I’ve set up a Quizbot on the Discord server, since its not a true chat client without Quizbot. It’ll only be online when I’m on (unless someone wants to host it) and is restricted to the newly-created QuizHeaven channel (it just wont respond if you try and communicate with it from elsewhere on the server).

To that end, here are the key commands to interact. For all inputs, ignore the square brackets []

!trivia games
!trivia [games]

TRIVIA module
Each question gives you 45 seconds to answer. Each round lasts until one player reaches 10 points or 2 minutes passes without anyone other than Quizbot-Redux speaking.


Quizbot will PM you a list of the available Trivia quizzes

!trivia [quiz name]

Starts the named quiz

!trivia stop

Stops the current quiz

SLOTS module
Simple slot machine with coins as prizes

!bank register

Registers with quizbot


Gives you 100 free credits (limited to once every hour currently, can be adjusted if thats too frequent / infrequent)

!bank balance

Shows your current credit balance

!bank transfer [user] [sum]

Allows you to transfer some of your credits to another person

!slot [amount]

Plays the slot machine, with [amount] as your bet on this round. Current minimum of 20 credits per round, maximum of 5,000 credits (can be adjusted)

IMAGE module

!gif [search]

Returns the first result of [search] term from giphy.com

!gifr [search]

Returns a random result of [search] term from giphy.com

!imgur [search]

Returns the first result of [search] term from imgur.com

Other commands


Returns a list of available commands (some are restricted to the Owner, i.e. me, so you wont be able to use)

!help [command]

Returns information on a specific command

!rps [rock/paper/scissors]

Play a round of Rock / Paper / Scissors with quizbot

!8 [question]

Ask the magic 8-ball a question (must end with a ?)

!urban [word or phrase]

Returns the first Urban Dictionary definition of the word or phrase

!roll [number]

Rolls a random number between 1 and [number] (defaults to 100 if [number] is not entered)


Flips a coin, heads or tails


Starts / stops a stopwatch

Thats all the loaded modules for now.

We also have the ability to create our own quizzes. These should be a simple txt file laid out as follows:

There can be as many answers as you want to put in

Best if you can get 150 or more questions in there. If you do have a quiz, send it to me on PM and I will add it in (otherwise everyone will have the answers)