CS:GO Katowice Major Main Qualifier starts today 12 GMT/13 CET

16 Teams will need to be reduced down to 8 to compete next weekend in the Main Tourney against the 8 Legends from the last Major. The field is getting bigger and we see more and more CS GO Pros slowly aging and fading away. The new generation certainly struggles still, but slowly is replacing the old mouselifters, awp-legends and spraycontrollers of yesterday, that have to fight harder and harder to get to the same places. The final 8 still have one more week of practice, while these hot 16 are gonna go at it with maximum brutality, smelling the blood of reaching the final stage.

Hot young ones: The Fins from Ence: Natus crew lacked some big stage experience and it showed when going against the big teams. Have they learned enough to go one step further? They certainly have the aim, they need the brain.

Winstrike/Vega Squad/Spirit/Avangar: Each one of those teams has 1-2 players that can perform to the highest level, and when the rest clicks, they can upset. They are the dark horses from the CIS that have the ingredients of a superteam and show us the vast talent from the region, proving that not all russians hack. Ultimately one of them (probably Vega or Winstrike) can go through, while the others probably will fold under pressure.

Old Legends never die: Nip, fnatic, Vitality and G2 with their newly mixed rosters of Major winners and some new guns. Will the french find their old form? Shox and KennyS in one team is a scary thing when the year is 2015. I don’t believe these teams are hungry enough to go far, but the Swedes probably will not have much trouble to prevail, and the french have enough routine … maybe …

MURRICA FUCK YEAH: C9 and NRG: Much has been talked about the Bulgarian talent Cerq that tanked hard on the last occasion, nevertheless they can reach the top 8 and C9 with Rush and autimatic firing on all cylinders also have decent chances to go through.

Meanwhile down under: Renegades can make it if enough teams fudge up, but they need others to make mistakes to be there, don’t expect too much from greyhound besides DickStacie’s sticker apparently having a penis drawn on his signature.

Tyloo and ViCi: ViCi was able to surprise by qualifying, so i will watch those guys. Tyloo are probably going to land somewhere in the midfield, will it be enough? I don’t think so.

And lastly: Furia from Brabrabrazil, have not watched the qualifier, hard to say how strong they are. First timers on the big stages against internationals. Again I would say these guys won’t be among the Top 8.

PREDICTIONS: C9, NiP, fnatic, G2, Vitality, Ence, Winstrike, ViCi/Renegades. I’ll allow myself 1 mistake because i didn’t watch enough and i will probably be wrong on a number of those.

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