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League of Death 2018


Hey monkeys,

I keep nagging everyone on Discord, but i thought here would also be a nice place for all Non-Discordians:

League of Death on the DEFR server is in full force again, and I think it is a perfect opportunity for all of us Classic mode enthusiasts to play a few rounds togehter and keep the community strong.
Over the last weeks we pretty much always had 2 MG squads going, which is great to see.
I don’t want to ask who will be there, as I think that would be overly forcing. But it would be great if we could get 2 squad together regularyly.

I’ll definetly be SL’ing.
So, if you are interested:
Every Friday Evening, 2000 UK time; 2100 CET
MAPVOTE: Vote for the maps so we can have good matches (and maybe win):

Anyway, catch you guys around!

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LoD Recap 2nd March 2018
Game 1: Hammerhead (Infantry Only)

In our first return to DLC maps after two weeks of Vanilla, Kronos Team faced of Cerberus in a running contest. The game plan was simple: Krusty’s Squad formed a defence of the Russian BackCaps on D and F, the friendly DEFR squad under u-repeat went to harass the US team on E, while Medic’s squad and mine faced the might of the Cerberus Infantry on B and C.
In the beginning, we were slow to reach our objective, so Cerberus took the initial flag lead. The fight in the centre continued, but Kronos could never really gain an edge.
The increasing ticket difference called for a change in plan. My squad retreated from the centre, leaving Medic to fend for themselves. Instead, we took hold of all outside flags, bringing the Cerberus infantry machine out of balance.
Krusty and repeat fought valiantly on our back caps, with my splitting up my squad plenty of times to either harass or help out the other teams. Communication between the SLs was commendable.
Unlucky though, Cerberus managed to readjust. With their superior beacon tactics as well as their edge in aim, they manage to extinguish our hold outside and ultimately claim victory.
A good round overall, with good squad cooperation.

Game 2: Sunken Dragon (Vehicles)

A hit in the face for Team Kronos, Sunken Dragon got of to a very wrong start. While the SLs were planning for a Infantry only game, Cerberus was able to make quite a headway in the opening seconds of the game. The early loss of Kronos chopper as well as the displacement of the Squads let Cerberus pull away easily, resulting in a 500 ticket win for them.

Game 3: Hangar 21 (Infantry Only)

Coming off the disappointing loss, Kronos’ moral was at a low. Initial Squad deployment worked out alright, but Cerberus managed to ‘infest’ the hangar, which should have remained in Kronos’ hand. Consequently, and in large parts due to superior defensive forces, Cerberus managed to pull away in tickets and bring home the last win of the evening.

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LOD Game Plan March 9th, 2018

LOD Strategy Discussion
Hello Monkeys,

So with LoD upon us and the maps being Pearl Market, Wave Breaker and Propaganda, I thought I’d pick up on sharp’s suggestion and put up my thoughts towards the maps beforehand. Below, you will find A strategy and tactic breakdown of the maps. Of course, no one really knows what side we will be on, but I will do my best to give options for both.

Pearl Market
The map you either love to hate or hate to love, Pearl Market is the Queen of verticality in BF4. So let us dive straight in:

Opening Strategy

Both teams have a slightly different starting situation, with the US being in the corner of the map. This provides them easy access to D. China has both C and B as their first caps.
Controlling E is the key to victory, as it provides easy access to all surrounding flags as well as rooftops. Securing E must therefore be of high importance in the beginning.
I recommend the following opening moves for both teams:


One squad holding C, and one squad holding B, while a large force attacks and secures E seems to be the most promising general strategy.


Alternative Start:
Considering Cerberus will have some good shooters on E, we might want to take an Alternative approach:

Rushing them on A and securing CN back caps, with some harassment forces on E


Taking strong control of C, which is easy to defend, and then converging upon E from all sides, while a few soldiers defend C, D and A.

Holding ECHO:
defend from the surrounding rooftops
lash out and return
Attacking ECHO:
SL as spawnpoint hidden below ECHO
use rooftops and height

Harassing DELTA
can be useful, as it is a simple cap zone
motivates US to spawn in main
use shutters to block entry

Wave Breaker
This will hopefully be the vehicle map

If so, there are two important things to remember: an additional attack boat spawns at B (CN favor), the attack chopper spawns at F (US favor).

Opening Strategy
Therefore, I suggest the following start:

2 Infantry squads secure D
the Scout chopper + 1 squad rushes for F
both Attack boats go for A and try to steal the Attack boat on B

The situation is similar here, while the rush for F is a bit harder


Fighting on D:
use the high ground to your advantage, go in through the scaffolds

-The US side is closer to F (roughly 100 m) and closer to C (20 m). Slightly favored
-As CN, dig in on G in that case

This map favours CN, especially if it is INF only, as their walking distances to E, C and D are much shorter compared to the US distances to C and B.

Opening Strategy

The US starts on the back foot, as the CN Team will most likely cap C before they even reach it.
The first move to gain flag advantage should therefore be for DELTA. It is important to avoid Squadwipes here, as the US can otherwise get easily pinned into A. Careful play is advised


The Chinese start is quite straight forward, as they have the distance advantage.
Using the wall north of C is quite good defensively.
The D squad will skirmish to not loose control over D. A more aggressive push for B can pay off for CN, as that might cause the ALPHA PIN

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LoD Recap March 9th, 2018

Game 1: Pearl Market

Facing of against good shooters in the Cerberus side, Kronos had their work cut out for them. Deliberately ignoring Echo, the SLs chose to attack the outside flags, securing Charlie, Bravo and Alpha. The plan was stopped in its tracks, when Cerberus managed to take Charlie in the beginning, starting the ticket bleed on Kronos’s side. Their flag majority remained uninterrupted during most of the match, as Cerberus was struggling to maintain a foothold. Ultimately, the match was lost, in a full cap for Cerberus, with 519 tickets on the side of Cerberus.

Game 2: Propaganda

The loss on Pearl was easy to see as a clean cut: It hurt for a moment, but was quick to shake off. Therefore, Kronos’ sitting on the favourable Chinese side went into the game with the straight forward strategy of holding E, D and C in order to bleed Cerberus dry.
As always, Cerberus does not go down without one hell of a fight. Aaaand. Kronos kinda forgot to cap E in the beginning…ahem. The defence on C was somewhat thrown off balance, losing some ground and giving Cerberus the initial bleed with a 4:1 flag advantage. Kronos’s scrambled and managed to get the bleed back rather quickly, but the capping advantage was still on Cerberus’ side.
Being 100 tickets down, Kronos’ slowly fought its way back into the game, primarily aided by a formidable performance of the tanker squad under Remi. Kronos clawed back into the game and took the lead at 200 tickets left.
One last Cerberus push put the game on the line, moving in their armour on delta. Ringlicker’s squad was quick to react, securing a hold over A and getting the bleed back in Kronos’ favour.
The game was finally won by 37 tickets.

Game 3: Operation Metro

In a surprise addition to the map roster, everyone’s favourite collection of choke points made its return to LoD. Kronos, this time on the US side, faced an uphill battle getting into Bravo. ‘Push through wherever you can’ was the motto of the first minutes. After being temporarily stopped at B, with Cerberus holding the first bleed, a Kronos squad pushed through and managed to secure a hold on Alpha. Simultaneously though, Cerberus broke through to Charlie, flipping the flag possession around while still maintaining the Bravo hold.
Kronos was reluctant to give up control over Alpha, focusing too excessively on its defence. Slowly but surely, a 300 ticket gap developed, until finally Kronos managed to reacquire Charlie and Bravo. Score being 100:340 in Cerberus favour.
The fight was valiant, but in the end, the ticket loss due to respawns cost Kronos dearly. The final score: 55 tickets in favour of Cerberus.

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LoD Strategy Discussion March 16th

Not many votes in as of yet, and with the poll still open the maps could swing either way. One map that currently has the most votes deserves my special attention today though:

Operation Outbreak

Created by the wishes of the community, Outbreak has received special attention when it comes to map design and gameplay balancing. Offering a good implementation of combined arms warefare, Double O offers something for every taste.

I would like to point your attention towards the slight asymmetry in the flag layout. The Chinese home flags, E and D are 50 m further apart compared to the US home flags. This creates a slight favour for the US, as they win this map slightly more often.

Opening Strategy

Creating the Bleeding Triangle must be the mantra of the first engagements. Therefore, the first big clash will be directed at C.
Whoever wins this first engagement, especially in the Infantry only setup, holds a big advantage.

Bot B and D pose good positions to launch attacks on C, while E and A must be kept save, as they otherwise would pose a large distraction for troop movement, being that they are far off.

Reacting to C in enemy hands
Should the enemy have C firm in its hands, the team must work on peeling off defenders and then overwhelm them. This map offers obvious flanking routes.

Both flank options pose a different value here: capping B/D has the potential to quickly draw large amounts of defenders off of Charlie, as both are rather close and therefore juicy for the bored C-Defender.
In such a case, the attackers need to react swiftly and use that momentary imbalance in the Defence.

Going for the E/A flank poses another value. These flags are further off from the main action and therefore likely to either less defenders out, making it easier to hold E/A. Further, especially in infantry only, Defenders that move out to defend those flags are removed from C for quite a while, opening up opportunities for the attackers.
But be careful. This effect could very well work in reverse, weakening your own forces if you overcommit on the flank.

Some more points on the flags themselves:

The cover on Charlie is almost entirely destructible. Caution is advised here: Silencers, conservative play (no Rambo-mode Gunslinger), flanking the enemy positions, this is the name of the Charlie game

DELTA offers a predictable set of spawnpoints, so keep your heads out in that direction when attacking that flag.

Other than that, Outbreak offers to be a great match, where creative thinking can win you those extra tickets your team might need.

Source: darthveda – Operation Outbreak – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Map Strategy

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I like it and voted for it (+ guilin and mortar to keep jungle theme on).

In many games, one key element has been to keep hills occupied around c. Good defensive positions and distance for attack any flag and you can ignore the armor there. Getting in from roads while enemy holding the hills will get you smoked.

A and E flags in vehicle games are pretty difficult to defend, unless you can keep their armor in check with good drivers and good engi’s there, inf games they are worth to try to divide their troops.

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Its a well know fact

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