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Hello and compliments!


Hi guys,

I’m a fresh starter with BF4 but I used to play a bit Bf2.
Technically speaking though i’m an AAO old-timer… first non american betatester, linux-server tester, pr-sol partner for the honor program, former PB Beta (I’ve banned tens of thousands of cheaters in my “past life”), ACI and PbBans contributor and former right hand man of the head admin at jolt.co.uk (72 servers under my supervision). I’m trying to actually PLAY an FPS shooter this time so I chose BF4… actually my cousin bought it for me and I had to erase tens of GB of data from my HD to accomodate the whole package. Gotta say I am happy I did. πŸ™‚

I find your BF4 server to be the best set because I agree it’s all about squad-teamplay. A complete squad makes the difference and I’ve seen your MG players doing marvellous things because of that philosophy.
I am happy about the 300% vehicle spawn rate. With this setting in particular, there’s room for infantry on all maps and players are basically forced to give ride to other players. This also counters the strategy of players to play entire matches inside a vehicle and get kill rates that spoil gameplay for everyone. When you do kill that tank here, you know it’s gonna take long before that player comes back (and in the meanwhile you can organize to counter him). I think vehicles are overpowered in armor… but I don’t know if you can actually reduce the health of a vehicle… if that were possible and it were also possible to reduce the number of ATGM and SAMs, as well as C4, a soldier can carry accordingly, this would dramatically improve gameplay forcing infantry to actually help their own vehicles and not send them ahead unsupported.

Naturally I also love the spawn on leader only setting but perhaps, in order to avoid spawnkilling and give more time to infantry squads to organize the capture of a flag in conquest (and also to actually give more value to control of the map and killing of enemy, rather than rushing wildly to kill the new spawning players) I suggest an increase to 120% for infantry spawning.

I am a lover of the hard core mode but I think the normal mode is more adeguate to an open server. If there just was a way to remove crosshair for everybody, it would really make sense to have a laser sight that makes the difference in CQB whereas the crosshair basically hurts this choice (which also has negative sides of course). I am not sure that can be done… one of you told me on the server that I can actually configure the game for myself but it only makes sense if this works with everyone not just me or it would unbalance things and handicap me only.

Thanks for explaining what FAIRFIGHT is yesterday. I’m looking forward to playing with you again. So nice was the teamplay that I got 3 friends just from your server players… because they also love teamplay like I do and now we’re all up there in your server regularly and we also play together very often (when teambalance allows to!). It’s an added value I thank your admins for. πŸ™‚


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Welcome and have fun on our server πŸ™‚ we aim to please and thanks for your kind words πŸ˜‰ If ever squads are full always ask to join via chat and I’m sure you’ll get a yes or no depending on if everyone is obeying the sl
Look forward to playing with you

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Hey Mega and welcome to our forum πŸ™‚

MegaloManyac is a long name so I’m just gonna call you Mega if thats ok for you (I’m a really lazy person – no shame). Thank you for banning dirty cheaters who just want to ruin the experience for other people.
Thanks for the suggestions but I think our admins are limited by what they can do (Changing health stats from vehicles or inventory capacity), but anyway thanks for the kind words.

Hope to see you on the field soon! πŸ˜‰

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…Technically speaking though i’m an AAO old-timer… first non american betatester…

AAO as in America’s Army?
I played AA 2 a lot πŸ™‚

Anyway, welcome to our forums, and nice to hear you enjoy our server. I noticed you in the loooooong balance discussion that erupted on Lumphini last night, hope to squad up with you later.

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IIRC yours is a 48-man server. Squads can be up to 5 people and that would make 9×5-man squads + a 10th squad with up to 3 people.
Even if players came and went I suppose there’ll always be room for squad players and, besides, you say in the rules in the loading screen that you kick lone wolves… so… I guess I’ll always be in a squad. Is there another way to play and win in BF4? It’s a totally squad-based game. Lone wolves can’t win and they don’t know what they’re missing.

I have noticed that sometimes I enter a squad and automatically become a squad leader (is this depending on the ranks?). When I find a squad that doesn’t cope with me I also try to fix it via chat before leaving. It’s always a last option but most of the times even when I disagree with the conduct of the other squad members I make a point of always spawning on the squad leader. That particular setting is not mandatory for me: I always do anyway. πŸ™‚


It took me 10 minutes to find a suitable nick in Origin… all the nicks I selected were already taken and I don’t like using names with weird symbols so I picked this nick. I’m starting to like it. πŸ™‚

As of particular settings not involved in the ordinary administration, during my pilgrimages as cheater-hunter in AAO (yes, that AAO game), I picked a cheat developer and we hacked an unofficial AAO server. On that particular server, there were no kill messages and no objective messages. I submitted my plan to build a hard-core setting and evaluate the response of the community… that was the moment another AACM’s request to turn me into one of their AACMs was turned down by the US Army.

What AAO has become, AAPG, is something that has yet to become a real game. Exploits make it sometimes ridiculous to play but the most terrible problem is hackers. I have had banned something like 60 players in 1 month whereas ACI banned 6 in the same time period. At least in those 8 servers gaming was very clean. You can’t ask much out of a free game after all.
It’s too soon to assess what the situation in BF4 is for me. PB seems a bit “stronger” but undoubtedly it always has to be one step behind cheats. Well… I am one of those who research and report cheats… eh… I don’t want to start doing it again… this time I want to play! :-))))))

There are ways to hack servers, I am sure turning down ammo and armor would help making the game better but it is a risky proposition (not with PB… I have my “hooks” there) in a commercial-based program. It’s technically hacking someone else’s property and violating the license agreements. Perhaps among the ordinary settings, it is possible to turn down the armor of vehicles by increasing the weapon damage % (I don’t know if this would apply to all weapons or just infantry) but this can’t be done without reducing ATGM and SAM loadouts as it would lead to unbalance.

I’ve played however on a server with health was 60% and I liked it because it sorta rebalances all weapons while still leaving room for the best shooters to do instant kills with headshots.
That is something I suggest to try… also because with a slower respawn rate for a player, medic and SL become very important. With 100% I don’t know… it seems too chaotic and no matter revives and health of the team as long as one is alive the whole squad respawns together while spawnkilling everyone. This is a tough call indeed. πŸ™‚

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I’ve played however on a server with health was 60%…

Thats hardcore mode and in my opinion, it makes the game more unbalanced. Armor gets stronger because it is not affected by the 60% health stats (only infantry) and the sniper rifle gets horrible overpowered to a point where playing a other weapon is a disadvantage. It is not realistic ofc to survive a sniper rifle shot but from a gameplay view it is (in my opinion) a bad mechanic to die from 1 shot, which does not lead to a enjoyable bf experience. Bf is not a ultrarealistic milsim game.

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There is a mod tool released for the frostbite engine, which is mainly for changing Battlefield 3. But I bet EA wanna shut that down quickly: http://veniceunleashed.net/

I’ve looked into increasing the revive time, which would also mean that it also increases spawn time. But I don’t think it fits the pace of the game. Still not sure. But there would also be the issue that the server becomes “custom”.

If you are interested in server settings, then read the server doc: http://eaassets-a.akamaihd.net/dice-games/BF4/ServerDocumentation/BF4_PC_Server_R55_176744_Docs_ServerAdministrator.zip

But most of the things are tied with the preset classic, normal, hardcore. If you change most of the settings, server becomes custom and very hard to get active.

Agree with Fullback, I don’t like 60% health either. Otherwise HC is good, but I would still like to have a mini-map aswell.

Also the no lonewolves is a old relic rule from our BF2142 server days, where we booted people out of the server if they did not follow the squadleader. We still use the same rule, and kick people out of the squad, but not from the server (in some cases it can happened, if they keep rejoining the squad). But the rule is a nice cosmetic thing to have or show that our server is focused on squadplay.

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Last boot for non-squad play but insisting on being in a squad happened all of 2 days back πŸ˜€
It’s pretty rare though.

HC would be better with a minimap. Personally I’d also like the spotting mechanic from.. AA 2.x?, where if you saw an enemy, you could spot his position, and it would be revealed on the 2D map, but it was the spot you pointed at that lit up, not the player, and it was then obviously static. I think it faded out after maybe 2 seconds?

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Sexy stuff, welcome to the erotic playground that is Monkey-Gamers!!

I like your words of sexy kindness as well. You will be a welcome addition to our age old clan.

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Next time I see you in-game I’ll join you πŸ˜€ Lets get the team work going

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About vehicles, health and spawn times (@everyone)

I get often killed by bulldog in close range or pistol with a single hit. Sometimes it takes me a full clip to kill a guy. I am not particularly bad at shooting but I think some weapons are OP and if you haven’t got the unlocks (I’m still struggling to understand how they work) you don’t even have the weapon mods that help you out. I am in the middle between switching to other weapons and unlock those mods and staying in the current weapon and trying to unlock them all before moving to the next one. It’s just that I must figure out how it works first. Anyway, for the reason I stated, I’m not particularly scared of sniper rifles killing in one shot because i’m very often already killed with one shot, whereas, it takes me a lot more than one shot to kill in turn. When I take the combat medic (preset) I use the AN94 and sometimes it takes me a full clip. I do see the hits (I think removing the hit indicator would be a good idea) but that player just won’t go down.

I have noticed on the 60% health servers that the health of a player tuned down makes all weapons more lethal (most notably… mine as I said) and, in the meanwhile, a slowed down respawn rate for infantry would make the game:

Less chaotic,
more inclined to territorial control (and advance in squad fashion),
push players into trying to stay alive rather than rushing blindly,
improve the importance of medics,
and last but not least, counter the terrible habit of spawnkilling.

It’s a lot more than just lethality it changes gameplay.

It has to be noted that in order to take a flag you’ve got to control the zone. The other team will naturally try to spawn there before the flag is neutralized. This means you HAVE to spawnkill the players so this is my main objection to a 100% respawn rate. I suppose if I was able to immediately tell friend from foe I’d kill a lot more and be killed a lot less when I am capping flags. πŸ™‚

@Sheppy: yes HC with minimap would be useful but when I hear a report (i.e. machinegunner east of your position) I very often hit M and look at where’s East. πŸ˜‰
The very best thing the HC mode does is remove the crosshair. It’s really strange a setting for just that crosshair was not built in the server rules.

In overall the most important setting you guys found is the 300% vehicle respawn. It does slow down the game to a point you can actually play the infantry which is what I like most but possibly slowing down the infantry respawn would slow the game further a bit and make it even better. Just my opinion of course. πŸ™‚
I have never looked for such a server… if I find one I’ll know whether I’m right or wrong but I suppose this would only work if, in turn, the vehicles respawns were slowed down too and there’s already few servers of that kind. Finding one with both vehicles and infantry slowed down seems a hard predicament…

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@megalomanyac Would you kindly stop implying that Umbra is cheating in chat? Thank you.

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Hold up, you mean Umbra is not a cheat?!

*mind blown*


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@megalomanyac Would you kindly stop implying that Umbra is cheating in chat? Thank you.

Perhaps you missed the preface so it’s better to clarify.
I’ve noticed many times there’s instances where I empty full clips on players who just won’t die, turn around and kill me with a few hits.
I always presumed I was getting hit in the head because if the rules are the same for everyone if a clip doesn’t bring down an enemy on this side of the screen the same must apply on the enemy’s side of the screen.

When I started playing on your server, out of hundreds of other players where the aforementioned statement applies, I noticed one of those enemies who never goes down with an entire clip but still kills me with a few shot is Umbra. I never said she cheated, I said something’s very wrong with this player because she stands out for being one of those where this crazy thing happens, whereas it doesn’t happen nearly 10% of the times with other players.

What I said exactly is: This is fishy and it’s either lag or cheat.

I didn’t say she cheated, I said with other players this doesn’t happen… yesterday we ended with the same K/D ratio, this is not the ratio of a cheater, it’s the ratio of a normal player but this doesn’t explain why in one on one she is always hit first, always with an entire clip and she ALWAYS kills me with a couple of hits… sometimes just ONE hit.

I blame this either on the netcode or on my vidcard giving low FPS but it’s hard to blame the vidcard because your server does show the hit counter. I can see clearly she’s getting hit whatever my FPS may be. Packet loss and hits not registered? I ping 50+/- to most servers and this is a very stable connection that never gave these problems with any other FPS (ArmA3 or AAPG most notably). So I really have no idea why this happens and when one has no idea he doesn’t go blindly accusing others of cheating. Not a pro cheater-hunter like me anyway.

So, in the end, out of hundreds of players, I started paying attention to what happens when i meet this particular player.
Last night, twice in a row: full clip, me dead and she at 4% health (I repeat: twice in a row).

This does happen with other players too but with Umbra it happens *nearly all the time.*
It doesn’t happen with the same player in the DEFR server which uses your same settings and it’s 64 players: there is no such ONE player on that server where the situation I explained happens so frequently.

Of course I did notice this happening, everyone in my place would and it’s not a matter of shooting, of aim or of weapon type: I regularly bring down other players with any weapon and they don’t always turn round after being hit so many times and kill me with one or two shots.

I am puzzled about this problem but it doesn’t ruin my fun nor am I particularly interested in finding out why this engine behaves like that.
I’m not particularly interested in spectating Umbra because if I thought she’d been cheating I’d have had a completely different attitude from the one I explained.

I hope this clears things up.

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To make it simple, please don’t use the in-game chat for this kind of stuff. You have our forum if you want to complain, report a player.


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