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I too can cook V:
Stir fry: chicken, carrots, 3 colors of bell peppers, garlic, chilli pepper and sauce made from lemon juice, soy sauce and honey.
Ready to eat

Quality pictures by my Samsung Galaxy S3 :3 (reduced by 50%).

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Wow nice topic. I am not a good cook myself but I like to go to a restaurant every once in a while for the good stuff 🙂

I LOVE fried potatoes, so I made some today 😀


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I made this recipe last week. A totally awesome cake: very quick to make (it took me about 35mins including baking) and it tastes very delicious. You only need a few simple things:

and the result will amaze you 🙂

This might also be an interesting cake for those who would usually not bake things 😉

Here is the link to my recipe

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That cake looks delicious as fuck, gonna try it one day 🙂

Not exactly food porn but making some liquor from our harvested chokeberries:

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