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Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Saw it, won’t spoil it.

All you need to know and do is, 1) make sure you keenly remember the original trilogy for its feel and style and if not watch one first, 2) It’s handy if you like the way the first three films were made 3) Go to the cinema with the mindset you would have had if it had been released a couple of years after Return of the Jedi and you will not be disappointed in the slightest.

One UK national newspaper said for every occasional nit-pick the film presents, in return it another 10 things perfectly, I could not agree more. 9.5/10

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(no spoilers) Yep I totally agree. For me as a massive fan of the first three films from the 70’s and 80’s I don’t think it could have been done any better. The best thing to do is try to forget Phantom Menace and the other two.

There’s scenes in this one that will be talked about for the next 30 years just like ones in A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. The scenes are simply EPIC!

The new cast are really good additions and you can see they will carry the legacy on over the next few films. I have a feeling though it is not going to go how people think.

I’m also looking forward to Rogue One and the leaked trailer looks good. The fact we are going to get a film every year for the next 6 years should develop a deep rich universe. As long as Lucas doesn’t get his hands on any of them!

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If there are any spoilers here, and someone is going to get mad….. DON’T OPEN THIS TOPIC UNTIL YOU SEE THE MOVIE!!

Star Wars VII : Still a better love store than Twilight :mrgreen:
Kidding, loved the movie, shame about (you know what if you’ve seen it, spoiler alert). The only thing I found too “Disney” was the “bromance” scenes between the main characters. But that is just my opinion.

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As big scifi-fan, i like the scale of the stories, but otherwise its pretty childish and all jedis are gay.

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Yes, they are happy people aren’t they aalio 😉

I’m glad it stuck to the original more child like innocence approach!

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In my opinion it lacked a lot of story! Like i felt it was just jumping from location to location and just fight. There is no background story at all in my opinion and its just a simple shoot-with-laser-movie…

SPOILER ALERT: I see that they tried to make it more like the original triology but come on…. another deathstar? For real? And his only weakness is a little fighter? Again? There is so much more I would like to say about it but I think it comes down to personal preference… I didn’t like it and will not gonna watch the next 2 in the cinema.

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Oh I think the idea is for it to appeal to younger ages like the first films though, it would be great to have a more advanced adult version of the franchise, but with Disney in control it’s going to be more like the originals than the prequels, especially with all the toys they want to sell to my 4 year old son.

I think JJ did some of those things not through coping out, I think it was to appease all those who so verbally hated the prequels, I would guess that the next two will have more developed stories, this ones brief was to get the franchise back on it’s feet and show their intent.

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As a fan, all of the above. Except, of course I’m gonna see the next two at the cinema.
…and, yeah, here’s my current Facebook profile pic:

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Nice pic you lucky boy! Jealous!

Yes, I don’t normally wish my life away, but roll on 2017!!

Just wonder how the next director is going to run things?

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Haha, just send me a pic of your head, and I’ll Photoshop it on top of BB-8’s body. 🙂

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Haha, just send me a pic of your head, and I’ll Photoshop it on top of BB-8’s body. :-)

Aha! Now I see that on PC rather than my mobile I see your cheating ways! 🙂

You can pick my photo from the relevant thread, can I have it when he ejects his burner to signal a thumbs up please, nothing less otherwise i’ll take it as an insult 😉

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What follow now is just my opinion

Mmmh, this movie… I left the cinéma after the lightsaber scene. This… Thing is the biggest piece of shit i ever see. Nothing new they just copy past every good scene from the first trilogy. NOTHING new. No music at all they just took some from previous movies. They tried to add some humor, but we’re very far from empire strikes back.

Spoiler now: How the fuck can this girl beat a sith without any training with light saber, or use the force ? Since when à light saber has its own will ? The lightsaber fight ends because of an earthquake ? Really ?
Actors are bad, story is shit. The Star wars’ magic is gone.
I’m going to stop here. I grew up with star wars, i just can’t understznd how every one can like this shit. I was raging when i left the cinéma, i didnt see the final scène and I will never.
I bet that no one is able to fond something new on this film

Fuck you Disney.

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Yes finally someone who shares my feelings^^ It’s really a movie made for 10 year olds… Just to sell more star wars toys and stuff

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As an essentially not massive star wars fan, I can be pretty neutral on it.

I see several sides to the issue with making no. 7.

The prequels were poorly received and even if revenge of the sith recovered some of the damage, a lot of the blame was put down to the magic being lost and the protracted story telling. To make 7 in a similar but albeit more adult way would be very risky business considering Lucus stole $4 billion for the rights. I’m pretty sure Disney have to recoup this somehow in the medium term and sadly this was going to make this movie really tricky to accomplish.

In understanding this issue Disney had, I went to watch this film expecting some type of homage to the original as Disney set themselves up to recreate the feel of the original movie, yes it would have been great if the story was better, but in so many other way it’s done the core job of bringing the fun back into the franchise, I do hope however that the subsequent 2 films have more guile, but at the same time I hope some humor, yes even childlike humor is kept, it is what the original films were like, i’d like my son to be able watch them when he is 6/7 years old, like I could the originals.

Still, truly dangerous ground to talk about it, I’d be safer on the battlefield lol! So many of my friends are proper SW fans and have major issues with it, although some enjoyed it in the way I did. I count myself lucky that I was able to enjoy it. Interestingly, 2 of the friends that hated on it, saw it again and warmed to it a touch more.

For sure Kylo Ren or at least the way his character was used at times was crap however.

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