VoiP really brought some of all the old memories back, what better is that it created some new, with new friendships and great moments. It has been great times in MG the last 1-2 years and there is more to come.

Let us remember why MG actually exist and give some congrats and happy thoughts to our dear founders:

Yes, they are still out there on Steam or somewhere, probably a bit scared of all the new members and stuff that happened in MG, but hopefully still OK with how things are going. If anyone is interested in a longer list of old members, check this .

Wanna tell your story about MG? Then share it here here .

Besides having public servers in several games, we have also had some success in tournaments:
– Won a winter cup in BF2142 way back in 2008 (?)
– A CoD4 team that did OK, joined one or two live tournaments.
– A couple of 2142 competitive teams, mixed success. We arranged a 2142 tournament in 2011, which we won πŸ˜›
– A very good BF Play4Free team, won several tournaments and won the world cup (2011-12?)
– A couple of TF2 teams. Some great success and some mixed (not sure, linc can tell)

Playlists of old videos: MG youtube

…I sound like a old sentimental fool.