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I promised to get things going with a forum post, so here we go.

So far, it appears that I’ll be running the game since I have experience DMing, but if anyone else feels up to it, feel free to speak up!

If we maintain good mic discipline it should be doable for me to manage just about 6-7 people outside of my self.
We’ll do a first come first serve type thing and close the doors thereafter. Just list your name in a reply below and you’re in. If we can get this going we’ll start with a session 0. For those who haven’t played before, it’s essentially a pre-game event where we talk about, what we want to do, how we want to play, is the scenario dark, high fantasy, cyberpunk, or something else entirely, what kind of characters we’ll want to have, all that jazz. Potentially we’ll playtest some player characters, which we will also be generating around this time. Depending on the time spent, we might even get the game set up and started.

We’ll be using Roll20 (https://roll20.net) and don’t worry about familiarity with the game, the website and all that, those of us who have played before will walk you through it, there’s absolutely no experience required to participate and it is open to everyone and anyone… except Remi.

We’ll be doing dice rolls in the open using Roll20’s inbuilt mechanics, meaning there’s no need for you to own, or have access to special dice, also it makes it easier to point and laugh at people who consistently roll poorly.

Any book you might need can easily be found online in a PDF format, and I’ll make sure to have it available for anyone who hasn’t got one when we start

Timewise the games takes about 3-4 hours per session, we can talk about doing more or less during session 0, and we’ll also be figuring out how much and how often we’ll want to play, though obviously with people being new, we might have to change this depending on whether or not they even enjoy the game. D&D is not for everyone and there’s no shame in leaving the game if you don’t enjoy it.

For table rules, I’ve got only a few. Be respectful of each other and the DM. The DM’s word is law but is not above contestation but do ask your questions in private, the game is meant to be a narrative experience if it is continuously paused for one reason or another, the magic dies.
The following largely goes without saying but in my experience, it pays to reinforce the point. – D&D has no actual limits on player interactions. This, unfortunately, leads some players to attempt nonconsensual sexual behaviours towards other players, and I will not have it. It is an instant removal from the game with no negotiations.
I seriously doubt that I had to make this explicit, but I’d rather get out in front of it than leave it be.

With that said, the game in and of itself can, and almost always is, amazing, and I only state the above to make absolutely sure that it stays that way. I can only advise anyone and everyone to try it, at least, once… Except for Remi.

If there’s any questions or concerns, ask away.

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Well me, Pinking, Definetly wants in!! Never done DnD before tho

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I, the Cunt, am most definitely in!

I have some experience with D&D. I have played several medieval-set campaigns with just a couple of rules changed by the DM, so I’m pretty familiar with the game. I have no experience with DMing, tho, and I wouldn’t let myself DM yet. Also, I’ve never played it online, but I think it will be doable.

All in all, count me in for some nice D&D 😀

P.S. I have plenty of D&D books in .pdf. Also, I can recommend some apps for your phone to make the game easier, but we’ll get to that in session 0.

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Ryan just let me know he’s joining but is having problems with the forums so I’m noting it down here for visibility.

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TapTap is also joining, and is also having problems with the forums.

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Aight guys we’re about ready to start.

We’ll begin with 4 people, others wanted to join but couldn’t find the time. If anyone else wants to join after we’ve started, message me and we’ll figure something out, I’ll try to make this as inclusive as possible, so do ask.

For those of you having problems with the forums, you should try to get that sorted since we’ll be doing our coordinations here.

For now, we plan. For the game sessions, we’ll want to be able to sit down for a minimum of 2-3 hours, preferably more so we’re not constrained by time.
To start with, we’ll do the much talked about session 0, which shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. All your questions will be answered here, character generation, world requests, NPCs related to your PCs, all that jazz. I think we’ll try to see about setting a time where we can play as well.

Our main problem is that Ryan is currently in AMERICA (FUCK YEAH!!) so we’ll have to deal with the time zone differences. My hope is that if we start at 21.00 GMT+2 (Copenhagen time) Ryan should be at 12.00 Pacific time. Provided he’s still in Vegas, which gives us 3 hours to get shit sorted.
I’d like to do this during a weekend so we don’t have to worry too much about getting up in the morning.

Are any of you unavailable on the 7th, 8th or 9th during those hours? Or are there any other times that’ll suit you better. If these days don’t work we’ll see about doing it during a weekday.

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I’m in the middle of the exam period, so I’m available whenever. Just set the date with the others who can’t use forums, and I’ll make time for the game. Evenings work fine for me, so that’s cool.

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Can’t attend those times. Take meeting minutes for me.

I’m back in glorious Europe (if only) end Sept. I am 100%in and when you guys have decided on a few things I’ll get on board and have my character ready ahead of time.

Never played a cyberpunk theme before… sounds quirky.

Feel free to get started without me. I’ll join whenever I’m back in Europe as an npc if I have to ;).

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I, The Sheppy, am now so in.
Thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s episode and my character introduction/generation.

Cheers to Rye for helping me with that and cuntin,tap.
I’m really eager to carry on now.
I demand a full day session.
Buiski, take a day off work.

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