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#teamplay4thewin! *Accepted*


Evening Chaps!

You know me and my fellow cWg clan mates, our numbers dwindle and our interest in gaming varies and over time BF4 is getting less and less playtime.

It would be super to come and be involved with you guys for Battlefield action and I am sure some of our other keen BF4 members could also be interested in joining your ranks in pursuit of good sportsmanship!

I for one am a pretty hardcore BF4 addict, other follies are enjoyed, but not all that often, BF4 slippers for me!

I can’t offer to match some of the stats that you guys muster, but you can count on me to get those flag captured and some medic packs!

If you have room and the need for some extra team fodder, than I am all ears 🙂

m3talg3ar, aka Chris Hathaway

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Welcome to the forums, good choice of avatar, both topically and because super monkey ball (especially 2) was great. 🙂

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Welcome to our forum Chris, see you soon on the Battlefield. Feel free to ask to join a squad with some Monkey’s, and don’t forget to read the “Read this first!” topic!

Friendly Regards,
Warface (Michiel)

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Howdy Metal Gear,

Great to see your application.

I’ve played with and against the cows for years and can positively vouch for anyone associated with them, top notch players.

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hello cowdy old pal!

Glad one of the cows is attlest applying 🙂 Cant remember how long ive played with you and other cows but id say somewhat 3-4years or so. get him in ASAP!
Feel free to pop in irc side allso.

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Cheers all for the positive feedback!

I have put it to other cows that if they want to contribute to a larger cause that they should so! I know you ex-XDC guys have at least played with piercehead and hubbel most likley from your previous clans!

I will sharpen up my knowledge on all things MG and will get on TS for the next outing!


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Well all sorted with mumble now! Just need some players to play with!

Sorry that as a rule I am seldom available before 10pm, due to kids and wife commitments, but after 10 I become a free spirit of the night!

If there are nights that run later than others then let me know and I will make sure I join!

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Just finished playing couple of rounds with Chris, as i havent been back on BF4 myself long keep bumping into [MA] guys out there who i havent had the pleasure of playing with before, well we had some great games, he stuck well with the crappy SQ (me) happy to change kit to meet requirements and put up with me in general. Thumbs up from me.

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Cheers! Although I had some terrible games tonight, been playing around with guns and not getting the desired result. Trying to make sure I use the best kit to suit the squad I am with but that means learning some weapons I do not usually use and that in turn is leading to a detrimental KD lol. I will persist and try to be a more rounded player over the time! 🙂

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Used to be hobby of mine when BF4 came out to complete each weapon i.e unlock all their extras, some of the guns would be ridiculously good imo, funnily enough after nearly a year away from the game i find all the guns ridiculously terrible lol.

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You should do the gun-choosing stuff before getting on the server.
Comparing stats and shooting few mags on test range works perfectly for me.

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Good point, I’ll do that!

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Had a few rounds with Chris. Seems to be a nice chap, good communication and good squad lead although sometimes the squad got torn apart since you more or less suddenly decided to spawn on / take a different flag. I remember a few times that I ended up alone on a flag because the target was suddenly on the other side of the map. But you always communicated such things so i knew what was going on and in the end the squad leader decides where to go so there was nothing wrong with that – just felt a bit unusual.

Anyway, thumbs up from me. 🙂

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Cheers for the kind words, I had a good time last night, we had a great team and friendly squad and it was nice and chatty 🙂

Yes, I might need help with squad leading from my team, you guys are much more organised and focused compared to what I am used to, which is why I am interested in joining MG!

I have a round winner mindset when it comes to flags/territory, the more you control the faster the drain, so if I see issues across the map with an opportunity to spawn I will look at it and weigh up where the rest of the side are focusing. I tend to not worry about my KD, so long as i stop the drain, but maybe i should refine my gameplay approach a little. I might not be right and you should all tell me if I’m getting it wrong, I consider myself a student in this new squad play focused environment 🙂

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Sure, everything for the win. 🙂

I am far off being a good squadleader myself but i like to learn too. In my mind spawning on a burning flag to defend it is only useful if your squad is joining in. If they all are still alive and busy on the other side of the map chances are you will be down before your squadmembers can join in on you and they are missing your support on the front therefore the squad is not fully effective.
On a public server you may be lucky and be able to defend a flag alone but on something more organized/competitive like LOD (feel free to join tomorrow) you have no chance to defend the flag alone.

That of course does not mean to never switch the objective. If SL is down most of us hold spawn till we can spawn on you again, so if you got a squad wipe and you want to change the objective there is a good chance that everyone will spawn in on you and support the new objective. Also there is no need to be banging your head against a flag you simply can’t take (a mistake i very much like to do) – try a different one instead.

Some much better players than me wrote some tips on good squad leading if you are interested:

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