I recently got unbelievable luck on CS GO over the last week, I unboxed 4 knives (incredibly rare, Ive read 1 in 400 chance) in as many days, and they were worth a lot on the steam market. 2 of these were unboxed almost back to back, there was 1 case between… If I was recording it would have been something special, definite reddit material:

Anyway, I’ve sold 3 of them and my steam wallet is burning a hole in my computer, if anyone is planning on buying anything on steam in the next few days and want a small discount add me on steam. I’m willing to gift it to you after you paypal me the money (a way I can turn steam wallet money into real money), I’m just talking a small discount like £1 off per £10 spent, something like that. I know there’s a large element of trust doing this so if your uncomfortable with it im not offended. However if you trust me and fancy a wee discount hit me up on steam and we can sort something out.