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Battlefield 2018 'Leaks'


On December 11th, reddit user TheAlmightyDaq, who also correctly predicted the contents of Battlefield 1, posted a video claiming the next Battlefield game would be Battlefield Bad Company 3

Battlefield Bad Company 3 Leak – AlmightyDaq from Battlefield

Just a day later, responding to criticism from popular Youtube channels and new input from his inside source, he stated that Bad Company 3 might not be the 2018 Battlefield game, as it is developed by Dice LA, while Dice Sweden is working on the 2018 entry.

Dice Sweden’s Battlefield Game from Battlefield

Today, he revealed that Dice Sweden’s game is gonna be World War II themed, banking on the progress made with Battlefield 1 (graphics, cosmetic microtransactions, all-out warfare)

Battlefield Sweden’s Game Leaked – WWII from Battlefield

So if this guy can be trusted, we might be looking at a new game similar to BF1

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More poop. Yay.

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