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Yey Gotham’s back Monday o/ whoop whoop
Love Homeland too ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Tomorrowland

    Bound by a shared destiny, a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor jaded by disillusionment embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory as “Tomorrowland.”

  • The Imitation Game

    Based on the real life story of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing, the film portrays the nail-biting race against time by Turing and his brilliant team of code-breakers at Britain’s top-secret Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, during the darkest days of World War II.

  • Jurassic World

    Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond.

  • Terminator Genisys

    The year is 2029. John Connor, leader of the resistance continues the war against the machines. At the Los Angeles offensive, John’s fears of the unknown future begin to emerge when TECOM spies reveal a new plot by SkyNet that will attack him from both fronts; past and future, and will ultimately change warfare forever.

  • Good Kill

    In the shadowy world of drone warfare, combat unfolds like a video gameโ€“only with real lives at stake. After six tours of duty, Air Force pilot Tom Egan (Ethan Hawke) now fights the Taliban from an air-conditioned bunker in the Nevada desert. But as he yearns to get back in the cockpit of a real plane and becomes increasingly troubled by the collateral damage he causes each time he pushes a button, Eganโ€™s nervesโ€”and his relationship with his wife (Mad Men’s January Jones)โ€”begin to unravel.

  • Kingsman: The secret service

    Kingsman: The Secret Service tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.

I’d definitely recommend watching Tomorrowland and The Imitation Game.

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Sooo.. I just came back from the cinema watching crimson peak.
First of all: I’m somebody who can watch Saw without batting a eye, but probably can manage to get frightened and startled while watching Rosamunde Pilcher. Keep that in mind while reading my review ๐Ÿ˜€ Also be aware that there might be some spoilers.
Crimson peak is a del Toro movie and if you have watched Pans Labyrinth you may know that he has no constraint to show some gory details.

But from the begining:
The story is quite simple. Noble woman (Edith) falls in love with some strange noble guy. Her dad dies and she moves with him from America to England where he owns some house (crimson peak) and some ground, but actually is quite broken. He lives there with his sister – both had some harsh childhood and are very close to each other.. very very close.
A lot of people died in that house in some.. let’s call it โ€‹involuntary way. Edith can see ghosts (started at 10 when she saw the ghost of her mother warning her about crimson peak) and has a few encounters with the ghosts in the house.
Story gets really crazy in the end, but I don’t want to reveal to much ๐Ÿ˜›

But my opinion about the movie:
Don’t expect a horror movie with getting frightened all over the way like e.g paranormal activity. There were a few jumpscares but they were really predictable. But still got scared ๐Ÿ˜€
There were also a few gory scenes where the whole cinema cringed – some knife in all detail through the cheek for example. Also the ghosts don’t look that fresh anymore; they are all rotten and not complete anymore.
The story is quite predictable and there is no big turning point in the end because you know nearly all intentions quite in the begining of the movie.
But the atmosphere of the whole movie is amazing. The house in all of its details creates such a unpleasant feeling, and the guy who did the illumination stuff did a really great job.

So, in my opinion it was a entertaining movie, not a 10/10, but a solid 7 I’d say. And for the Ladies: Tom Hiddleston was great ๐Ÿ˜€

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I’m watching House of Cards. Even if I’m only at ep.2 it seems to be pretty damn awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

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Need to make some time for some series again >.< missing so much of The Walking Dead

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We are watching tons of series: Arrow, Flash, Chicago Fire, Chigaco PD, Walking dead, Sense 8, and more ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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I recently finished rewatching Star Trek: Voyager. Old but gold ๐Ÿ˜€

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Is somebody watching vikings? I just love the time setting, story, characters and of course… motherfucking vikings.

Edit: well should read all the other pages before posting something!

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Watched this one early in the morning before heading to work. And what an absolute crap it was not even dolph could save this one. Usually “any war” movie is somewhat good imo but this is just ubershait ๐Ÿ˜€ wouldnt recommend to anyone. Former UFC star Chuck Liddell mentioned in the cast for what? He dies in 5mins or so ๐Ÿ˜€

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If you like to watch clever comedy movie : The Last Kiss (2001) L’ultimo bacio (original title) ,its italian movie.Especially useful for people in love ( gonzo+fullback ๐Ÿ˜€ )
And also i reccomend watch movies italian director Paolo Sorrentino . In my opinion its great movies.
The Great Beauty (La grande bellezza, 2013)
The Consequences of Love (Le conseguenze dell’amore, 2004)
This Must Be the Place (2011)
Youth (La giovinezza, 2015)
Enjoy guys!

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In case you have about 4 years time and want to polish your knowledge about WW1 for the upcoming Battlefield I can recommend The Great War Series on youtube.

What they do is really impressive. A 4 Year project following WW1 week by week, a quality production, lots of primary sources (quotes from letters, video footage, photographies,…) and keeping it quite factual.

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I’d highly recommend Mr. Robot to anyone, as long as you pay attention whilst watching it. Doesn’t look like there are any proper, good quality trailers, but there is one on Youtube done with a potato microphone:

<embedded with the help of Andreas :D>

Very cleverly done and even if you find the first few episodes slow, well worth watching to the end as there are major revelations in there that change how you see the first half of the series.

Been renewed for season two aswell, which should be out soon.


I’d strongly recommend you *don’t* read any plot synopses or spoilers beforehand.

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