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Galaxy S7


Have had my new S7 for a couple of months now, I came from a LG G3.

The camera is a real standout feature, this new pixel doubling thing for perfect instant auto-focus is a revelation, you can be walking taking pictures other people walking and they will always be in focus. Additionally its lens can let more light in and its low light performance is also exceptional, pictures i take are brighter than my own eyes can see.

The build quality is stunning, first time i’ve seen a phone engineered and beating iPhone.

Speed etc is abundant, I’m no power user, but it certainly flies along.

Samsungs software setup is less hateful for a change and the UI is now much smarter and themeable.

What phones are others using?

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I have Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (i9305). It’s the same as normal S3 except it has LTE and 2GB of ram.
First thing I did to it was to flash CyanogenMod 11 (Kitkat 4.4). Then CyanogenMod 12 and now I’m on the CM13 (6.0.1).
It’s very important for me to have ability to use custom rom.

As for the technical side. It’s great phone. Camera is not that good nowadays but still decent. It’s very sturdy even tho it’s plastic construction. But I hate that it’s so round. It feels like soap in hand. That’s why I’m using Otterbox Commuter case.
(mine is black)
I also have hardened glass panel for additional protection.
AMOLED screen is great ♥. It’s first gen so black pixels aren’t entirely off but contrast ratio is way better than any IPS screen.
And surprise. Samsung is using pretty high-end Wolfson DAC for their flagship phones. In case of S3 it’s WM1811 DAC. It allows native playback of 24bit/96kHz sound. And if you use special kernel like me you get access to stuff like 5 band hardware equalizer, oversampling etc.

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Now I am using Prestigio 4055 dual sim.

It was really good when it was new, good battery, only catching GPS signal was a problem, it takes 3-5 min

Now I am gona buy:

6000 mAh :):)

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Have the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact myself, had it for nearly a year.

The first real flagship phone that is a ‘normal size’ for me at just 4.6in 🙂

I love it, the only downside is that it only has a 720p screen, but i can live with that.

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I have love for Sony’s, they keep a close to aosp interface that I much prefer as a rule. My wife has the first z1 Compact, great device.

Before I had my LG G3 I also has a Galaxy S3, my phones were always rooted and running aosp as a rule, I found that CM builds could have quite a lot of issues with certain version releases of the S3, in particular with the camera blobs. I had such a model with the rarer camera and it forced me away from the phone sooner than I wanted.

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