Squad only 18,49€ until 5th July

It is dirt cheap and it is the future game for our community.


What is Squad?

The battlefield of Squad is built around organized teams using both the environment and the assets available within the game to wage a tactical battle against an opposing team. From role organization to base building to vehicle mechanics, teamwork amplifies the effectiveness of the tools at your disposal.

Supported by intuitive positional VOIP and navigation systems players will be able to maintain situational awareness and seamlessly interact with others. Dedicated chain of command channels and localised voice will be an effective tool for communication and organization.

Squad seeks to establish a culture of camaraderie that is unparalleled in competitive multiplayer shooters. This is a game where you can work together and coordinate with your team: players from around the world, often that you just met.

TLDR: VOIP and SQUADPLAY requriments in the game. Squads are can hold up to 9 players. Squadleaders are super important. It holds a ton of the same features that BF2 / BF2142 had fx. naming squad, squad markers, attack markers etc., spawn beacons (rally points) etc. etc. Rounds can last from 30 min to +60 min. Huge variety of maps, very focused on infantry working together, but there are vehicles too.

Project Corsair 900D

Hello all. Welcome to the build log for my first entirely self-built computer (and epic vanity project),  which I have finally got around to start posting for your amusement. All questions, friendly critique and speculation about my sanity are entirely welcome. I hope you enjoy reading it.



Introduction: Page #1
Project Overview: Page #2
Build Status, 16th June 2017: Page #3
Design Overview:



Making my own computer is something I have wanted to do for the couple of years, but have never had the time or the resources to properly devote to it. Thus I have always ended up being boringly pragmatic and buy a computer builded with my brother – until now. I know, I know. If I had even half a brain I would start with something simple, something restrained and sensible, something practical; but as you can probably guess, I’m not going to. This is the best opportunity to dedicate myself doing something more than an ‘ordinary’ build – something a bit special.

As such I am, against my better judgement, going pretty much the whole hog first time out. The project will include case modifications, a full watercooling system, bespoke case lighting and ultimately a little overclocking too. It’s definitely going to take a while, as I’m tiptoeing rather cautiously through each stage of the process. I will be relying very heavily on my skills, plus the sage advice of people here, to make a success of this.

I will be trying to include as much content as I can in the build log; including drawings and diagrams, work-in-progress photos.