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The schn00b's guide to Squad


I’m nothing if not Remi’s bitch, so I typed up some quick tips for people who are new to Squad. Feel free to comment, and I’ll update if your suggestions aren’t awful. I don’t aim to make this an exhaustive list though, there’s already a beginner’s manual that’s a ton of pages.

-Communication: Try to separate the call-outs you make. If you see an enemy at 245, only the guys right next to you have that guy at their 240-ish, so don’t put it in the squad channel, put it in local, unless the squad is within single grenade range (which it shouldn’t be). When the squad is a bit more split up and you want someone marked by the SL, give a grid location (Foxtrot 6, keypad 3 etc) or reference nearby buildings/landmarks.

-Roles: Generally the medic slots should be picked as soon as they become available. If you’re not a good medic, maybe you should practice it.
For most maps you also want to fill up the LAT/HAT roles as soon as they become available. If you pick marksman on any other map than the new city map, you’re a bad person.

-Shooting: Almost all ranges are single fire ranges in Squad (IMO). Generally take your time to aim, so you know you connect on the first shot, unless you’re already under fire, in which case you want to land a few near your target to get the suppression effect going.
Generally try to conserve your stamina if you expect to have contacts anywhere beyond 10m. Shift key steadies aim, like in BF.
Unless you’re getting shot at, let your squad know where the contacts are before you open fire, it’s a huge help. Sometimes you’re in sneak mode, so you should ask the SL if it’s ok to open fire at all.

-When you get shot: Most times you get shot, you’ll have very little time to fix it, as damage per bullet is relatively high in Squad. Apply a bandage to yourself by selecting one (press 5) and holding right click until the ammo count goes down. To patch others, left click instead.

-When you die: If your medic is with the squad and worth his salt, he’ll find you. You’re on the medic map, compass and you have a special “dead guy here” icon when he’s close, this will usually do. There’s generally no need to call out for a medic, you’re only masking more important sound which is keeping your medic alive. Bleed-out time is 2 minutes, as far as I can remember, which you should almost always use up. If the situation looks hopeless for you and your body is in a field that’s under constant fire, ask your medic if it’s ok for you to give up. Generally don’t give up though, a lot can change in 2 minutes.

-When you get picked up: For the love of god, do not reload. Unless you have 0 bullets left, do not press R, just cover the medic with what you have until he’s done with you and can defend himself.
If you’re entirely dry, let him know as he approaches, so he can tell you if he wants to get his gun out to cover your reload before healing you fully.

-If you’re the medic: Let your SL know if your map is littered with dead bodies in the spot the SL just told the squad to go to.
If at all possible, pick up the other medic first, then the SL, then the most important special kits for the situation you’re in. Of course, sometimes you instead pick up the people who are in safer spots first, but all things being equal, the other medic is usually the most important pickup.

-If you’re LAT/HAT: Ask your SL if you’re free to hunt enemy vehicles, you’ll often get a yes, at least in the early game. Team up with the second LAT if you want to actually succeed, and communicate with him in local chat. If you run out of ammo, let your SL know (without nagging him), so he doesn’t think he has LAT cover when he doesn’t.

-If you’re a normal rifleman: You get/should volunteer for all the shit jobs. You should do most the digging, logi driving and BTR gunning. Enjoy 🙂

-If you’re marksman: What’s wrong with you? I thought we already discussed this. 😐

The SL is doing you a favor by SLing, so do him a favor and stick somewhat close most of the time and do his bidding in general. By all means, give him some feedback, but don’t spam, the SL has a lot of SL channel chatter some rounds.

Don’t create squads you don’t intend to lead. It’s the easiest way to make sure 9 guys are stuck at main, arguing about who should take over lead, wasting time changing kits and so on.

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Good stuff. Some Prime Noob 2 cents from me as well:

1. You’re new, you might not know the map and/or tactics. Let your SL know about that pretty soon in the game. Many people love to share knowledge and you can listen & learn even as the squad does actual work on the map. If your SL is a good one, he has his own battle plan at the ready and will explain in details what he wants his squad and you specifically to do.

2. You might be scared and confused, since everyone around you seems to know what needs to be done except you. Don’t be. Ask and learn. Don’t stay silent all the time, hoping to “figure it out on your own”. Talkative people who make mistakes get hints. Silent people who make mistakes get some very interesting adjectives combined with their names on any possible communication channels.

3. This is not BF. Do not jump out of a vehicle when it’s on a move. If you want to know why, think about doing the same in real life. It just pisses people off.

4. Use your ears. If gun fire is not hammering into your ears, you have a very good chance of hearing anyone moving / reloading / patching up bleeding wound around you. Think about the same thing when you are making a noise, especially in close quarters.

5. Driving a lorry into the water makes the lorry burn. Science, bit-ch!

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Good stuff! someone pin this messages please =)

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Press “E” to start a vehicle.

The end.

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Some medic tips that came to mind:

Before reviving someone in a hectic location, tell him where to move in local voip once he’s up and which direction to aim if needed. Apply the medpack after the wounded person has moved where you told him to.

Don’t be afraid to use lots smoke for cover. If you’re out tell your squadmate to throw his. Smoke should almost always be throw as far as possible towards the enemy engaging you to obstruct his vision while your mates still retain visibility to cover you. Of course there are some exceptions to this. You should just always be aware that smoke is a bullet magnet, hence reviving inside the cloud could get you killed as well.

As medic, never be the pointman. Simple enough but I still see this happening (and have done this myself as well. :D).

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I generally find medics over-smoke in Squad, but it might just be as you say, that they smoke in the wrong spot.

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With the latest update, there’s an update to how you load and unload supplies:

Press LMB to drop supplies, RMB to load supplies on logi. 1 and 2 selects the type of supply. Ask your SL what kind of mix he wants.
You can also take supplies from a FOB you are abandoning, the same way you load supplies from main.

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