Lady- and Gentlemonkeys it is that time of year again: GO-Time

On August 23rd the qualifier starts to select the 8 of 16 Teams to advance to the main tournament. I will keep the post short and sweet this time. The teams to watch are Vitality and … that’s it. I mean I am going to watch Mouz and NRG, a game of G2, North, CoL here and there just to see their form. There are a lot of reshuffled players in those teams but the lineups have not played on a high level together for a long time or they are just breaking through. If I was a betting man, i would go with the experienced teams: Vitality, NRG, G2, Mouz, North, Hellraisers, Avangar, and lastly Cr4zy.

Waiting in the main tourney are: Liquid, Astralis, Ence, FaZe, NaVi, NiP, mibr, and Renegades (???, oh well…) with Liquid as the Favs to win this one. Even I am rooting for the horseheads this time, tho NaVi always got a shot, but i predict top 4 for them, Astralis as the other contender is a possible finalist, but if they run into Vitality, we have a great match on our hands. NiP, FaZe, mibr and Renegades will have to fight really hard to not slump into the lower 8 of the final 16. The Renegades have a real shot at the top 8 with the lack of form of these former top teams. Ence was slumping, but I hope they can rev up their engines again and play without fear. My dream results are Vitality vs Liquid in the Final (and may it be a great game), with NaVi, Astralis 3rd to 4th. Ence, Mouz, Renegades and NiP in 5-8th, but especially those last 2 picks are not going to happen. Final Stage is starting August 28th and the final is on September, the 8th. For more Info visit hltv.org

TI 2016 in full gear, heading to finals

A couple of heavyweights already had to leave the tournament held in Seattles Key Arena, right at Valves doorstep in the state of Washington, USA. A smaller wildcard tournament and a groupstage opened up the 10 day (!) tournament, which to me is more attractive than these other games in Rio where drugged up Ppl get splashed with poowater and do some stuff that could actually hurt you. But we are approaching the end of it fast: Saturday will be the grand finals, but on the way there will be more matches that are worthy of a grand final already. To be frank, EU Dota 2 got put in it’s place: Alliance, OG, Navi and Escape went down and out fairly soon, with OG and Alliance putting up decent fights. Among the winners bracket top 4 were 2 Chinese teams -EHome and Wings, 1 South Korean with MVP Phoenix and the US Evil Geniuses, last years champion, with EG and Wings duking it out for the first spot in the Grand Final. Ehome and MVP will wait in the losers bracket for Digital Chaos or TNC and fnatic or Liquid respectively.

Sadly, the time difference between CET and Pacific standard is 9 hours, which puts half the games into the morning hours, Stream starts daily at 19 CET and -depending on gamelength- will last around 12-14 hours typically and the vods are available on the respective twitch channels in case you don’t want to stay up until morning.

You can catch all the action on twitch in 3 languages with a plethora of casters and analysts and explainers of all kins and colours that make it easy to understand the action even for a total rookie, may it be after the game latest.

Bracket and schedule: Dota 2 official Page

the Results are in and what else?

the old an new Major Champions are the guys from Brazil: former Luminosity, now SK Gaming roster FalleN, coldzera, fer, fnx, and Taco bestet Liquid in a bo3 with a dominant 2:0 (16:7 , 16:6 on train and cobblestone) in Cologne.  G2 actually managed to beat SK Gaming recently in the final of the ECS in London, yet in Cologne they disappointingly went out 13-16th. Noteworthy is the fact that Gambit, Flipside, NaVi and VP managed to go into the top 8 leaving behind well accomplished teams like NiP (who continously held a spot among the top 8 at majors), EnVyUs and some teams that have had good form like Faze, dignitas and mousesports. Flipsides markeloff seems to have a 2nd spring and was contributing heavily to his teams success to gain a top 8 spot.  Astralis and fnatic came with solid performances, ever so dangerous and hard to beat.

Up next is the Dreamhack Valencia, which will be held in this very month, later this year, we will have the ESL One New York aswell as the IEM Masters Oakland, Dreamhack Bucharest, the ESL Pro League finals in Sao Paulo and to close it all out the Dreamhack Winter, which probably will be the last Major event this year in late November. Plenty of action to keep going.

Important to note is the current unraveling of the CSGO Gambling scandals:
Mohammed “mOE” Assad first made the news by faking wins when getting the blockchain by his sponsor in advance to replenish his account instead of fully disclosing he is playing with the houses money and this is the way they chose to reimburse. The Blockchain method ensures cheatfree gambling and if you have it, you can predict all the future outcomes of the game. Instead of just crediting his account with a certain amount of money, they chose to fake wins in order to make it more exciting for the viewers and intice them into gambling aswell. (more…)