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So, this looks interesting.
JackFrags says about 2 min. in, that the game is a “mix” (paraphrasing here..) of BF2(!) and BF4.
Thoughts guys?

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Looks ok for me. Not sure why I should play it over bf4, unless it is just to try something new.

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Most of what I’ve seen of it so far has looked good, no ingame voip though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I am very interested to hear some thoughts by the guys who already played it? Could you drop a few nothes in here? Thanks!

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I am also very interested to know how this game plays and if it’s good enough to buy as I won’t be getting BFV.

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Bought it! Its a nice game, would be even more nice with someone to play with 😛

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Can you give some detail on what’s nice about it? That would help me decide a lot. Thanks!

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It’s an oke game for me. The thing is there, but some things like movement and no VoIP hold it back. Hopefully this developer will make the right choices. It is stil in Early Access (Alpha for me it feels).

Steamname: [S7]Medic

You can get it for 20 euro on cdkeys.com

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Movement is a bit weird yes, but after some rounds in it you get used to it, weapons and guns feels nice, good kick in recoil, compared to BF4 you need to be alot more tactical when going for flags, no rush, spray and pray, there is alot of addons to guns etc. havent tryed any wehicles yet. There is also some cool gadjets, like quadrocopter with explosives. Maps are really big, but it dosnt feel like you have to run forever tho. I will play more, and give more updates.

i will say it is worth 25 euros.

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Hello guys,

long time no hear. I played some time now ww3 and got somewhat a impression about it.


Amazing: Maps, scoring system, costumization, Indie dev. not AAA

Good: Player movement (weight system)

Bad: Squad leader, weapon balance

Horrible: Team balance

Player Movement: I really like the weight system as you can choose how your player feels like. I played a very heavy guy for some time, with a lmg, rpg & highest armor but he was slow as fuck. Felt like a juggernaut but also played like one. Then I switched to a light guy with pistol and sawed of shotgun for some rushing and you felt like Usain Bolt. You die way quicker tho if you don’t take care.

Why does not everybody go for heavy then? Because the armor system only midigates front damage, so as long as you use your speed of the light guy and dont try to play as a juggernaut you can take enemies out very easily but it’s a totally different playstyle.

Weapons: There are assault rifles, smgs, shotguns, snipers, pistols, specials(rpg) and lmgs (I hope I didn’t forget something).
They all feel unique and the costumization is extraordinary. You get kinda lost in it in the beggining but you can make you weapong goddamn unique.

Sadly you can only do that in the main menu. You can make 6 soldiers which you can customize how you like it in the main menu. Ingame you can only switch your gadget and nothing else (which is sometimes annying).

The balance is not that great yet. You can feel that there are some better weapons in the game and players gravitate towards them. So you get killed quite often by the same weapons.

Vehicles: Oh boi. Vehicles feel way different than bf. I can’t use them yet. In a tank you have very very limited view (like…. a tank I guess) and you rely quite a lot on infantry or your gunner(s) for you eyes. Mostly every tank I saw was dead in seconds (me included) but when you find some guys who actually get what they are doing you stand in front of a goddtier tank which reigns havoc to the outer flags.

Battle points: I wasn’t a fan of them in the beginning cause they reminded me too much of cod. The more I play the, the more I like them. You can get points by playing obj, killing people, healing/rearming friendlies etc. what you would expect kinda. You have to set up your “killstreaks” in the main menu (4 of them) again and they cant be changed midgame.

You can get reconnaissance drones, anti reconnaissance drones, little shit drones (Ucav style), artillery, bombers, missle strikes, transport vehicles, light tanks (Lav etc), medium tanks and heavy tanks. All drones, artillery, bombers vary in size, form of bombing/reconnaissance and duration depending how much you are willing to invest.

Tanks: I made a godtier t90 with reactive armor, aps, thermal vision, 3 differnt turrets with different calibers costing me about 6000 battle points. If you play well you can make about 10.000 points average a match – sometimes more or less. You can only spawn them in base. Spawned him – Plane dropped him. I miscalculated. He landed on the roof of a building with no access to it.
Next round again. Spawned him. Blueberry is standing right below him. Thought it would kill him. Nope but he gets in the tank and drives away to explode 30 seconds later. Fun times.

You can destroy partialy the tank. You have different outside cams which can be actually shot out by high caliber munitions. A fun sport as a sniper is to get a cal.50 and make tanks blind. Same with different modules on the tank like aps, armor, technical stuff. You can repair those when you get out and reapair the tank but you cant get health back. To get actual health back you have to get back to base. Same with ammo. You got limited ammo so you need some? Right to base.

Team balance: Well… very weak. 60% of matches one side dominates the other. Devs are aware of it. But at least there you dont get stuck in spawn because when you are outcapped different “bases” for the loosing team open up all around the map which means you can come from all sort if directions. You loose most of the time anyway.

Squad leader: As a squad member you can spawn on him but he cant spawn on you. Very annoying as he has to play passiv as f* or be a really good player. He can marks obj. and thats about it. He is more or less a 2x points generator as long as you go with him and he marks everything.

match score system: I really like how they did it. You got different flags and have to cap them but 2 are always connected. So you have to capture both of them to get points. Or you can interrupt the point flow by capturing one. You can spawn on not contested flags but as soon as someone captures it you can’t spawn on it.

maps: Honestly a very strong part of ww3. Look amazing feel good to play as tank and infantry. If you dont like vehicles there is always half of the flags indoors where tanks cant get to you. In the beggining they seem huge as they went to a 1:1 size instead of shrinking it down like every other game.

I hope I gave somewhat a impression about the game and maybe someone reads it.

Edit: Most important. Is it fun? Goddamn yes.
Have a nice day 🙂

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Thanks Fullback! Very helpful!

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Wait a sec! SL spawn only, and he can only spawn on points, this is a fucking DREAM setting, how can you hate it! It’s just like BF2 and 2142 😀

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A wild happy remi appeared

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Thanks for your awesome summary Fullback.
Played the game for about a month ago, but that time that was something like pre alpha.
Also the graphics looked to me like BF3.
For sure I will give it another try.


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