TI 2016 in full gear, heading to finals

A couple of heavyweights already had to leave the tournament held in Seattles Key Arena, right at Valves doorstep in the state of Washington, USA. A smaller wildcard tournament and a groupstage opened up the 10 day (!) tournament, which to me is more attractive than these other games in Rio where drugged up Ppl get splashed with poowater and do some stuff that could actually hurt you. But we are approaching the end of it fast: Saturday will be the grand finals, but on the way there will be more matches that are worthy of a grand final already. To be frank, EU Dota 2 got put in it’s place: Alliance, OG, Navi and Escape went down and out fairly soon, with OG and Alliance putting up decent fights. Among the winners bracket top 4 were 2 Chinese teams -EHome and Wings, 1 South Korean with MVP Phoenix and the US Evil Geniuses, last years champion, with EG and Wings duking it out for the first spot in the Grand Final. Ehome and MVP will wait in the losers bracket for Digital Chaos or TNC and fnatic or Liquid respectively.

Sadly, the time difference between CET and Pacific standard is 9 hours, which puts half the games into the morning hours, Stream starts daily at 19 CET and -depending on gamelength- will last around 12-14 hours typically and the vods are available on the respective twitch channels in case you don’t want to stay up until morning.

You can catch all the action on twitch in 3 languages with a plethora of casters and analysts and explainers of all kins and colours that make it easy to understand the action even for a total rookie, may it be after the game latest.

Bracket and schedule:ย Dota 2 official Page

The chosen one makes it happen: Neo leads VP to E-League victory – Tournaments galore – CSGO Betting story update

VPs only recent win was a minor invite-only tournament hosted by Starladder without a lot of the top teams beating NaVi in the final, so nobody took them as a serious contender for the top spot, and indeed, with the Luminosity/SK-Gaming disqualification, the current best team of the world had to leave after a decision at the green table rather than the field of glory. But the heavy hitters of NaVi and fnatic were next in line for the title? Simply put: No. Currently there is quite the gap between SK and the rest. Both NaVi and fnatic, even NiP have the occasional outstanding performance, yet noone holds a candle to SKs ability to put up consistent first class performances. Enter VP. Their run to the title was solid, TaZ being liberated from the leader role making an impact, byali and snax carrying the water whenever TaZ failed, Neo all the while fragging and leading his team to victory with good strategical decisions aswell as a solid shooting performance.

Currently a massive increase in t2 – t4 tournaments can be witnessed within the CSGO scene, which attracts a healthy amount of teams to play for them. It is no longer the case, that you see the same faces over and over again, well, you do, but there are new faces in between now. Skylla, Operation Kinguin, rising stars europe, asus friday night bash and a load of other service providers, (more…)