I just came back from the cinema and now I have to share my feelings.
As some of you may know I’m a big Trekkie, so of course I had to catch Beyond at least on it’s Opening weekend. Before going in I was a bit sceptical. A lot of people on the internet (lookin’ at you, StarTrek-Subreddit) disliked the Reboot movies a lot. I personally liked both Star Trek 2009 and even Into Darkness, but I get easily influenced by other people’s opinion. So I was a bit worried, but mostly excited. And boy! I’m glad I went! This is not just a great movie, but more importantly, it is great “Trek”. The pacing, The writing, The ACTING… I loved it. And especially after Leonard Nimoy’s passing and Anton Yelchin’s passing this movie is a great tribute to both of them. I am very, very thankful that this movie has been made. And now I’m even more excited for the new TV-series and the next movie!

Tl;DR: Great movie, Great Trek. Go see it, Trekkie or No-Trekkie, this one is for you! LLAP