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It’s free2play and just updated – Join the MG guild in Path of Exile!

New Path of Exile update: The Awakening

You loved Diablo II? Or maybe you never played any RPG games? Then try out this free 2 play game, which already won several awards, including best game of the year from Gamespot.

Steam link:

We also have a guild in Path of Exile with 3 guild stashes with lots of uniques and good stuff to start your new character.


I’ve never really played any RPG games. Played a little bit of Diable II, but never really like it (back then). Path of Exile is my 2nd most played game in passed years and it is awesome. You don’t have to be good at it, as it is very casual (if you want it to be) and relaxing – kill enemies = loot stuff. Of course there is a great depth in the game, when you start to level up a character. There is several guides on PoE forums, if you wanna go a specific route with a skill. You can either go solo or join parties. If we are more MGs online, I suggest we party up and help each other. I’m willing to guide you through stages or give you some really good gear if you need it.

If this is your first-time (or maybe 2nd, 3rd) then start off in Standard-league. The first 30-40 levels can be somewhat slow, or that’s the biggest complain from people, but with all the stuff in our guild that you freely can take and use, it should enabled you to go through the first stages pretty well. The lore in the game is also pretty good if you pay attention to it, as well as the amount of details in the level and monsters/boses.