Movie highlights from the MG derby

Thought these videos deserved some more promotion. First video made by Benzen and the last two is made by SamZ. Don’t think I’ve seen such high movie production in MG before. 😀

Highlights from all the races – Benzen

Highlights (mixed with music) from races 1 – 4 – SamZ

Highlights (AWESOME MULTI-CAMS!) from races 5-7 – SamZ


the Results are in and what else?

the old an new Major Champions are the guys from Brazil: former Luminosity, now SK Gaming roster FalleN, coldzera, fer, fnx, and Taco bestet Liquid in a bo3 with a dominant 2:0 (16:7 , 16:6 on train and cobblestone) in Cologne.  G2 actually managed to beat SK Gaming recently in the final of the ECS in London, yet in Cologne they disappointingly went out 13-16th. Noteworthy is the fact that Gambit, Flipside, NaVi and VP managed to go into the top 8 leaving behind well accomplished teams like NiP (who continously held a spot among the top 8 at majors), EnVyUs and some teams that have had good form like Faze, dignitas and mousesports. Flipsides markeloff seems to have a 2nd spring and was contributing heavily to his teams success to gain a top 8 spot.  Astralis and fnatic came with solid performances, ever so dangerous and hard to beat.

Up next is the Dreamhack Valencia, which will be held in this very month, later this year, we will have the ESL One New York aswell as the IEM Masters Oakland, Dreamhack Bucharest, the ESL Pro League finals in Sao Paulo and to close it all out the Dreamhack Winter, which probably will be the last Major event this year in late November. Plenty of action to keep going.

Important to note is the current unraveling of the CSGO Gambling scandals:
Mohammed “mOE” Assad first made the news by faking wins when getting the blockchain by his sponsor in advance to replenish his account instead of fully disclosing he is playing with the houses money and this is the way they chose to reimburse. The Blockchain method ensures cheatfree gambling and if you have it, you can predict all the future outcomes of the game. Instead of just crediting his account with a certain amount of money, they chose to fake wins in order to make it more exciting for the viewers and intice them into gambling aswell. (more…)


9th and probably biggest CS:GO Major starting tomorrow: ESL ONE Cologne

Stickers, huge Stage with flashy lights, sometimes some pyrotechnics, awkward looking, mid-20 aged pro gamers with shoddy english being dragged on stage melting in the brightness of the limelight. All that and more over the next couple of days can be seen in Cologne in what is anticipated to be the biggest Major event for CS:GO ever to be held, in terms of viewer numbers.

The current state of affairs leaves much to be desired thou: Shoddy results from some of the top teams, paired with Injuries of some of the top players in the not to distant past have left the creme de la creme of CS:GO in a weird place,  where the upset was a daily occurence. The long time between the majors (couple of months only, but in CS:GO roster swaps are also fairly regular) leave qualified teams in a place where you wouldn’t put them in the current top 16, not to mention the top 8 as for example CLG. This is overshadowed by ESL continous efforts to make an exclusive deal with top teams to lock out contenders like FaceIt or Dreamhack, and Valves lack of proper involvement and guidance hurts the game in terms of lack of transparency, fighting against cheaters or new ideas to keep the game evolving, fresh or looking for room for improvement. Another point of critique are the randomized mapdraws: Out of the 7, each team bans 2, in best of 1 games, the map to be played will randomly be picked out of the remaining 3. And ANOTHER point of critique are the poorly seeded groups, you can check out Thorins youtube channel on that (Youtube handle is Thooorin)

Nevertheless: most of the best 16 teams of the world will be among those 16 that are playing and there will be the highest level Counter-Strike for all of us to admire. So i will stop bickering now and tell you where to get the all the information:


Here we go, now lets have some fun until France bashes Germany in the Euro 2016 …