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MSFett says Hello!


Hi Folks,

I think it is time to introduce myself. I Have playd now a lot of rounds on your Monkey-BF4-Classic-Server, and I love it, I’m really happy that I have found this community!
My real name is Michael and I am from Germany and I am 40 years old. I started playing online multiplayer games back in 1998 with Counter-Strike, and I was fascinated from this game-type from the first moment.
Later I played bf-1942 a bit and jumped in completely with bf2 together with my clan Deathrow-Allstars (DRAS).
Today I am the only one left playing computer games, the rest of the pack has other things to do (family and so on) and has no time anymore 🙁
With bf3 and bf4 my interest for BF was getting less too, because the game has changed. Less teamplay and more focus on casual gaming…sad thing.
But then classic-mode was introduced and I was excited aaaand I found your server. So it was like a little come back for me to online-mulitplayer-gaming as in the good old days 😉
Squadleaders doning their job, and squad-members follow the orders, very nice!!

So I’m looking forward for more good games on the server (and I am thinking about joining your clan 😉 ).

Greetings and good luck for all!


p.s.: whoever wants to add me ingame, my bf-nick is also MSFett

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Someone else from old school CS back in the 90s..whoow 😀

Hello and welcome Mr Fett

Aint had the pleasure of playing with you yet but have seen you on the server quite a bit, usually being on the receiving end of your bullets 🙂

Get yourself on IRC, we need more folks to help halt Qrbbllblbes quizbot dominance! 😀


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Hello and welcome on the forum Michael o/!
We’ve already had a lot of good rounds together.
Glad to hear that the bosses are doing a great job 🙂 !
Have fun and see you on the battlefield!


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Hello and welcome to the forums fettie.

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hi hi 🙂

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Hello and welcome to the Forum Michael!

I think we squaded up already, at least your name is very familiar. Anyway, good to hear you enjoy our server. 🙂

Cu on the battlefield!

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Noch ein alter BF1942 Veteran !

Willkommen und viel SPaß bei uns auf dem Server


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