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    Merry Christmas and Free Games Giveaways!

    . . .

    Merry Christmas to everyone and hope that you all enjoy your holidays!

    Do you want to play a new game or fancy to give away some game keys? Head over to our Free Games Giveaways! topic.

    Here is two free games to the fastest (activate them on Steam):
    Titan Quest: BFF73-5A70E-AK3ZQ
    Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War´: JB9KX-QB5EQ-VNIG3


    Some small Server News!

    !lead feature is available to everyone who signs up in this topic! .


    Server News!


    Just a little update and info on the server and its plugins

    After the 24 hours shutdown some weeks ago, we got 5 days for free from Nitrado. Not bad, but if it happens again, I think we are better off with or fragnet.

    We had a vote about Commander enabled / disabled on the server. It was quite clear that most people did not like the commander. Unfortunately it is a bit broken – just look at the stupid gunship.

    The UMM plugin (best $5 spent) allows us to have mixed gamemodes on the server, but…

    The newest patch broke Lockers domination for seeding (…and have not tried it again), but as Patrick noticed and others we are seeding the server fairly easily on Shanghai CQ large.

    The newest patch also broke Friendly Fire mode. Now it has to be OFF or else server will be in Custom preset.

    The newest patch also broke idle seeding for Normal servers but not Classic servers. This is a bit weird, but maybe DICE wants to give Classic more love. That’s my assumption, because the overall decision makes absolutely no sense at all – classic DICE!


    …back to the UMM plugin. We also had a vote about Rush mode, where the Rush haters won. But I will probably put it back in, maybe try Rush 1 round per map, but with 200 tickets, instead of 100. Rush mode is a bit of a server killer in the early hours though.

    The ping-kicker plugin is set to an average of 300 ms. If a player has the ping for more than 10-20 seconds, they will be kicked of the server. So people like Krusty can still get massive lag spikes and still play on the server.

    The idle-kick is disabled until there is 26 players on the server. +26 players means that idle kick is enabled and there will be no idle players on the server, when it is full.

    I still want to try out Infantry Only mode. I did it one day, but it took me hours to get it working and then it broke easily. The thing about Inf Only is that it conflicts with UMM plugin. So server CANNOT be MIXED Inf Only and maps with vehicles.


    Some stuff to look forward to in the future

    Spectators spots of 2. Replaces the commander slots.

    Maybe open the !lead feature to the all players (only admins can use it now), meaning whoever signs up on the forums and post in the topic (about !lead) will be allowed to use the feature on the server.

    …and maybe some more stuff. Sorry for the big fat wall of text.




    New Week of LoD and Rush on Public server


    Here are the videos from this week of LoD from MG perspective (Can you post your videos Brian?)

    Hainan Resort:

    Flood Zone:

    What do you think about Rush?

    Also please, post your opinion on which Rush maps are good and how the map rotation should be. Two rounds of Rush on each map or just one? More focus on CQ maps and let Rush maps pop up once in a while?

    Post HERE and let us hear what you think.