Dreamhack summer ends in surprise; ECS Finals in London starting on June 24th.

The Dreamhack Zowie Open ย Tournamentย ย in Jonkoping (Swe) held at the Dreamhack Summer event ended with everyones favourite NiP in the finals against the Immortals (former Tempo Storm) with the Immortals taking it in a 2-0 on cache and mirage with close victories. Ence from Finland had to pack their bags early due to a disappointing performance while the Swedes from Godsent, the still relatively new team formed by ex-fnatic ingame leader Pronax managed to get into the semis only to be beaten by the Immortals from Brazil. The Danes Astralis and SK are the ones that really should feel like they let another tournament slip through their fingers. Recent LAN performances had NiP regaining some form, sure, but hit and miss performances at this very tournament aswell as spotty results from Immortals prior to the tournament made fertile ground for an Astralis victory. SK Gaming played with 2 Stand-ins and still had a respectable showing, their normal roster would’ve made it probable for them to advance further. A 2-2 in maps against Immortals put them out of the tournament losing a best of 3 after beating them in a best of 1.

The ECS Finals in London however are a bigger deal: 1,75mio Dollars total prize money are up for grabs (exact distribution unknown at the time). The contestants are:

Liquid and C9 from the USA, TSM from Canada, Luminosity Gaming from Brazil, fnatic and NiP from Sweden, Astralis from Denmark and G2 from France. NaVi dropped out due to exhaustion earlier this year, which possibly coincided with GuardiaNs wrist injury. Still a lot of the usual suspects are here. Fnatic are back to their regular roster replacing wenton with Olofmeister and recently playing well in the E-League. Luminosity however are the team to beat to get the title, which is sponsored by twitch and Faceit.

Matchups and the time when they are played can be found here:




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