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Played one round this morning and medic class is useless and new CQ system is stupid. The pace does feel a little bit slower, which is nice. The new minimap + big map looks good.

Otherwise it feels very underwhelming and don’t expect any squad play, unless you join each other.

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Lack of squadplay isn’t new from Bf4 though, you can get that in bf4 too, on most servers. Plus everyones trying to figure out shit, so they’re probably focused on that.

As for pace.. it’s slower, but only on foot. Overall feels very zippy. Not sure if that’s a good thing 😀

Graphics were beautiful, like in battlefront. Sound was fine. Forgot to try the male announcer voice, but the yt video I watched of it earlier didn’t seem to make it an improvement.

I don’t know, about as disappointing as expected, I think. Oh and everyone’s a sniper on cq too. Sniper and Assault. Why be anything else, really? You don’t need ammo and you don’t need revives.

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Played for around 4 hours today on Xbox. No squad play and not one revive. I also can’t hit anything from a distance unless using the sniper class. But that may just be because im using a controller?!

However, I do like the fact you are not constantly harrased by a helicopter and its gunner.

Graphics are nice but I still miss 2142 🙁

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I’ve enjoyed the few hours I’ve played. Unfortunately the map really isn’t the best and favors snipers a lot, but the game left a decent impression, I’m at work atm but I kinda want to play and that’s always a good sign. Squadplay and revives is the same in all BF’s, most people on random servers don’t give a crap so it wouldn’t change here. One thing I thought was dumb though was the “elite” (?) classes? I got an LMG from a crate and my dude suddenly had armor, I was a walking tank, ripping people apart.

The gas clouds are pretty fun, I enjoy rushing into a cloud of gas smoke with my gas mask and go wild, it adds to the atmosphere (I prefer to use incendiary though, no gas mask can save you there and it’s always fun to see human torches screaming around, it’s great visually as well, really well done).

I don’t know, some things I like, but we can all agree that the old BF is gone and won’t be coming back. I feel I had more fun today than with the BF4 beta though, tired of the modern combat setting, all the fucking gadgets, Siege of Shangai could suck my dick after the first few plays, levolution sucks and I think that these armored vechicles that come late in the battle like the airship and the armored train are a more interesting mechanic, as well as the sand storm. DICE could release the alpha map to give people a better idea of the game, I don’t think this map does the game any favors.

The change to the ticket system is also a weird one, I don’t think it needed fixing, but it doesn’t make medics obsolete, reviving always puts pressure on the enemy team as well as healing (it isn’t that fast to auto heal) and the medic weapons aren’t that weak (yea in a very close combat you are at a disadvantage but that’s to be expected).

And I already forgot half of the stuff I wrote and can’t be arsed to read through it, so that’s that. I had fun, but I’m aware that the Battlefield that I trully enjoyed is no more (for quite a while).

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I’ve played with some friends and some MG’s and I have to say the medic class does not feel useless to me. Played it for 4-5 rounds straight and was always on top of the scoreboard and the healing/revives were no problem. I have to say tho that I always had to say to my squadmates to press Q when they died so I could see them which is a shit system to be honest… or maybe it just needs some time to get used to.

The game rewards squadplay with a shitton of points and if you have a decent squadleader the squad is easily on top of the scoreboard (I know it’s easy when you are the only squad that is working together but yeah… randoms).

About the classes I have to say the most useless one was for me the support class. It has not the best weapons for long range battles (you could use the bipod but then you are sniper food – because as already mentioned it feels like 30% of each team consists of snipers) and the only thing that could be usefull is giving ammo to teammates. But surprise! It’s not the only class that can do that. If you spawn on a horse and then decide to go inf you are still the “horse class” which has access to medpacks, ammopacks, antitank nades and a powerfull sniperrifle as well. So you have a sniper which can heal, give ammo, help with tanks and can also snipe. The best setup to run in a full squad in my opinion was 2 medics, 2 assaults (for tank reason) and a “horseguy” on foot.

But yeah that were just my impressions so far. I havn’t played a lot of tank or airplane so I can’t tell you something about this but yeah… All in all it’s an ok game which looks nice.

Edit: I don’t like the spawnscreen. Can’t zoom in to see whats happening. It’s pretty and the spawning animation is nice but for me information is more important.

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I had some rounds yesterday with the MG’s…mmh..I don’t know what to say , it kind of feels like Battlefield , but again it doesnt (IMO), however the Main Menue sort of speak(New Battlelog) , isn’t really my thing, I do however like that there is an ingame server browser.

Besides a beautiful looking game on 1080p with steady +100 frames , I have to say that the gameplay is not really to define, first to spot -> first to kill.
Movement feels a bit sluggish , laggy…again (BETA). Maybe this map is just shit like Silk Road..

Time to kill might be ok, could be improved…

The Balance between armor & infantry can be heavily discussed since no one really knows how to best handle a hostile tank..(in Bf4, a squad with 3 engineers & the tank rolls away), in BF1 you might need a little more effort.

I will play a bit more of course & see what happens 🙂

I’ll see you on the server or discord.

Have a good one


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Played it for 5 minutes, did not leave a good impression. Map is poorly designed snipers playground, only died to tanks and snipers repeatedly. When bf4 came out the biggest disappointment for me was how slow and sluggish it felt compared to bf3, like literally your soldier moved slower. This feels even more sluggish than bf4 does.

They just keep lowering the skill ceiling every battlefield game. I thought a lot of bolt action weapons and no lock on weapons would promote more skillful play but somehow they have managed the opposite of that. Tanks just dominate because you need to be within around 20m of it to do any worthwhile damage as a foot soldier and everyone is camping up on rocks or in a window somewhere with a scope.

I doubt I’ll be buying this unless its super fucking cheap on sale. Even then, it looks like its gonna be a DLC monster. Did I not hear the entire french army is a premium DLC lol?… Is there anyone out there who actually wants to spend £104 on the deluxe edition of this game lol?… Im not joking.

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Medic and conquest ticket system should hopefully change in finale release. They are both the biggest complains on reddit/bf forums.

But what about classic mode?

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A couple of thoughts on bf1.

I joined the servers shortly before 3 AM as the EA was under DDOS by some retards…

I love bf1.

Pros :
-No minimap reveal after shooting – gotta pay attention to what you see and communication is way more impportant.
-Crazy vehicle gameplay tank with 5 ppl inside is insanely good (horses are pile of horseshieeet are simply bad)
-Moar map destruction moar chaos moar action
-The gameplay is more “fluid” jumps running zooming the weaponetc seems better than bf4 (also less buggy)

Cons :
-The ticket system is retarded the matches are 8 minutes long, the revive medic is useless
-Easy sniping made it even more accessible for retards
-still buggy i had many problems with spawning like didnt see teammates on spawn map and it was impossible for me to spawn in a vehicle in the beginning of each game (i spawned later than the others the vehicles were taken – thats totally opposite to bf4 when i always spawn early 12GB ram)

Overall the game is very different to bf4. It is too early to say if it will have as good longetivity. I have a feeling it is designed to be more accessible to less skilled players. High skill (mg level <3) is not rewarded as much as in bf4. Thats just and impression maybe i need more practice more weapon unlocks and full MG squad. But to be honest I had some strange kills with smg I never thought I could kill with no zoom running just shooting in the direction (close to target but in bf4 i would never scored a kill like that).

Anyway I am interested alot in the game. I will probably buy it. BUT FOR GODS SAKE I WILL NEVER PREOREDER IT xd

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My experience is vastly different to Eagles. Weapons have huge amounts of spread, even the “DMR class” of semi-autos that medic is using is horrid for precise shooting over anything other than 20-30ish meters. Got killed quite a few times due to bayonette charge bugging out and either stopping just before reaching the enemy, even tho it was LITERALLY JUST ACTIVATED 5 FREAKING METERS AGO, or simply running over a prone target that I was going for but I’ll put that part on it being in beta.

The game feels way off BF4 with it being a lot slower paced and 2v1s being a lot harder to pull off due to the mentioned spread and I’ve found myself more often than not staying back and defending the objectives unlike extreme agressive play that I usually do in BF4. Also, tanks are op AF, managed to get into one that someone left behind and went on a rampage with assaults not being able to come close enough to be able to do any damage and other tanks just going full retard.

On the positive side, there’s no audio spotting anymore, the graphics are top notch even on lowest and game runs fairly smooth on my shitty GPU, reaching 120fps on a R7 260 2gb.

Seems like it’s going to be a fun game but not 60$ worth of fun IMO.

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Well the first time I was in a plane as a shooter It lasted 25 seconds before the pilot crashed into a tower, and I managed to score two kills with the onboard gun. I promise to you it was not my skill.

Or maybe I am a hidden Bf1 Genious and even don’t know about it.

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Played a couple of Conquest rounds so far, but have had the no gun/xp bug the whole time, so have to be in vehicle or horse to be able to shoot. From what i can tell on the forums they probably wont bother patching the Beta so i will have to play rush (which is working) get warbonds then buy a kit to use on Conquest lol.

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From all i have heard and seeing, i wont even install that

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Do install it and try it out. It’s not a bad game, but it doesnt hold a candle to BF4

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Played a few rounds today and gotta say: Overall I’m happy with it. Just a few things I noticed

– Order system: I like the way the defense works. Give order, keep zone for a Minute, get points. No idea if you have to be in the area though. Could be abused maybe. Same with the attack. Sqaudleads may just spam orders on Objectives that are about to be taken and get free points without the squad having done anything. Should be more squad focused, in my opinion.

– Medics: Yeah, they need to change back to how they were IMO. No real incentive to revive anybody. Not even visually noticeable.

-Map: Sue me, but I kinda like the map. The city is pretty nice for fire- and melee fights. E is somewhat a problem, but it’s like a long term investment. If you commit to taking it, you’ll most likely keep it for quite a while.

– Overall feel: Really enjoying it. I had concerns about the lifespan of this game or the amount of playtime I wanna invest because of the distant setting of 100 years in the past, but I gotta say the guns feel awesome, the “battlefeeling” is there, and that’s maybe the most important thing of all. One reason I fell in love with Bad Company 1.

-Snipers: Yeah, there are quite a lot of them. But hey, wasn’t everyone (Reddit mostly) bitching about “Mhööw… So many SMG’s, no “bolt action”-Action… DICE, go look in a history book”. And now that we have our hands on the game, I hear complaints of “Mhüüwww…. everyone’s using bolt actions… total sniper campfest”. My 2 cents on that is that the bolt action was the predominant weapon of the time, and therefor should be advantageous/strong.

So yeah, overall I’m really liking the game so far. And trying it out can never hurt.

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