I don’t know how to start. This message was like thunder from the sky. I normaly don’t do this things but this is girl from my work, so I will do exception this time because situation is really really bad.

Mother instinct exist, trust me. She change doctor because she felt something and diagnosis was bad as hell. Heart is broken, child has only one chamber and aorta is broken. They can fix this… and this is problem, not in Poland. There is only one guy in Europe who can do this, in Münster. Good we are still in Europe not in USA 🙂 Bad: costs of this operation 67.500 euro. Worst: they can operate only in 3 days after birth, which means we have time to 20,09,2016.

This is possible only with help from outside, and I know you are good people. There is option to help by PayPal or Visa/Mastercard. Page is very simple, red “Wesprzyj” on the right side of the counter.
“Kwota wsparcia” – how much money
“Słowa wsparcia” – what are you going to say
“Podpis” – sign (“weprzyj anonimowo” – be anonymus)
“Opłać teraz” – pay

link to this charity http://www.siepomaga.pl/serce-ignasia

Thx for help Monkeys 🙂 se ya on battlefield