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    Big BF4 Patch with CLASSIC mode coming soon!



    We will run our server on Classic mode as soon as possible. We tried this when BF4 was launch, but had to edit the server back to normal due to the dreadful “custom” preset. It was very hard to get players on. This time it should be easier.

    For all the newer members Classic mode is what BF2 and MGs little lovechild BF2142 was.

    • No 3D spotting (doritos), minimap spotting only
    • No health regeneration (infantry or vehicles)
    • No 3rd person vehicle camera
    • No spawning on squadmates, only squad leader
    • Full reload is on (remaining bullets in magazine are lost)
    • No kill-cam
    • Friendly Fire is OFF

    FF off is debatable, but I think it is maybe a good move since the terrain and models in BF4 are ALOT more detailed. Hard to see the difference between friends and foes, unlike in BF2142 where, enemies had black uniform and others had something else that I cannot remember. And yes, I know 3rd person vehicle camera was actually in the older BFs, I hope they change it (my personal opinion).

    Watch this video for more info about Classic mode and also enjoy the music:

    Of course things like server activity will be interesting. It will be a preset like Normal / Hardcore / Official – so I expect that it will be alot easier to maintain an active server unlike the dreadful “Custom” preset. If everything turns out for the worse with Classic mode – server will of course roll back to how it was – really do not think this will happened.

    Really looking forward to this as a Squadleader and I hope other SLs out there aswell as SMs will love it – like it was. It will create a better environment for teamplay and people will stay alot closer together and not fubble around on the Battlefield.


    Once Upon a Time in 2142


    Found these ancient relics on Xfire somewhere. One of them proofs that there was actually girls/women in MG.

    The first one proofs that Karl is…don’t know….maybe a bit weird? Hae hae hae!

    CS: GO and Random News!



    Sign-Up list for CS: GO!

    The discussion between trying out BF4 or CS is still going on, but Brian feels that there is something in CS: GO. The Counter-Strike scene is alot bigger and safer and maybe it is time for some of us to try out a new game.

    This of course will require some training and Brian will supply a CS: GO server. For now let us see who is interested.

    If you are interested then Sign-Up HERE

    Monkey-Gamers BF4 server is very much alive!

    Here are some stats for our since November 2013. Not all stats could be collected since we moved server 3 times, but most of it is there…looks impressive. Nice work everyone!


    Also check out Mccollish’s excellent post about Squadleading here . Alot of good points and a good read for anyone who wants to start SL’ing the Battlefield.