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A few questions on HW and settings


I thought I wouldn’t find a better place to ask… 🙂

1) When I deploy for the very first time, the game has no audio or only some audio is broadcasted. For example… when i get into a vehicle and drive-fly, there’s no engine…then all the sound comes together and the game goes on normally. It only lasts the very first 20 seconds as soon as I deploy for the first time then it just goes normal. I was curious to find out if this is happening to any of you too. Does it?

2) I have assumed that a higher tickrate for the server (yours is on 60hz) is good for gameplay and supposed that all the times I’m getting headshotted after emptying entire bullets on the target it is because my hits are not being registered by the engine. As far as I could understand, the tickrate must go on par with the framerate and connection. With the modern connections, I hardly ever ping over 60ms (in AAPG I’ve seen people from Qatar play on UK servers pinging 150ms it’s stunning…) so I concluded that connection is not the problem for those warning lights on the right side of the screen.
After solving the issue of Bf4 starting only in X86 (now it works in X64) I could finally change the video settings but no matter what I set, the icons stay there. My new resolution cuts a bit the borders of the screen (i.e. I can’t see the position in a vehicle but only the names of the passengers and I can’t see the ammo count, only the first digit so a 1 may be a 10 or a 1 bullet only remaining, lol) but increased the refresh rate to 50hz. The problem here is that whatever i set, the tests performed by BF4 still say 58fps. That is 2fps less than 60 and I was wondering if there’s a workaround or a suggested setting for me (I have an AMD radeon 6700 with up to date drivers, 8gb ram and I7 2600 3.4ghz. Currently all LOW looks as ok as all MED as far as those warning icons are concerned). I guess if I don’t understand how this works and how to find out how it works I can never find a good setting so I thought about asking you.

3) The most amazing thing that happens in BF4 is with the VOIP-TS3.
Sometimes the VOIP just doesn’t activate when TS3 is working in background… some other times, the whole audio disappears and I’m forced to restart BF4. I think VOIP and TS3 conflict somehow but when they BOTH work… I can hear you guys from the TV and my cousin (Chouser82, a complete n00b lol) on TS in the headset. How is this possible? Naturally… when I am with the headset I can barely hear the sounds from the TV… actually the only sound that comes through the TV is the VOIP. BF4 *and* the TS are coming from the headset. I have no idea how this happens and how to fix it so, yet again, I’m asking for your help. This is something I’m really cracking my skull to find out how to solve. The realtek audio drivers are up to date as well. Does anything like this happen to any of you? Know of a possible workaround or solution?

4) Am I correct with the fact that the middle mouse button CANNOT be configured in game? I tried to assign the reload and Q functions but when I press it, the keybind doesn’t appear in its slot. Naturally, the middle mouse works with everything else (the browser scrolling for example). If any of you has configured the MMB press for a function, what is your function? What do you use it for?

5) I have a MS sidewinder joystick I use to fly. Am I correct with the fact that the point of view (look around with the head) MUST be configured in conjunction with another button? The panning of the view doesn’t work otherwise… this button must be pressed or I can’t turn my head in the cockpit. Unfortunately when I do so, the joystick controls do not work. In other words, if I am banking with the jet and I turn the head to look for the enemy jet, my jet starts to go straight and I can’t pull the bank harder until my head goes back to look forward. This is very strange… it’s like the joystick is disconnected only when i turn the head. Am I missing something?

6) Does any of you know if the Big Bang Theory is correct? 🙂

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1) Terrible game, I think we all have that error, from time to time.

2) My framerate is generally in the 50-60 range, and I honestly never feel like the server isn’t registering my hits. I’m not saying I have a spreadsheet where I keep track of it, as that would be the act of a weirdo, but if I had a spreadsheet showing my kills and death over the last 20k kills, it would show a marked improvement since we moved to 60Hz, despite my fps almost always being just below the tickrate. I’d suggest you instead check if you have packetloss issues.

Can’t help you with the rest.

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Let me guess, USB headset? Try and check and re-check sound settings in windows, make sure output is set right in TS aswell:

Icon explanation:

Turn of V-SYNC in BF4 settings. Look at your fps now. Your problem is your graphic card, it is very weak. I suggest running 720P if you want +60 FPS. If that does not help you, then you need to upgrade it. Also you are playing on a TV? That could be the issue of the HZ, and why you can’t see your whole screen. This all depends on what TV model you got etc.

Pretty sure you can configure all buttons on your mouse to anything in BF. I’m using one of the sidebuttons to change firemode.

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Frosbite engine is glitchy as fuck, and doesn’t perform evenly whatever the reasons are. Sometimes its like point and click and everybody dies, then you can’t kill anyone.
Couple of days a go, i was playing on our server in lockers, i joined in, went really fast to 0-10 i was like wth, then something changed and i was winning most fights.
Audio bugs like that are common.

Server ticks are 60hz, but the game engine is working still at 30hz. Correct your refresh rate with “GameTime.MaxVariableFps” setting in user.cfg found in bf4 installation folder
so that is multiplier of 30+1, i have it set to 121.
And play with your native resolution.
I think 6700 is struggling with the game and is very close to 100% utilization and in very dense situations can’t quite keep up.

Middle mouse button can be corrected with bf4 settings editor http://battlefield.realmware.co.uk/bf4-settings-editor/
Game is sometimes unresponsive to key presses, dont know why, my cpu is under 40-50% load and gpu is about 35%.

Dont know anything about bf4-jets, sry

Big bang theory is correct, you can observe this by looking 3 kelvin backround radiation from your televisions “empty” channel also known as snowfall.

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@Dag: the problem is that the system tests never reports a flaw (including packet loss). This is a 20mbps flawless dsl connection, the best I’ve ever had. Problems of hits not being registered… first time in gaming history from my standpoint.

@Remi: It’s a USB headset, right… it takes over automatically and becomes the default device when it’s connected. It is correctly configured but the audio problems are something difficult to tackle because they don’t always happen and there’s no real diagnostics in BF4. i.e right now I heard the beep of a origin friend going offline from the TV and I’m listening to music on youtube… in the headset. It’s all very strange.
As of the fps… at low or med settings, it still reports 58 fps… what’s the point of reporting FPS in a “halted” environment… what kind of test is that why did they build it like this, not useful at all. I will try the V-sync but if it was the fps I would “feel it” in the game being less fluid and so far in any situation it still performs ok both at low and at medium settings and I can’t feel any change actually (the improvement in graphics also appear to be marginal in the 2 settings).
Thanks for the icon legend… it at least tells me what to look at. 🙂

@aalio: I will try. That cfg file is something I know I have always had to check. Thanks.

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Make sure you have no MSAA enabled, make sure vsync is off, make sure blur is set off. All should then be good for you on that rig.

Missing audio for ten second is standard ea/dice bullshit 🙂

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