Project Corsair 900D

Current Build Status
16 June 2017

A little insight into guite how far away this build is.

This is what the case looks at the moment, i did this a way back later at the begin of 2017 when i bought the case and the first parts. Why the begin of 2017, i was planning to finish the build way earlier than now, because of the funeral of my sister, i had a hard time to get the mood back of everything, so was my money at that stage.

As u can see i installed already all my radiators, fans and the case mod. All the case mods i ordered atย, mid plate, motherboard tray backplate with fan cutout
The first thing what i did with this case is disassembly everything so i can easily add all the mods, and to make a modification to my case that will be impossible to revert. I needed to cut the angled part of the tray where the hdd cages fix


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  1. can only recommend the obsidian case!!!

    Have it for 5 years now and it’s still a solid black metal rock of my living room. the sound isolation is pretty neat, same goes for the clever cabel management and driver holders. would buy it again ๐Ÿ˜‰

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