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Welcome to the MGs! Cool application.
I don’t play any of the above mentioned games, but I still wish you good luck with the application.

Only one information is missing for our players database: where are you from?

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lol , you seem to be a mature person and plus a girl…cool to have some feminine voice…here .
welcome and hope to play and/or talk with you.

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I love this:
– Bla bla bla bla bla
– who you are
– Guirl hurr durr
And greatest shit storm began 🙂 like kids 🙂 love you all :*

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Have played with kate on cs before, met through gaz inviting to to some casual games.

Very friendly, always organising group nights. Would recommend.

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@krustytht UK

Cheers tuna 😀

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I’ve known Katie since 2009, from L4D days. I support this application although she is immature, causes drama and is a chubby princess 😀

For real though: fun to play with, communicative and funny, plays CS GO, the occasional L4D game and lots of other things. Might not see her on the Battlefield of 4, which is honestly a good thing, coz she will get you killed. The noob from Battlefield friends is probably based on her. Ok that wasn’t fully for real, but ya catchin ma drift.

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I didn’t notice that you are a lady and i was not polite 🙁 i want to say very sorry . Unfortunately you not played in bf i guess , because i not saw you on any case is very nice to see more girls in our company ,especially if they are good players .

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I didn’t notice that you are a lady and i was not polite

No offense but I think we should be polite to anyone trying to apply not only girls 😉

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many good and not good guys played in bf but all girls who played in bf permanently ,only good .therefore i have respect to all girls who played in bf.sorry for my english.

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Pls give me as much agro as you would the boys. I can take it, I’m used to a constant hail of abuse from Brian and Wonder 🙂 @gello_gello you’re English is great! @fullback couldn’t agree more! Give me Hell 😉 I’d hate for ppl to act differently bc I have tatty bo jangles and respect your drive for equality among the sexes 😀

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