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Golf of Oman for the BF2 feels! gogogo

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Dice should’ve made Strike at Karkand for BF4 as well. It was the best map on BF3.

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LoD Recap April 6th

Game 1: Flood Zone (Infantry)

With the easter break over, many virtual soldiers returned to the ranks of Kronos. Again, we could sport a full team with 5×5 man squads. Deploying as the US forces, Kronos initial plan was to take a hold over the outside flags A, D and E.
While this job was taken over by Buxshots squad, the FADA clan deployed to DELTA while the Bamboo-Bar Delegation kept the enemy out of ALPHA.
Both Monkey squads, under the lead of Brian and Toben, were therefore send into the meatgrinder on B and C.
Because we held the outside flags, the two of us often faced mostly the whole Cerberus team. With strong infantry players like ansas, janmischa and co in their ranks, the fight proved to be a frustrating one, where Spawns often resulted in immediate deaths. But with support of the squads from DELTA, we managed to get a hold on the center, forcing the lion out of her den.Kronos managed to win Flood Zone with a 418 ticket advantage.

Game 2: Lumphini Garden (Vehicle)

The second match takes us back to the gardens of Lumphini, but this time having access to the vehicles. The starting strategy was similar to last time this map was played. Deploying from the US side, Kronos tried to get a hold of CHARLIE, BRAVO and ALPHA, thereby bleeding Cerberus dry slowly but surely. But things did not turn out so well this time around, as Toben’s squad got caught out of position trying to blow up the train bridge from E to C. This left the defenders on C dangerously thin, and ultimately, Cerberus managed to grip C and not let go of it again.
Even though Kronos was able to get E or D from time to time, they could not escape from the headlock. Cerberus finally won the game by 358-0 tickets.

Game 3: Operation Mortar (Infantry)

So a tie breaker was needed. And it was to be a wet one. Micheal Phelps’ing their way to the main island, using l33t beacon stratzz, both MG squads took hold of Echo, fending of the first Cerberus’ wave. Both teams held on to their side of the island, but improved SL communication helped to pave the way for Kronos to cap the main island, with Cerberus only holding on to the small one in the south. This quickly turned the game in Kronos’ favor, building up a 300 ticket advantage.
But as so often, Kronos’ has problems when the enemy starts kicking again. That lead quickly shrunk, while all squads were fighting to get a hold. Luckily, Kronos managed to readjust, winning the last game and thereby the evening by 99 tickets. These roughly 200 tickets gained tonight compensated to close defeat of last week, keeping the overall score still within a games reach.
Everything can still be won! Keep it up Kronos!

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LoD Recap March 13th

Game 1: Propaganda

Let’s keep this rather short today:
On Propaganda, Kronos playing as the Chinese lost control of D in the beginning and could never break out again. The game was lost by 500 tickets.

Game 2: Langcang Dam

Lancang with vehicles did not work much better. Kronos never could manage to get a hold of 3 flags for long enough periods of time. The vehicle battle was lost as well. Resulting in another 400-ish ticket loss.

Game 3: Pearl Market

Lastly, on Pearl Market, Kronos casper’d all strategy over board and just tried to outrun Cerberus. The game was still lost by 200 tickets.

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LoD Recap 20th April

Game 1: Zavod 311 Infantry

“When you are faced with failure, you might just learn something” – Some smart person (probably)

After the sobering defeat of last week, The Kronos High Command knew something had to change. And that change had to happen within the HC. This week, Kronos figured out how to do hierarchies and how to communicate. This was put to the test on the map that everyone already played too much: Zavod 311.
Toben (3rd Person me, I know) took to the skies, trying to keep an overwatch over the friendly forces. His squad was therefore tasked with protecting FOXTROT, Kronos’ home flag. S7’s own MedicNL and his squad stood by in support, maintaining ECHO, while the Bamboo Delegation and Cookies squad unleashed hell on C and D. SafariJoe’s squad brought the fight to Cerberus’ back cap.
The fight was in balance in the beginning, Joe managed to dig in on A and be basically self-sufficient for the rest of the round, Toben’s Mortar squad denied the enemy access into F, with MedicNL doing a lot of cleaning up between F and D. Still, Cerberus managed to hold the BCD combination.
But soon enough, Krecksnutte and Cookies gained Kronos’ a leg up in the fight, slowly but surely draining the air out of Cerberus’ infantry apparatus.
The game seemed all but won, when Cerberus almost completely outcaped Kronos, holding 5 flags compared to Kronos’ last stand on F. But Kronos’ HC managed to maintain a cool head, soon enough regaining A and B, relieving pressure from the assault on F. The game was won by ~170 tickets, with a surely ‘tragic’ friendly fire accident preventing Joe from having a flawless game.

Game 2: Siege of Shanghai Vehicle

Quite surprised with their immediate success, Kronos’ team was anxious to prove this was not just a lucky victory. The vehicle version of Shanghai was expected to be a good test for our new unity.
Comprising the forces into Airforce (MedicNL), Armoured forces (Safarijoe), and Infantry units, Kronos’s set out to quickly box Cerberus into Alpha. Denying the enemy to make landfall on ECHO was vital. This was achieved by guarding the own shore with bot armour and infantry. Krecksnutte’s squad caused trouble on the enemies side of the map.
It seemed that Cerberus had not yet shaken off the shock of the sudden increase in opponent ability, so Kronos managed to maintain a firm hold over the game, managing to win by 365 tickets.

Game 3: Hainan Resort Infantry

Coming off those 2 victories, Kronos’ HC were quite pleased with themselves. So they went onwards, to strike the final blow to Cerberus today. Toben and Medic again cooperating to secure the back caps D and E, Joe pushing the flanks and Krecks and Cookies attacking the centre; that was the gameplan.
In the start, Cerberus managed to hold the initiative, getting to C and capping it first. But luckily, Joe managed to push through on A side, gaining Kronos that so important bleed. Having a flag in your back owned by the enemy throws one’s team off balance. So when Cerberus pushed back into A, C was firmly in Kronos’ hand. Flags flopped back and forth on Cerberus side of the map, while Krusty and Toben’s MAV+Mortar combo shut down most offences into Kronos’ territory.
One final struggle from Cerberus brought a bloody fight to Echo, demanding both defensive squads to deal with it, temporarily giving Cerberus the flag advantage. But yet again, Kronos’ managed to stabilize, driving home a 287 ticket win.

Overall one can say that Kronos has made a lot of progress when it comes to learning how to play together as a team. But one must be careful to not indulge oneself in these victories, as we may have lit a fire in the still leading Cerberus team. Kronos got a taste of how difficult it can be to break them, and I expect the next week to be one of the fiercest battles this season of LoD has seen.

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nice job toben , we did well and had fun… i loved the first video and the second

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Loving the write-ups 🙂

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