Pls Unban Me

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Pls Unban Me


Hey Guys,
today i’ve got banned from Member KrustyTHT, because he thought i used an aimbot on your BF4 Server (which is not true). Now i played ~200 hours on your server and had much fun on it (love classic mode). I just played with a good team as Medic and tankdriver and did nothing wrong. Battle Report:

I hope someone of you guys can help me.

Thx xhunter_92

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Krusty made a booboo. Hehe.
Normally it’s me.
This is a good turn of events.
A small investigation will be done and once that’s finished we will unban you.

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Ban has been lifted.

My roasting of Krusty will continue for two or more days.

Love love xx

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Thx Sheppy for your help 😀

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On metro you were doing quite too many headshots, with impossible turns.
You do shadowplay nexttime, and I’ll spectate the server next time I see you on it. If you don’t do the same amount of headshots, I’ll see it as an admission of guilt.
If, however, you do the same amount of headshots and I don’t notice anything resembling aimbot, I will apologize by beeing suspended as an admin for as long as the founders will deem necessary.

It’s nothing personal against you hunter, I just don’t believe one can do that many headshots on a map like metro.

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If you don’t do the same amount of headshots, I’ll see it as an admission of guilt.<br>

This is a bad joke isnt it? Who the hell said that i only play as a sniper on this server. LOL
But i will see that i set up shadowplay.

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Sorry, I think I’ve been misunderstood.
What I meant is headshot per kill ratio, which doesn’t have to be done with sniper, but with other weapons as well.
That’s why I banned you the first time around after seeing your stats on the 247fairplay site.

Again xhunter, I do apologize if you felt treated badly, and as for the other guy I banned who got his ban revoked, I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt, since you wrote on our server (your first post I had not seen before kicking you today, for that I am truly sorry).
For the kick today, I hadn’t remembered I had you already banned, for that I also apologize.
As said, I will hold any further kicks and bans, but will check you out.

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Krusty m8, you seen the vids from duke recently?
We could argue the same thing. However, this will be investigated further by professionals (I.E. REMI AND LINC COS THEY ARE AWESOME AND SMART N SHIT)
The matter is being looked into.

In the mean time, krusty needs to touch me intimately because I said so. Also I’m drunk. This is the most serious response you’re guna get until tomorrow.
{Insert drunk apology here}

Sorry mate, it’s being looked into, the only other option you have is to be less good….

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Special Upload for Kohanka see 20:30min

Heard him through opening the gate, so i knew someone is coming from there.

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From my side I have closed this topic.
Nothing to talk about.

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It is allowed on MG server to use sound spotting and big map – also called awareness.

Topic is closed.

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