New headset, tips?

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New headset, tips?


So I ended up buying Astro A50 because i got a good price and they seemed to be a good set when i read about them. Got a defect one though and don’t know if i wanna replace them or return them

Also donโ€™t have mic yet either, bought new Astro A50 that are defect.

Dude donโ€™t. Get ModMic and good headphones.

Thinking about this one, ModMic looks awesome. Maybe with a Beyerdynamic DT 770. But do like wireless, just that those headsets doesn’t seem to be good for anything other then gaming.

Basically, need a real comfy headset that is mainly good for gaming and should be pretty good to music aswell.

What headset do you guys have?

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How much were the Astros? 250$?

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My personal headphones.

Very good for gaming, music is fine too. Love the wired/wireless choice, auto mute mic and decent battery length.

I’ve have the wired version of that headset for about 3 years now, you can get refurbished ones for much much cheaper than the wireless version:

Never had any issues with it although I have absolutely not use for all but the mic mute button and the surround sound button on it.

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Also I didn’t mean to imply in the other topic that Astros would be bad. Haven’t used them so I wouldn’t know. Get them if you think they suit your needs well.

However, as you mentioned they were defect so what happens if the mic stops working after warranty. You’d be left with a expensive headphones. And for that money you can peobably get decent headphones (open or closed?) and separate mic.

If you don’t intend to use the headphones anywhere else than at home on your computer, wireless might be a good option. Personally I’d never get wireless cause then when you’re playing tf2 scrim and your headphones run out of battery it’s not a good thing (hi jaws).

I myself am currently using ModMic and some cheap Pioneer headphones. I doubt the headphones are that great, and they are actually held together with duct tape and old credit card pieces. But when the headphones do finally break I still have my mic to go with whatever new headphones I would then get. ๐Ÿ˜€

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I would go for separat Hifi-Headphones and Mic as well.
Personally made only bad experieces with wireless (soundquality wise).

I would recommend trying these:
Lasmex H-75 or Teufel Aureol

They are good allaround headphones; heard only good things about them (comfort and soundquality). Not too expensive also.

If you can try on headphones beforehand, do it; comfort is very important and everyone has a personal taste for “sound”.

Good luck!

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I have a new pair astros, beautiful headset. If you have any problems is says to contact them right away I don’t know if you have done so but they are normally really good when sorting out faults!

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I got 2 headsets
SteelSeries Siberia Neckband (presented to me. thx to my ex-GF)

And Razer Electra (presented to me. thx to my another ex-GF =DDDDD)

Cheap and good.

But now im looking for new set, or good USB Mic

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Some good stuff here, thanks guys. I’m a little wiser now. Really like those clip on mics /ModMic. So probably gonna get one of them regardless.

The Astro’s were 440usd ๐Ÿ˜› Which makes no sense because it’s Norway and everything is hella expensive.

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Thanks to this thread I’m getting Audio-Technica AD700x for christams. Damn you.

Word of warning on ModMic… when I bought one it was shipped really fast to me. Since then I’ve seen plenty of forum posts stating they have some issues delivering to Europe. I don’t know if that’s still true but it’s something to keep in mind. I guess the Zalman clip on mic is decent as well but ModMic definitely is positioned better and I think the general opinion is that it is of higher quality.

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Sooooo here’s a photo of ad700x with ModMic attached to it. ^^

ad700x with modmic

THe headphones sound weird… I guess it depends on what you are used to. They’re definitely lacking on the bass which is funny since the spec sheet says frequency response is between 5 – 30k Hz. You also need to have a big head for the headphones to stay on your head properly, or you have to do some modding. ๐Ÿ˜›

I guess for the price I was expecting something a bit more amazing but I’ll give the headphones a couple weeks before making final judgement.

Also my previous headphones were on ear which I kind of like, so I could easily keep them on without really having them on. (just try to imagine how this would work)

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Been looking at those too. Just so expensive, ergh. But I got a massive head.

While in gaming, bass is not very important, the high and mids are most important if you want to get the correct audio-aspect of the area you are in and to spot the footsteps the right places.

Seen the creative aurvana live which are some re-branded Denon headphones (apperently), and they only cost around 50-60 euroes.

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I’ve ordered a pair of Superlux HD681. Quite cheap only 20 euroes from here:

As you notice there is no mic, so I will be doing some weird mod (there is alot of them out there). Probably use the mic from my old headset.

Also recommend anyone to read up this guide. They do not recommend gaming headsets for good audio:

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When my last headset died i bought Corsair Vengeance 2000, they’re a bit on the pricey side but using them is like a whole different world to what i was used too before (usually bought Headsets in the 50โ‚ฌ range)

I know, being a student money is often short but being a gamer and wearing those things often and sometimes over longer periods its def. worth it.

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