Battlefield 2142 revived!

Fancy trying out the game that Monkey-Gamers was founded on. It is free and easy to install.


Visit the website or watch the video on how to install it

7 responses to “Battlefield 2142 revived!”

  1. Definitely advise anyone to dl it and have fun, experience it where it all started. I’m going to dl it from my origin
    Let everyone know your ingame name so ppl can add and we’ll join and have many giggles o/

  2. Don’t download from Origin, watch the video or check website on how to install it. Origin + 2142 stopped working

    Add me: Remi

    S7 also plays it, add them to: Jazy2, MedicNL, elvoy, MrMojay, Arquebus

  3. Hello all, long time no see. Not sure how many of the old guard still trawl the forums but my soldier names are DarthenRahl and OmarRodriguez. I only use DarthenRahl atm but couldn’t resist snapping up my old soldier names.

    Best MP game ever!

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