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    Sign-Up list for CS: GO!

    The discussion between trying out BF4 or CS is still going on, but Brian feels that there is something in CS: GO. The Counter-Strike scene is alot bigger and safer and maybe it is time for some of us to try out a new game.

    This of course will require some training and Brian will supply a CS: GO server. For now let us see who is interested.

    If you are interested then Sign-Up HERE

    Monkey-Gamers BF4 server is very much alive!

    Here are some stats for our since November 2013. Not all stats could be collected since we moved server 3 times, but most of it is there…looks impressive. Nice work everyone!


    Also check out Mccollish’s excellent post about Squadleading here . Alot of good points and a good read for anyone who wants to start SL’ing the Battlefield.

    Enforcing Squadplay and Flying School!



    Time for Squadleaders to step up and new ones arise…

    Latest server script enables admins to force new squadleaders. This tool should enable some of our good squadleaders like Jaws, Mccollish and others to get easier control of the masses. Also this hopefully enables us to engage more with public instead of crowding up in the same squad.

    The new command is (playername becomes the new squadleader):

    !lead playername

    Brian opens up Flying School!

    Everyone’s favorite Brian has arrange a private server of 8 slots for his newly opened Flying School. Classes will be on every tuesdays unless he says otherwise.

    Sign-up for his classes HERE

    Monkey-Gamers wins ETF2L season 17


    Going in to the final game we knew what we had to do. Clean 6-0 win. Having lost to disconnected in a close game, we were not in total control of our own fate. Luckily for us, disconnected lost to GamingMasters who were to face in the final match of the season. Match was going to be tough for sure.

    First map started with a long back and forth round which we finally took after 10 minutes. Due to server operator error the match was interupted and on a new start we got team wiped on middle point and lost the round in just under 2 minutes. Server operator failed again and there was another break in the match. After third start we got back in to our game and cleared the map with an convincing 4-1 victory.

    3 points to go. Just one map left.

    Viaduct was a much closer game with GM trying to rely on Kritzgrieg spawncamp tactics. Unfortunately for them, it’s not a very effective tactic, especially since they would lose their medic every time they tried to push in to our spawn. In the end we secured Viaduct with 3-1 score.

    gg, we won our division.


    You can view the match from our opponents pov here.

    Special shout out for Brian who was brave enough to play in our matches with very little experience in TF2.