New-new Minecraft server!

New survival mode server up and running for all your relaxing needs!


25 slots server for all MGs and friends. If you are bored and wanna come to Minecraft for a bit, then give the server a try. Dig holes, build dirt houses and make pig-love.

Post your playername in this topic, so you can added to the whitelist: Minecraft Server-topic


After the tournament is before the tournament

CS GOs boom is unstoppable, FaceIT announced the ECS (Esports Championship Series) for a total of 3.5 mio dollars total with an european and an american part. Alibaba, a chinese website that basically provides a service that connects chinese manufacturers to customers all over the world, announced a 1.5 mio dollar tournament under the AliEsports flag.

But first: DreamHack MalmΓΆ is starting tomorrow. Here’s the helpful link to make sure you don’t miss anything you want to see:


There are some injury problems: Fnatics Olofmeister aswell as NaVi’s Guardian will not play. Fnatic dropped out of the tournament completely, NaVi will play with their Coach Starix taking Guardians position. Both have reported problems with their wrist and arm. The tournament is still packed with top teams, even thou the pot is not as large as MLG Columbus (250k compared to the Majors 1 mio.).

Happy watching everyone!