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Basic Training Revisited


1) Listen to the SL:

First and most important, listen to your SL and do exactly as they say, there is typically a long warm up time so don’t be afraid to ask questions, but once the round starts you should know exactly what to do to begin with, and should not start questioning the SL when “in the field” so to speak, just do as they say.

Addition to SL:

Always spawn on the Squadleader if not told otherwise. There is a reason we love Classic mode in Battlefield 4, SL spawn only is one these reasons.

Hold your spawn and wait for the SL to spawn in. Also sometimes there is no need for you to spawn in on the SL right away. Sometimes he is in a buggy driving to a flag. Let the SL do the driving and spawn on him, when he arrives at the flag, in this way you are not sacrificing yourself and losing a ticket, because the SL drives over a mine fx.

2) Use VOIP correctly:

Don’t talk bollocks, don’t curse or moan down the microphone, it’s distracting and the rest of the squad could miss other important information, if you need to swear, don’t push the button, be straight to the point when you communicate.

Try to make sure your mic is set correctly, ask if you’re too quiet to hear, or so loud that the rest of the squad shit themselves whenever you speak.

3) Revive correctly:

If someone is down, check it’s clear, if another squad member is going for the revive, cover them, don’t run in with them or you might both end up dead from an enemy.

Make sure there isn’t a whole enemy squad around the body, the revive will likely be pointless, as you will both end up dead, and you will cost your team an extra ticket. However if it’s your SL who is down, it can be understandable, as the rest of the squad can spawn in, or (in the case of robbie) he can bunnyhop away.

The revive paddles range is 3-5m. Use this to your advantage and get your patient up to full health when reviving or revive people through windows and small gaps. This way you can reach people who would otherwise be too far away for you to reach them before 10s is up.

Addition to reviving:

If you’re not a medic and need to revive someone (very important on the SL), take the kit (with ‘R’) from the dead soldier and revive him with his kit. It’s better to be revived and run away with a currently useless engineer kit then dying and loosing the ticket, or even worse: Loosing the SL which is the mobile spawn point for the squad.

If someone revives you, stand up and run for your life. Look for a good point to hide, check your ammo and wether your gun is on semi or full-auto. It makes no sense to be revided and killed again. Also, try to not open the squad or map view while there is a chance that someone revives you. The time needed to close the windows again may cost your life and the life of others.

4) Stay dispersed:

Don’t stay too close to your SL, or the rest of the squad, you want to be within reviving distance, without risking being took out by the same grenade or enemy.

If you’re on a flag, try and cover a separate direction to everyone else, and put something solid between you and the guy next to you.

5) The wonders of flanking:

Quite basic but sometimes underused, if you see one or two of your SM’s go the left of a building, you should take the right, reduces the risk and you can catch the enemy off guard.

6) Know when to fall back:

You can’t break through every time without fail, and in some maps certain positions are difficult to attack and/or defend, you will never lose as long as you know when you can win, e.g. if you’ve just lost half of your squad fall back and wait for them to respawn or try another avenue of attack, or just go around and take another flag, you will lose less tickets.

7)Spotting the enemy:

Make use of your minimap and in the down left corner of your screen, not only does it reveal enemy locations but you can often see where friendlies are, and if they need a revive, and if it’s worth the revive, e.g if there are several members down it’s likely there are several enemies there, or you can simply see how far away they are and if it’s worth it.

Furthermore, you should always try to “spot” the enemy (with “Q”), if you see you are outnumbered, it is often more valuable to simply spot the enemy and wait for the right moment.

If anyone has anything else to add, or if you think I should change something, don’t hesitiate to say.

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Can you write the ” check it’s clear” bigger ? like ten times ?

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It depends on how you view it. If your goal is to revive your squadmate you are right. If you want to kill your enemy and gain positional advantage though revives without checking/20hp quick revives are imo a valid thing to do. You gain knowledge on where your enemy is, you create distraction, you can catch him offguard while he’s reloading or throwing a grenade, you can make him spend his last bullets and so on…

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If there’s a lot of fighting going on it’s usually best to ignore revives and go for kills instead. When I play med I always use smoke ‘nades and combat medic perk. Throw the smoke ‘nade on the body (or between enemies and the body if possible), charge your paddles for a few seconds, and your team mate will get out with 100% health in no time.

I haven’t tried the m320 smoke ‘nade launcher since smoke ‘nades were buffed but I imagine it would good to have as squadleader if you are trying to assault some position. Or XM25 smoke if you’re support. Ideally you always want to have the smokescreen in front of your enemies so that you and your squad have clear vision of where you are running in to.

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Thanks for the tips Linc.
I often play medic (and sometimes support, what the SL wants), and I haven’t tried this smoke grenade option.
Next time I’ll give a try to it.

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I always use the smoke grenade to cover revive in Arma 3, but in Battlefield I somehow forget most of the time I can do that. I guess evaluating the situation, check if its clear, covering revive with smoke if needed, get there and ideally fully charge the defibrillator is a bit much for a 10s time window…

Same applies for the rest of the above tips. Technically I know it but it is difficult to remember it in the heat of action. Comes with practice though. πŸ™‚

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They should add 1-2 more seconds for reviving. Most of these advices comes from the old forums, created 4-5 years ago for BF2142, where you had 15 seconds to revive your teammates (?).

In BF4 the revive timer is around 6-8 seconds (?) and feels way too short sometimes.

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You dont always see where the kill is from and so the instinct is to get the revive in. You also need to help the medic. If its hot i would normally give a shout not to revive, if i didnt then its my bad. Also give position where the kill is from and other intel i.e enemies i saw right or left of say a room i was killed in. Plus remember the right click to not accept. I would rather have the revive and make the choice myself.

As for smoke you’ve got to be clever in how to use it. Dont cover yourselves with smoke. Instead throw it towards doorways or enemy positions if your taking a potision like a flag. That way when they come through it you have first sight and advantage. Its amazing at how many cover themselves and basically give away their own position.

On LOD a couple of weeks ago someone did just that on C. I chucked in a granade and cleared it. If youre in it youre a target!

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Dawnbreaker on C where just a couple of smokes can really make a difference:

 photo dawnbreaker3_zps8fc53983.png

 photo Dawnbreaker1_zps4daa3a71.png

 photo dawnbreaker2_zps6d4d56c2.png

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B at lockers is another good flag to use it:

 photo lockers_zpsdd3807a9.png

 photo lockers2_zps884b4291.png

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Unless they have the IR scopes they will have to come through the smoke to hit you.

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OT: Isn’t it possible to change respawn time in the server options? and does it change also the time window for revive? If so it may be worth to test it, though it may be on costs of the servers popularity (custom settings?).
Just an idea.

They should add 1-2 more seconds for reviving. Most of these advices comes from the old forums, created 4-5 years ago for BF2142, where you had 15 seconds to revive your teammates (?).

In BF4 the revive timer is around 6-8 seconds (?) and feels way too short sometimes.

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DICE are very strict with server settings, so cannot change anything πŸ™

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To bad…

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The revive window is 10 seconds. Just get used to the max range of defibs and you can make some clutch revives. Especially if you revive someone through window 5 meters away. It makes no sense but since it works I’ll take it. πŸ˜€

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