The International 2019

Not enough esports yet? Not a fan of FPS? Maybe this will tickle your fancy: Dota 2 Teams fight it out in Shanghai over the rest of this month for a prizepool of 33 MILLION DOLLARS. Every player of the winning team will walk away with more than 2 Million Dollars each if the coach gets his share. Turns out we are all playing the wrong games.

Anyway: https://liquipedia.net/dota2/The_International/2019
Here’s all the Info, just go to twitch and pretty much all the biggest streams are Dota 2 ones.


Six Major Raleigh

Just saw a few Monkeys running through each others line of fire in R6 Siege, and checked out Liquipedia on when the next Major is: IT IS RIGHT NOW, not even joking. 12th to 18th, if you like fast tactical fps, meanwhile i will download the 87 GB of updates.




Battlefield of Duty 23

Insurgency of Counter-Overwatch-Armed Assault Squad (Premium Mobile Edition)

“This … actually … looks good, actually pretty fucking good.” is what I was thinking when watching the first piece of video of the CoD:MW reboot, the video was the 20v20 MP devgame. I was not even looking at the last few CoDs for lack of Evolution and the worse and worse monetization scheme. Same old, Same old, every year, derivative, boring, sometimes even worse than the previous years CoD was standing still. The world moved on and the success FINALLY faded as the hardest fanboys finally realized they were taken for a ride and their last drop of blood (and dollars) were squeezed out of them with the help of nostalgia and familiarity of what once was the king of kings of FPS Shooter games. My guess is that this finally led to the freedom to break with the formula: Infinity Ward under Vince Zampella made the first big splash with the first Modern Warfare title, that saw successful sequels but also led to Zampella and Co. leaving and founding Respawn Entertainment to develop Titanfall while Treyarch developed the Black Ops series into the better version of the CoDs. But it looks like Infinity ward is back; I have not looked into who is the Creative Director and other key figures in development of this game, but it looks like they made the right choices, and releasing every year also means that at some time, you are going to release at exactly the right time. (Even a broken clock is right twice a day). Battlefield V is not a bad game, but it feels like the franchise is weakening at the moment, having not fully invested into their new vision for the game, though i really liked that vision. I’m not playing Fortnite, Overwatch, Apex, Pubg. Get away with that Schmutz from me.

But enough: Focus, why is the new CoD good? It has good sounds, good graphics, good gunplay. It takes all the right lessons from all the other games around, it doesn’t reinvent them. The mapdesign looks very familiar and for good reason: Cod devs have a plethora of experience in MP mapdesign and by now, they know what works and plays well. You get your familiarity in your old modes, you get your random mayhem in your 20v20 gameplay mode. It will be Infantry focused, with the occasional anti-vehicle stint you have to perform (that i am not looking forward to), to deny enemy benefits from killstreaks. Bullet Physics -no more lasertag- from Battlefield and Apex and Fortnite, the weapon design from Cod itself with the attachment options of a prepper from Montana, graphics on par with the Battlefield series, and a scale that also clearly was influenced by the Battle Royal genre. Its a great big bowl of everything I like and I fail to describe it adequately, so google the videos yourself. So many guns, my mouth waters.

Crossplattform play is there, they were talking of input device based matchmaking: play Keyboard and mouse and console? > PC Queue, Controller on PC? > Console Queue. I did not hear anything about dedicated servers yet, so probably not gonna happen :(. And here comes the big one: WHAT ARE THE FUCKING MICROTRANSACTIONS? Fuck off Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, Android Wilson and Randy “Ima make your money disappear” Pitchford (he’s a hobby magician). This is an early impression, I’m hyped. It could still all go very wrong.