Project Corsair 900D

Hello all. Welcome to the build log for my first entirely self-built computer (and epic vanity project),  which I have finally got around to start posting for your amusement. All questions, friendly critique and speculation about my sanity are entirely welcome. I hope you enjoy reading it.



Introduction: Page #1
Project Overview: Page #2
Build Status, 16th June 2017: Page #3
Design Overview:



Making my own computer is something I have wanted to do for the couple of years, but have never had the time or the resources to properly devote to it. Thus I have always ended up being boringly pragmatic and buy a computer builded with my brother – until now. I know, I know. If I had even half a brain I would start with something simple, something restrained and sensible, something practical; but as you can probably guess, I’m not going to. This is the best opportunity to dedicate myself doing something more than an ‘ordinary’ build – something a bit special.

As such I am, against my better judgement, going pretty much the whole hog first time out. The project will include case modifications, a full watercooling system, bespoke case lighting and ultimately a little overclocking too. It’s definitely going to take a while, as I’m tiptoeing rather cautiously through each stage of the process. I will be relying very heavily on my skills, plus the sage advice of people here, to make a success of this.

I will be trying to include as much content as I can in the build log; including drawings and diagrams, work-in-progress photos.