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Squad Video Guide/Tips n' Tricks


Hey fellow monkey.

I want to make an educational video guide for Squad since we all know people don’t like reading. I have made a few topics in no particular order. It’s just a brainstorm so far. I would really like if you could give input on to what you think it should contain.

I want some more special tips. Ones you can’t find in the manual. I of course plan to have video that supports the points being talked about.

When you first start playing the game you might find yourself confused as to what’s happening around you. At least I did.
It’s important to check your map often and see where your friendlies are located. On some maps the factions wear similar looking clothe and it’s then even more important to know where to expect friendlies, so you don’t team kill them.
Your SL will mark your map with symbols which are red to indicated different enemy threads.
When defending a flag make sure to cover all angles. Look at your map to see where your friendlies are. Notice if there’s potential blind spots or weak areas with few friendlies.

If you see enemies make sure to let your squad know. A call-out could be “Enemies north in the trees about 100meters”. You can also use bearings but remember it’s only useful to people very close to you. Make sure to make it short and concise. Spamming the squad channel is bad and can confuse and make people lose focus.

In general use local chat if your squad is close to you. Use squad chat if you’re giving info to SL or saying something the whole squad should know.

In general, you should await orders before doing stuff like spawning. Your SL will tell you to spawn or not in the beginning of a game. Don’t be afraid to ask SL where to spawn if you’re dead. It’s also important to ask before shooting. Your squad could be on the move or be flanking and it might not be good to give away your position. Just report the enemy location and ask if you should engage.

Go to your settings and boost the voice channels. Especially the local chat since it makes you hear people from further away AND let you hear them through gunfire and explosions. I put them on 200%.

In order to improve your situational awareness, you must listen closely to the sounds around you.
Learn how the different guns sounds. The factions have their own weapons. The Americans have the m16 and the Russians have the AK. Being able to hear the difference between those two guns will give you valuable information on where your enemies are.

Patching yourself will also make noise which can be useful. For example: you hit an enemy and they duck behind cover. You hear the patching sound. You know the enemy is now patching themselves and you know they can’t shoot back. You can rush them or fall back etc. Whatever the situation might require.

When you’re down and in the state where you can be revived, giving up and respawning will make your soldier make a noise. It sounds like a moan and groans.
You can use this information to guess how many enemies are left. If you kill a few enemies and you hear them all give up then it’s likely a squad wipe.

Footsteps are also essential. Don’t be afraid to camp a little and just listen for footsteps. It can give you a more precise idea of the enemies location.

Tweaking your graphics settings can make your life on the battlefield a lot better. I recommend you to enable the steam fps counter to display your fps. Make sure you get 60 fps stable in-game to make aiming and reacting easier.Even if you can get 60fps stable on highest settings it can still be worth it to lower some effects. For example, when shadows are put to low the game basically disables all shadows. This is a HUGE advantage and will make you spot enemies easily. The other setting I recommend to put on low is foliage. This makes bushes and grass less dense and will remove big parts of the terrain. For even better visibility boosting brightness can also make spotting easier.
I personally play on the lowest settings possible for max fps and visibility. If you use AA just make sure your image doesn’t get too blurry. It can make spotting people at range really hard IMO. I personally turn it off. This is just a personal preference.

When moving in Squad you should always follow the squad leader unless instructed otherwise. Don’t be too close though. In general, it’s good to keep around 10meters distance to other squad mates.

When you sprint you use stamina which is displayed in the lower right corner of your screen. It’s a good idea to never get below 50% because then you can’t zoom in while aiming down sight and your gun will sway a lot. It’s also worth mentioning that strafing and shooting will make you pretty inacurrate and will only be effective in close quaters.

Move cover to cover. It’s always good to be prepared and solid cover is essential for survival. You will often find yourself patching when hit once. Patching in the open is not great so having the option to quickly get cover to patch your wound is important. If you, however, have no cover going prone will make you hard to see and hit. If you look down on the ground while patching your head will be lower and give you a greater chance of survival.

Beaware that some cover can be penetrated by bullets. The M16 and AK can penetrate wood planks and metal sheets but you need to be very close to the surface of the material. You won’t do full damage either.
Some of the larger bullets like the .50 cal can go through almost anything. So get down on the ground even if you’re in a building.

Visual cover can work very well. Bushes, grass, and trees can all be good options, however, keep in mind which color your cloth is. The Americans wear their sand-colored camouflage in some of the green maps. Which in that case makes for a very bad bushwookie. You should probably go for some more solid cover. However, if you have the Russian green camo lying in bushes can make you really hard to spot. You get the point.

Learn to peek right. Be aware of your rifle barrel. When peeking a door make sure to keep some distance from the wall. If you don’t you risk enemies spotting your rifle barrel through the door and they’ll know you’re coming in. You’ll be dead before you can even react.

It’s all about exposing as little as your body as possible when peeking. Not only are you harder to spot but you’re also harder to hit. Don’t be too predictable. Don’t peek the same cover all the time. Change stands andĀ findĀ other angles to peek. Keep your enemies guessing.

When you get more familiar with the maps you’ll understand how predictable they can play out. Some lanes will always be attacked and some areas are perfect for building spawn points like HABs. It’s here flanking becomes important. Take the time to get around and behind enemies. It can really pay off. Even small flanks can be very efficient. Like moving 50meters and hitting the enemy from a position they didn’t expect contact from. People tend to get tunnel vision and you can take advantage of that.

When attacking or defending think about what you would do if you were the enemy.
Giving an example: we are defending a flag. We have two other squads in the west of the map keeping a frontline facing enemy flags. The enemy has once attacked us from the north and south but since then it’s been all quiet. I decide to cover the east since this is the only angle they haven’t tried yet. And since they haven’t attacked for a while I expect that they spend extra time on flanking all the way around us. I practically walk into a full enemy squad. I don’t expect them to be that close though! After we have killed them we search for their spawn point and it’s found a little further east in a house. Usually, people attack from the same angle they spawned from.

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– When you move your cursor over the map you see the pointed coordinates in bottom right corner to help you out.

– Enemy infantry in coordinates Letter-Number-Key-Sub (e.g. Bravo 3, Keypad 5, Sub 9 OR B3-5-9). (better with bigger map layers and far away locations)
– “Bearings”, not “Barrings”
– Local chat also helps teammates not in your squad.
– Listen to your squad leader! Listen to your squad leader! Listen to your squad leader!
– If you see that the only near spawn is a rally point and it only has a couple of spawn left, inform your SL if they aren’t already getting a new spawn / telling where to spawn / hold spawn.

– Medium or higher shadows can sometimes give nearby enemy (or your own) location away where the shadow peeks before player.

– If there are medics nearby, don’t give up immediately! When you are ‘incapacitated’ (bleeding out, not dead, but down) you have 3 minutes before you actually die and your team loses a ticket.
– If medic seems to be unaware that you are down, try local chat, or in squad chat ask your medic if they might be able to get you.
– As a medic in an unsure situation, you can use a smoke, wait for the smoke to spread and then go revive.
– Sometimes not giving up in a close game can mean a ‘Win by one ticket’ victory.
– Grenade is the best way to clear a camp room of enemies.. or friendlies.

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