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First off: Big thanks to Toben who posted this on Discord

So Destiny 2 Basegame is free right now: go get and try it out here:
(if that link doesn’t work, i blame forbes.)

It will be available to claim until 18th of November, so you got roughly 2 weeks. It is an 80 GB download, so that might take some time.
The good news: you can keep it, it is yours, and that is good, because the basegame is not that much and it gets boring really quick, but it is enough for you to determine if you like it or not.

Should you like it, pair up to the refer a friend program to get some extra loot! Up to 7 days after purchase you can go to the bungie website and do that and you both play together to unlock some extra stuff.
info to that is here:
If it doesn’t work for you because you are not allowed to refer-a-friend in a circle, here’s mine:

The Goal would be: Get together, play through the story together and get to Level 20, Powerlevel 250+ So we can get a 6 man group to do the Raid.
Playing together makes it much easier and entertaining to go through the story, but feel free to do it by yourself. The reason why you should get the story out of the way, is to unlock the weekly and daily powerful gear milestones.
Those give you big boosts in Powerlevel and make you capable to get into the Endgame activity: the Raid and the Nightfall Strikes(? not sure on those anymore)

So get going and see if we can get a Raid together upcoming weekend!

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I still have to do the 80GB download, after that the leveling process in a group sounds like a lot of fun.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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