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Tank setups and tactics


Tankhunter Setups will consist of Autoloader, HE or Sabot Shell as main, Guided or Staff Shell as secondary.
Which ones to use depends on the map and playstyle as Sabots and Staffs are better for long range, Guided is dependent on range and takes a long time to lock. HE Shells do most damage, are hard to shoot over distance.
Defensively the Active Protection System (APS) is probably the best choice, smoke is a joke. the Fire Extinguisher could be a viable option thou to increase survivability and win Tankfights, as it offers instant repair and negates mobility kills or hits. Infantry in masses are dangerous for all setups, this one can’t do anything about them.

Most played by me: Sabot, Staff, Autoloader, APS

Mixed Setup consists of a middle ground so you can fight infantry and enemy tanks. Basically the Staff shell goes out for the Heavy machine gun (HMG). LMG is pointless in my opinion as it is inaccurate, overheats fast and has less damage.
Single Shot HMG is a sniper weapon – first shot is dead center.

General Guidelines:
The problem is that a tank can be flanked easily without support. Infantry around you will keep Slam/C4 throwers of you, aswell as Rocket launcher infantry. It is impossible to see all enemy positions for a tanker alone and you are a big target for their engineers.
Knowing when to attack and pull out is the key to surviving. If you have the first shot on the tank or the enemy tank misses a shot, you have the advantage – make use of it. You can push and destroy him. Keep moving fast, stop abruptly, change directions to make the enemy miss, slow shells and long distance fights can be won more easily. Shooting on the move can be tricky, its better to slow down for a moment and make sure you land your shell on target.
Cover is also very important. A tank shoots 1 shell and then has a fairly long cooldown, LAVs usually need to stay in the open to fire. This is your advantage against LAVs – all your damage is in one shell and for the cooldown, you are in cover.
Cover and Exit strategy go hand in hand. Being far enough away for pulling out, repairing and then rejoining the fight will give you the advantage back over someone who does not have a repair tool.
2 Tankers will beat 1 – always: An additional engineer for reps, shooting a rocket at the enemy tank will give you the upper hand. He can spot, lase targets for the guided shell, keep infantry off of you (look where the tank driver does not look … don’t engage the same target).
Priorities of targets are always important: Enemy tanks, IFVs, Helis are what you are hunting. Cooldown periods can be used to snipe some infantry.
Coordination and communication is key. Check your minimap and the big map where the enemy tanks are, where they are moving when you have time. Have a plan before you fight: Decide where there is a good spot for you and a bad one for him.

1v1 Scenario: You land the first hit. -> be aggressive as long as both of you hit all shots and he does not outdamage you, you will win this tankfight. Enemy tanks won’t move a lot if both of you are right in the open and will just lose to their advantage and try to shoot you down as far as they can. Be aware of them hopping out and shoting a final RPG at you.

Capping Flags: You are in a tank without infantry support and the enemy holds a flag -> Where is the map hotspot at the moment? How big is the likelyhood of enemies being around? Slow and careful approach is necessary here. When you are capping, ppl might spawn. RPG hits will tell you when you better leave.
Enemy flags full of enemy infantry are a turkey shoot: hang back and shell them, farm kills and break their morale, wait for your support to arrive. Alone you will die.
Heavily contested flags are intuitive to engage. Go in with your troops better yet go where they cant and flank enemy infantry positions, shoot as fast and as many as you can, stay moving to avoid rockets. Every engineer that looks or shoots at you is easily visible for your teammates.

1v2: try to position yourself in cover from 1 target, both if possible, take them out 1 by 1. You might need to repair yourself after the first enemy is down. If you are too close and do not have an exit, the fight is over and you made a wrong decision by going there in the first place.

Fighting choppers: Try to get under them, to make them dive steeper and give you the chance to hit them, Survive with APS, shoot when window presents.
Sometimes good pilots will leave you no chance, call for a jet or chopper to help you. Carrying a stinger could be viable, but since a tank is made to hunt tanks, i would rather use something to kill another tank. Slopes and rocks can help you put the tank at an angle to hit choppers, too. The secondary gunner can do a lot of damage to a chopper and sometimes that is enough to make the chopper leave. Gunner soflam and guided shell takedowns are most fun.

All of these rules have their exceptions. When to not follow them is a matter of practice.
Add anything i forgot below.

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I hope you rested your eyes after the wall of text.

Here go IFVs:
IFVs are Infantryshredders with Canister Shells and Zuni rockets. HE also work fine against Infantry, the Sabots or APFSDS-Ts have to be directly on target to do decent damage and will kill in 2 shots.

Against enemy Tanks, you might want to be sneaky and shoot a TOW up their rear for 66 Damage. They will be unable to move and you will have an easy takedown. You can support your troops against Tanks, not engage them without any support, if you cannot surprise them. Zuni rockets are also fine against Tanks, but do less Damage per second (1 tow carries all damage, 12 Zunis have more damage total but less DPS) and the enemy tank driver might activate APS halfway throu your volley and negate the damage.
Direct engagements with tanks are to be avoided, especially HE Shells with autoloaders kill you in 3 shots.
After you get into an IFV, fire one shot with the 25mm to get the reload started and max out your ammo, same goes for Zuni rockets.

Defensively APS and Reactive Armor are best, since the Autoloader is less of an advantage here as with the tanks.
Extinguisher might be a viable option again.

LAVs are simply more fragile and you will have to run away more often to survive. Not sure about this, but i think IFVs are spawnpoints for everyone?

Anti Infantry loadouts are better with IRNV sights, Anti vehicle Setups benefit from Zoom optics.
As Linc pointed out: You benefit more from zoom, since you can shoot for the triangles since everyone is hitting spot like a madman.

If you are a team of 2 in a Tank or IFV, as soon as you drive out of base, make clear how you will do things when the shit is flying around you: Go out immeadiatly, shoot rocket and start repairing, or engage, withdraw to cover and then repair together? nothing sucks more than jumping out and your tankdriver goes bananas and drives off.

Last tip, i swear: never drive with lyo, he does this a lot :DDDDDD

And beware of the mines, again.

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Very helpful and interesting reading material sunrise.
I’m always spaming the Q key on the lookout for those pesky mines. It can get confusing when I’m squad leader and marking different flags to attack or sending out random messages on the Commo Rose.
Clearly I need to look at my key binds yet again.

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this happens to me a lot too … wouldnt worry bout that. squad orders are to be ignored, i usually give verbal commands so the marker is not important. if you get the commorose, you are pressing the button too long. i got that on Q aswell.

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Imho zoom is always the best perk because infantry can be spotted by spamming Q.

–Anti Infantry loadouts are better with IRNV sights–

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Advanced Tanking:

Driver: Sabot, Staff, APS, Autoloader / Proximity Scan + optic to your liking
Gunner: HE/Regular shell, HMG, IR Smoke, Autoloader / Belt Feeder or Proxy Scan + optic to your liking

Basically you combine the aforementioned setups to provide maximum defensive and offensive capabilities. What you get is flexibility, you can engage any target with a single seatswitch. Also and this is something I want to confirm first: If you both have the same loadout, you will still suffer from cooldown, yet if driver depletes his sabots, and a tank comes around, switch seats and the former gunner has all HE shells at his disposal. Same goes for APS. If it is on cooldown, atleast with the IR smoke, you can break another missile lock and try to get out of that situation.

The Same works for IFVs.
Driver uses Zuni -> Gunner uses Tow.
Driver uses APFSDS-Ts -> Gunner uses HE or Canisters
APS -> IR Smoke
Reactive armor
Or vice versa obv.

This restricts you to be part of a Team, yet there are no downsides to the restriction. You should be together anyways, even after you lose your vehicle. unfortunately it would take some time to switch setups, i recommend using presets and the battlelog app. Seems to be most comfortable. Bloddy dice shouldve ripped of Titanfall or cod …

Also: If you encounter a lot of helis and you got trouble taking them down, try out the canister shell.
I think the slot is better spent on something else, yet infantry and choppers aswell as soft targets suffer badly from a well placed shot. After a while, you should be able to hit helis with sabots thou.

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Here is my preferred tank setup for solo or with co-driver:

Sabot shell
Canister (sometimes HMG)
APS (Active Protection)
Reactive armor

Co-driver goes:
SOFLAM / Prox.scan (depends on the map)

I’ve tried out HE shell and it gives a bit more dmg on vehicles, but sabot is a lot easier to use and hit with.

How to play:
Play safe. Do not rush into flags or mid-zones. Stay around your team’s front flags – don’t stay too much in the middle of Zavod for example.
If you are solo, then avoid enemy armor, unless you can get a upper-hand or shoot them from a good place. If you have co-driver, tell him to repair as soon as you engage the enemy, then you will win no matter what.

Here is a round with Kruh, Duke and me (around 11:40 I get orgasm):

Also here is my setup for IFV/LAV for Lancing, Rogue and Golmud (lots of vehicles):

Not sure about primary (not canister shell for Golmud for example)
TOW missile (very important with co-driver)
Reactive armor


With TOW and co-drivers SOFLAM the IFV becomes so unbalanced. With the quick reload time of the TOW you can kill armor so quickly – it is just an insane strong setup – TRY IT!

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I use to play lav with the anti infantry Rockets. It’s damn effectivement as long as you dont meet with another armored thing

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Yeah, I like to run zuni rockets on Zavod. Good splash dmg against infantry!

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Sexy tips Brian. Love video showing how it is done Rem.

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Yeah, those tips are very helpful.

But, everyone should get in a tank and find the perfect setup for themself.

I personally use HE-Shell and HMG + APS + Auto Loader.I dont like the Sabot Shell ’cause u need a lot more Shells to kill.(e.g: Scout Choppers 2x and HE Only 1). HE has almost no bullet drop in close combat, so its easy to hit with them. Middle range is where i think HE comes to shine: Aim a bit higher above your target and for me it almost always lands on the enemies backside, so i killed them with 2-3 shots with HE. Easy WIN. And choppers are 1 shot kill!!! Amazing!

I dont fight long range fight, because most of the time they are not a danger to you. So no point to engage on them and also you will find yourself using HMG almost all the time because the Infantry are everywhere. Yeah, it can be helpful to shoot on flying things, but most of the time you dont hit them anyway. And if they are close to you and you are certain u can hit them, u will need 2 Shells.
E.g: Scout chopper: After the 1st hit, they will run like hell and makes it a lot harder to hit them again

And prioritize your target and dont bite more than you can chew!!

Like Remi and Brian already said: Dont go into too crowded areas, because your cant look everywhere, and 2xC4 can be quickly placed!!

I dont know if the tactic still applys for BF4 and i am still use it. In BF2142 there are weak spots on every vehicles. So try hit them at their back or sides(towards the end). Most of the time it will save your life even they hit you first. So face them always with the front of your tank.

So thats my thought! I am not a good tank driver yet, but i am improving 😀

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Lately I’ve been running AP shell on Shanghai and Zavod and the splash DMG is really good against infantry.

HE shell is very good against armor, but I’ve been too lazy with learning the drop, so I just go easy-mode with sabot.

About sabot against choppers: it’s pretty easy to kill them. One hit disables it (thinks it’s around 70-80 dmg it does) and a few shots with HMG or 2nd gunner get’s it – in my video Kruh gets one (around 9:45).

BTW, what is your setup on LAV? I saw your tearing it up on Hainan the other day.

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On public servers, most of the time enemies armoured vehicle dies very quickly, because they always charge in and get blown up by mines, C4 or RPGs. So i use this as my advantage and go on full Anti-Infantry setup:

Canister-Shell + LMG + APS + Reactive Armor + Thermal Optic

Use Canister to kill groups of Infantries, maybe someone will survive the slaughter (ususally not) finish them off with the LMG. You can also kill every light armour vehicle as well with it( RHIB, Jetski, Jeep and Artillery).

I use the LMG to “snipe” long range target e.g. From C to either B or A.

When i spot enemy LAV, i just run or hide and wait until they die. They die very quickly so you can keep on slaughtering their infantries.

It is a very OP setup on Hainan and Zavod, because of the Thermal vision. No one can/will escape!!! 😀

In the end someone will complain about cheating and Fondas will ban you for this ^^ so be careful

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Agreed. Gunner Incendiary is crazy good now. Flies like a tennis ball, explodes on impact, initial explosion deals 60% damage, over time damage is 10%/second.

It also goes through walls and sticks to whatever surface it hit (including moving vehicles), cuz Frostbite.

I did some testing with it, you can eg. hit the high roofs on Zavod with ease. Takes very little getting used to the flight path.

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