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Battlefield 4 infantry only tournament



I’m putting this in here as I know you are an active clan and we (SILK) clan have entered an Infantry Only tournament with 11 other clans.
Now the tournament has had a few drop outs and they are looking for new clans to join in and I was thinking about you guys. Interested in joining up?

There will be a new meeting about the tournament on Wednesday 28/05/2014 8PM UK-Time. Teamspeak details for this:

There are some rules and I will quickly copy it here:

Maps are Conquest and Domination and only vanilla maps.

No transport allowed (under consideration for a next season)
No baserape
No exploits
No tea-bagging
No swearing

Amount of players: minimum of 6 versus 6. More is allowed as long as teams are equal (8v8, 10v10, etc.). There is a maximum of 12 v 12.
Any less than 6v6 is not allowed: default 400:0 will apply.
Kick off: No show after 15 minutes
No Kick Off after 30 minutes: default 400:0 will apply
Rounds: 10 min break after 2 rounds/map change
Players not in teamroster are banned from competing: using them means a default 400:0 will apply
Substitutes during live play: 3 emergency subs (gameplay will not be stopped)
Substitutes on map change: 3

Rules regarding allowed equipment;
– No flashlights.
– Lazers and torches are allowed.
– No explosives other than (handheld) grenades.
– No EOD bot, Tugs, MAVs, Spawn beacons. Motion balls are allowed.
– No shotguns
– No pick-up weapons
– You are allowed to use weapons from other DLC (expansion packs of Battlefield).
– No commander

Server configuration
Tickets: 100% (400 CONQ, 300 DOM)
Server: Locked Unranked
vars.friendlyFire true
vars.idleTimeout 86400
vars.teamKillCountForKick 0
vars.teamKillValueForKick 0
vars.teamKillValueIncrease 1
vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond 0
vars.autoBalance false
vars.killCam false
vars.miniMap true
vars.3dSpotting false
vars.miniMapSpotting true
vars.3pCam false
vars.idleBanRounds 0
vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed false
vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 100
vars.bulletDamage 100
vars.nameTag false
vars.regenerateHealth false
vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn “true”
vars.unlockMode “All” (Unlocks: ALL)

Let me know if you are interested by joining our teamspeak:

Cheers guys
BulletGoof (CL SILK)

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I can play if someone wants to create a team. (:

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I’m up for it. Pretty sure we could get a few more and I’ll mention it when on the server over the weekend.

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