Boston Major Qualifier starts in a few hours

Dear Ladies and Gentlemonkeys,

We are but a few hours away from the Main Qualifier to the Boston Major (Shots fired at 1600 CET). The Qualifier is a pretty good tournament in itself and out of 16, the top 8 will advance to the 1m Dollar event taking place from January 19th to 28th. Invited are the top spots of the regional Qualifiers and the bottom 8 of PGL Krakow -the last Major, held in July ’17. So let me make this clear: the time and money invested into this tournament structure makes this a biiiiiig deal: the teams played regionals, that were small tournaments to beat out the best of their respective regions, then you still will have to beat the guys that attended last major and the top 8 were invited to the main event straight away. Yes CS:GO is still an incestuous echochamber and you see the same players under different flags. But hey, so is football.

Teams to watch: FAZE if you like cs go in all its beauty, C9 Liquid if you are a ‘murrican (they got a good chance of getting to the major actually), G2 and Envy if you suck baguette as hard as these suck at cs go. Mousesports and Renegades if you like wildcards where anything can happen: they go high or low and nothing in between. Flipside and Navi for some solid rush-b-cyka-blyat-gameplay (actually im looking forward to those games, these teams never dissappoint and will show the most solid performances of all the teams attending, nothing extreme, just good counterstrike.) Misfits for some upset rounds.

To follow the action:

I’ll hang around, watch the games play some CS GO myself. Join me!

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