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Since I’ve spent most of my BF4-time on this server and also enjoyed the sqaudplay, I think it’s time to indruduce myself.
My In-Game name is I-Bot18 (the 18 isn’t the age, it’s kind of my “lucky number”). If you read it backwards you’ll get my real name Tobi 😉

I’m a 21 year old guy from Germany, currently studying the last steps for my B.Sc. in Business Informatics.
I’m more of a Casual-Game-Player as I like to play BF, CS:GO or Games like AC, GTA, etc.

What I think really sticks out on this server here is (surprise, surprise) the squadplay. It’s great to win (or even lose) as a team and get the most out of it.
Personally I think I’m bit of a allrounder, kind of Santa’s-little-helper, as I often risk my “life” for repairing or reviving as fast as I can.

So maybe if the time has come and recruitment is open again I’ll try to become a MG-Member 😉

So far so good, see you on the battlefield, maybe in the same squad 😀

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Hello Tobi!
I must have seen you a thousand times on the server and glad you like it too.. I mean c’mon who doesn’t 😉
Nice to see that you snuck your way to the forums too, so welcome! 😀

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Keep nice and active on the forums and pop and have a natter with us in our IRC channel #monkeygamers

These will give you a good headstart ready for when Recruitment opens 🙂

Oh and we have a MG Friends platoon on BL that might interest you in the meantime


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Thanks for the hint Crit, definitly going to do that 😉

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