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Am I still able to play with members in the discord and reapply in the future?

Think its pretty lame that somebody whose never spoke to and/or played with me has the final say but it is what it is I guess.

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Hello James

Yes stick with us, play about in the discord and definitely play some rounds with us. You seem very friendly and a nice lad so please hop on and enjoy yourself.
We just have a very strict policy here about recruitment and you hit a couple of red flags that alarmed us.

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Cheating/exploiting is pretty lame too. :>

But yes you are free to stay around. I’d say don’t cheat again and who knows what will happen.

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Hello Bevve,

Coming from a different community, but good friends for a long time i understand what they mean.
We had some problems in the past and are also more passive with recruiting players. You don’t want a person with MG tags doing suspicious stuff. Instead you want to learn them and see if they fit in.

This has nothing to do with you as a person, but more with MG as a clan/community/trademark.

I would suggest to play with them, get to learn them and apply later if it stil feels good.

They are a good bunch of people that like me are in a community with friends that is over 10 years old.

Best of luck in the future.


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Gaining trust takes time, no way around that. Sry to harp on this but you do come with smelly baggage.

Anyways, i hope you still show up and become an honest and trusted player. And if people see that, they will change their mind.

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Is he still around?

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