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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam


Hey Monkeys.

So I’ve been keeping an eye on this new soon to be released first person shooter from the creators of the Red Orchestra series. The reason why I’m interested in this game is the fact that it seems to share many of the features of older battlefield titles and seems to prioritize teamwork. No gimmicks!

Features like: Squad leader only spawns, ability to name squad, commander and squad voip (and yes the commander role makes you a phisical soldier on the battlefield with special abilities ect.), some classes are limited to keep balance, conquest game modes, 64 player battles, vehicles and big scale warfare as we like it. To name some of the features of the top of my head.

The game is a lot more raw/hardcore and is similar to bf hardcore mode: no minimap, no 3d spotting, no crosshairs and very high damage model.

Although the guns kill fast they also have higher recoil than in bf and should require more gun control. This is an aspects of the game I’m worried about. Normally I do not enjoy low time to kill games and I’m afraid that the guns in the game are too spamable (aka spray n’ pray) making good and consistent aiming and recoil control a lot less essiential for securing kills. This could make the gunplay very easy and not so interesting.

I would be very interested to know what you guys think about the game?

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I played one of the earlier beta waves, and I’m not sure you should worry too much about the low ttk, as there’s heavy sway and recoil. Tons of stormtrooper activity when I was in, anyway. Other than that, looked ok, ran quite poorly on my computer. Not sure they’ll be able to optimize it to the point where it both looks ok and runs well on my computer.

*edit* looking at the video in your post, it looks like the sway might have been toned down from a few waves back.

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i’m changing my opinion, it works, but it needs squadplay to be fun πŸ˜€ im not gonna buy it at full price tho…

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It looks really arcady and the maps looks small. Judging from the videos of course.

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Its more closer to Battlefields than squad, which to me, is too close to arma’s. I think very low ttk makes it more exciting and slows down the game. Im gonna buy it first day, didnt care beta’s so far.

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I’m downloading it

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Okay after around 7-8 hours of gameplay I made this list of the top of my head. I could easily write more but… it’s already long enough πŸ˜›


The time to kill is a bit too low IMO. Most kills feels like 1 shot. Of course this depends on the gun but the commen assault riffle should kill in 2-3 bullets to the torso IMO. Right now it seems like there’s no use for the bandage. Spraying and prefiring seems a bit too effective for my taste. Combine that with the mighty suppression effect and whoever shoots first wins regardless of aim in most cases.


I think the M16 should have more recoil. Going full auto with it is a bit too easy. The AK on the other hand has a lot of recoil in full auto and it feels good. Making full auto only viable in CQB just like it should be.

I think the UAV mechanic is a good tool to get rid of campers and to get a good situationel awareness of the battlefield. It makes it easier to plan your squads next move. However giving us the precise location of enemies for at least 5-10 seconds is too powerful and makes for some really cheesy kills. I think it should show enemy positions once and then freeze their position for 5-10 seconds letting us have a rough estamation of their position.


The graphics looks outdated. My biggest problem with this is the animations. For some reason it looks very cartoonish to me. It doesn’t seem smooth either. It takes away from the immersion and makes it harder for me to take the game seriously.


The “Territory” game mode is too chaotic. It’s like “Operations” in bf1. Very linear, too many players (64) and a lot of open ground with little to no cover whichs can make it very frustrating to attack. It just feels like a random clusterf*ck to me. EVEN when I do very well it doesn’t feel like I’ve accomplished much. You rely heavly on having a good commander who call in artillery on the right time making it possible to push succesfully.


The UI feels bad and looks ugly. The voice overs are also fairly cringy… you get use to it preatty fast though so not a huge deal I guess.


Shooting and strafing makes you slow and very inaccurate which makes running and gunning hard. I love this. If sprinting for long your weapon sway is also affected. This again encourage more calculated cover to cover movements.

I like the way the factions are balanced: The US have better weapons but must rely on helicopters and squad leader only spawns to get around on the battlefield. The Viet Cong have worse weapons BUT every squad leader can build “spawn tunnels” which acts as a spawn beacon. This makes it a lot easier to flank and get back on objectives fast. This system contains more elements ofc but it actually seems to retain a fairly good balance overall.


In general people actually played the objective and I heard people use voip plenty of times. I feel like this game cater to a more mature audience which is a very good thing indeed.


Camping is king in this game. It can be frustrating but it can also enable you to go on some ridiculous kill streakes. Combined with the insanely low ttk and good positioning you can clear objectives all by yourself. In general positioning is way more important than how well you aim. For me this is both a good and a bad thing.

I like the “Supremecy” game mode. Which plays like a combo of Conquest and Chain Link. The pace of the action is slowed down and good squad perfomance and tactics become more effective and necessary to win IMO. I feel like with a good squad you can really impact the direction of the battle. Like in Chain Link flanking becomes important and one flag cap can cause huge problems for the enemy in that it breaks the chain.

Pressing “x” spots enemies. It puts a red marker were you point it and it’s also marked on the map. It disappears after a few seconds. This is the perfect way of doing the spot mechanic IMO. It makes it quick and easy to point out enemies positions without making it OP.

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Good review, may i add, US squadlead is just a spawnpoint with binoculars, if you go and die as a SL the entire squad need to spawn in base, so US SL = camping with a tent and some hotdogs.

Other guys (dunno what the name is…)
OG squadlead, almost the same here, but you are not a walking spawnpoint, you dig tunnels instead….

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Pressing β€œx” spots enemies. It puts a red marker were you point it and it’s also marked on the map. It disappears after a few seconds. This is the perfect way of doing the spot mechanic IMO. It makes it quick and easy to point out enemies positions without making it OP.

That’s spotting done right. Instantly gives randoms a near tie with people who have played more together in spotting capabilities. Why battlefield can’t figure this out instead of going with 3D spotting that follows players is beyond me.

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Agree on many points with Robert, however i dislike when recoil is too high in games, as i have shot rifles from 338 to 5.56 and pistols from 44mag. Too often i feel like my avatar is little girl with gun. magdump with m16 or m4 is easy in rl, ak47 is hard and inaccurate.

For me, unique feature of the game is its goal, which is map control and fire superiority, achieved in coordinated effort, no other game has nailed this in similar and enjoyable fashion. Height differences in maps are good and moving in cover is easy. Good shit.

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