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Your stories with MG?


Hey. When writing the news post, I can’t quite remember how it all started, since I was not there. So interested to hear some of the old and new members stories about MG and how/why you joined?

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I think I used to play a lot of Carebear Landing and one day just randomly landed on Squadplay All The Way server in search for my daily carebear fix. I must have been impressed by the squadplay or individual skill but from that day I probably mostly played on that server. Sp-atw community didn’t last for long after that and James set up MG server to which most sp-atw regs migrated.

Then I played on MG server for a while before joining the ranks.

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I was on holiday for a week after an operation and I was not allowed to do any phisycal things – just to play :).
As I remember the first MGs who I played with was John, Brian and Lyo. It was very impressive how they gave orders and our squads worked.
I added MG server to favourites and started to play only on it.
One day I was thinking to give a chance for an application and the rest of the story is history πŸ˜€ .

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I found SP-ATW randomly quite soon after i started playing 2142, and didnt play other servers after that. For some reason never applied there.
Soon after Quake wars:enemy territory was released, Argh and his buddies stopped playing 2142 and they gave up the the server.
Then i bumped to Monkeybreadman and Urby with MG tags and that way i found MG-server.

Took me some time to apply, even i didnt play much on other servers, and it seems that im stuck in here as long as im playing something.
Never seen same combination of spirit, sportmanship and awesome people as i have seen in MG, and im glad that we still attract similar guys
than we did in the beginning.

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I started out playing BF2 and used to play on some English servers with a bit of squad/teamplay involved but they were a bit too military for me.

I then got giddy when they released BF2142 and stumbled across the our server. I joined a squad late at night with Sheppy in it. He was pissed and rambling on about something and got angry with his keyboard at some point as well. I couldn’t stop laughing and thought this was the place for me.

I loved playing with Queeny, Robbie, Peanut, Lyo, Urby, Grindy, Sheppy, Linc, aalio, Dirt, Breads, and others but Remi turned me into a good squadplayer and showed me the ropes. Plus he would tell me to “fucking stick to the SL” whenever I wandered off.

Lyo as SL is fucking hilarious and keeps it fun, no squad should ever be without an aalio or Schnooody, a night in with alcohol should always have a sheppy on your headset and be on the wrong team when Remi and Brian are playing at your peril. I miss talking dirty with Queeny and we need some women in our ranks! I even think we had two women at some point but cant remember her name.

Aside from the game play I loved the forums as well and it felt more than just a game. Poor Spectre used to get ripped to pieces by everyone when he put his I love America stuff up and I still miss Dirts funny Monday Pics section. For you new guys make sure you get involved and use it. It sets us apart from the others. If you don’t believe me then take a look at any other “clans” and it never gets used. If you ever join another “clan” in game they never talk and don’t know half of what we do when it comes to tactics and squadplay. That’s why they are a “clan” where as we are a community.

For the future I think we’ve got a right good breed that have joined and I enjoy every minute I play BF4 with you. We rock in LOD and our server is the best by a country mile and it’s all because of you, young and old in our community and in another eight years time it will still be the best. Monkey’s Rule!

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Oh my MG moment???

I think it was back in 2010 when I met some guy named -[MG]-Exorcistmajor. I thought, must be nice guy. I joined his squad several times, but he never talked. So it was basically me talking to a wall. But one day, when I met him on a random server, he said “hi” and asked me to join the MG server. So I did. That’s is how I discoverd this community.

Then I added the server to my favorite only to discover that -[MG]-Mccolish and -[MG]-Dealer007 always kicked people without MG tag out of their squad, so I got angry and applied for the tag. After 2 months, I earned my right to fight besides the monkeys. We fought alongside each other on Camp and Cerberus, we also fought other Monkeys at our last tournament( MG-A, MG-B, MG-C) where, I was in Karls squad MG-B–> 2nd place. Those MG-C cheaters defeated us though πŸ˜€

After that I stopped gaming for a long time. When BF3 came out I tried to find the time to come back, but I couldnt. I sometimes thought about the old BF2142 days and wish I could go back in time and play this game one more time.

When BF4 came out, I was determined to make time and was so glad that I could find my way back to this community. I was afraid that the community kind died, because I only saw a little from the old days(Karl, Remi,DTA Mccolish, Lyo) But with each new members, we became a even better community and had lots of fun. (I wish there would be more Monkey Madnesses though^^)

Because it is my (our) birthday, my birthday wish would be that we can arrange a MG meeting someday in the future. Just for few beers and tequillas :DDDD

So that’s my Mc… ehm MG moment.

Happy Birthdays Monkeys!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday you monkeys.

Don’t know when or how we ever met you guys, but i know for sure it was with Remi and Grin. Those were always together (Hint Remi, get him back in this game. He made a round less serious.)
Was with TG at the time and it was around 2010. Realy liked your playstyle, because it was simular to ours (except for those freaking bunnies).
Always kept in touch with MG and DEFR. And am realy glad about that. Makes games more fun.

But this is also a reminder for the new guys. You can be serious from time to time, but sometimes losen the ropes. Take a person as he is, because sometimes they can surprise you. ;o)

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TBH I don’t know my first time here, I knew of SP-ATW as I must of had about 3/4 months of playing time before everyone merged over to MG. I Stumbled upon it as you do and as it was my first time on a PC and a game like BF 2142 was like OMG this server is just unreal. I think I was very fortunate in finding a server on literally my first go!!!
I played with the likes of lolyn(I forget his clan name now but there was 3 of them who I used to game with regularly) and they must have played on your server and then I joined…. and then It started… I rushed home from being out, from work only to game with players like Lumi who I loved to game with, Jeff, Ollie, Alan, Victor who was a laugh-easy going just played for the fun of it. I always miss the old days and old members, I always seem to remember I always seem to be on the opposite side to the like of Remi, Urby, Robbie, Breads, Nick and that always gave me a little excitement to say I’m going to have a better squad than them or I’m getting their tags(always a big thing for me) πŸ˜‰
I always thought that others(SL) had their (SM) and preferred their own friends so it was always hard to join ppl but then for me I thought I’d make my own and become a SL and try and enjoy what gaming should be, laugh, relaxing and fun.
I absolutely love being part of MG and always have been, I so happy that I’ve made lots of cyber friends, Brain, Paul(Shepp) Safari, Luc, Duke, Jamie, Soderqvist to name but a few


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Happy Birthday MG! like the older MG’s started out on SP-ATW playing 2142 (still the best battlefield for squadplay) played with all the above mentioned was great times and i miss em now πŸ™ Thats not to say there arent new great guys coming in all the time, because there is, the other “female” was Nemesi, and we had jess for a while too think she played as jessica alba or biel lol, info for DTA πŸ˜›

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i miss Martina , for you Exo and John, Martina is NΓ©mΓ©sis, italian girl, , she was a great player , no , fukin good player…
now i miss and dont understand where the funders are… i saw many times James (Monkeybreadman) , but he is neveer play on our server, why ? Remi do u know why?
Bf2142 was my first FPS game, i play many servers when i meet this one: that was a light in darkness, at least some players used voip and play strategy…. wonderfull period.
i am totally agree with karl about SL and SM .
That was always against the other sidde , with a better squad than him ect … , thats true Karl.
and one day , i left and found DEFR. i knew all regulars of the comunity but again , i left and come back here , and i am really happy to talk and play with old guys i know ,now from 2008 and new members.
Medic has right , we can find the same squadplay on both server , and i loved to play on yours Medic and happy to see here sometime, its great to see some cyber personality like you and regulars of your clan.


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I can’t remember when but as everyone said the fisrt time I joined the server I realised the level was for much more harder with groups of people attacking flags together !! Not a whole team of lonewolf!

It was really hard to join MG squad at first. I had to check all the time if there was a room. When I finally joined an MG squad it was a whole new experience of the game (VOIP, Strategy, capping flags together, flanking, sneaking thrue, holding spawn and having a good laugh even though I couldn’t understand everything.)

Once in their squad I told them that it was weird to say but i like playing with monkeys. I then checked the website and saw that the recruitment was not opened. I deciced to apply πŸ™‚ and told them that I could were the MA tags for ages and that either accepted or refused I would still continue to play on this server. My BF name was Frenchwarrior and changed it for Frenchy Monkey.

As Karl said I had to learn to be a SL to try counter all those old fart MGs with Remi, Robbie, Urby who were the best on the server.
I still really enjoy to fight against MGs on our esrver. If you kill one you know that 4 other guys are around. When I’m SM I love to go Medics and get sure to protect /revive the Squadleader. See you on the field.

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You, bunch of old sentimental fools !
Joking, I’m feeling the same here.
I have two great souvenirs before I became a MG, First was on cerbere, I was playing with a friend. We were facing Remi, Faiv and Nedmon. With my friend, we were defending the ruins of the kind of Lav in front of the first flag ( not the church but the other). And we had a very difficult time trying to keep our tags! Then I rmember trying to lead a squadof random dudes against full Mg squad until Lyo join me, even if we lost the round I really appreciate playing with him (it’s a real pain in the ass to admit that :p).
I dont remember exaclty when and why I applied, but at this point my english was shit. I tried to apply and been accepted. I was really shy at the beginning, but I was SLing a lot and that helped me a lot to be accepted I think (I miss calling my squad Mediiiic).
After 2142 I played a lot on LOL with Piotr Allan, Tiny, Friendly, lumi and Hawkeye and finaly come back on BF4.
I must say thank you all, even if I’m still making a lot of mistakes when speaking and writing,I’m sometime understandable when using english and this is because of you. So well, thank you guys; you learnt me english, especially the LOL team.

And yeah Remi go ahead and post your screen with my [KM] tag, I know you want to do that.

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Well I’ve been with you guys for over a year now, and I can’t imagine being in any other clan.

Happy birthday for everybody and well done to all, old and new members alike!

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Story time!?

My first memory of finding MG was back in BF2142, clicked on the server, found a squad with a couple of MG’s in it and bam! We were controlling Camp Gibraltar(?) with just the 4 of us! So much fun! visited the website and put my name down on the recruitment thread and played as much as I could! Got my MA tags for a while and lead a few MG’s to victory on a few maps and I eventually got accepted. Never played on another server again!

I still remember trying to get as many MG tags as possible and posting about get French Warriors, who later posted with a picture of mine.

Happy Birthday guys!

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2142 – SP-ATW – once you joined it consumed you. Like Jeff said, when you killed one you were expecting to see more around, even with the same guy again – Monkeys were well known for reviving like crazy (i.e. Antoine’s mediiic! squad)

Anyway, played on the server as a regular for some time.

Then the Monkey-Gamers server was born.
Remi had such nice tag in 19.10.2007:
Darmowy hosting
22.1.2008: After a while there, I saw other regular Faiv signing in, so I did too. Oh..and Hand-shot… didn’t we use to call him Hand-Job? πŸ˜‰

Early stage ss with names like Me4hide, Discostu85, Coolonier etc
30.10.2007: 35490356036305405225.jpg

20.01.2008: I always recall CarlosF playin with a pillum (engee’s weapon)

07.02.2008: many MGs online. So were future Monkeys: Saintmax, Blockovitz and Aalio πŸ˜›

remember Maxander? Great guy, Swede.

BF2142 died, Bad Company 2 launched. I remember founders playing separately from new Monkeys. BF3 was imho shit so I played LoL with Rulord, Lumi, Antoine, Alan, Hawkeye , Friendlysoul, Darasuum and some others (why the hell didn’t you mention me Mccollish?:P) Kept x-fire contact with Buscuit (guy from South Africa that moved to Denmark) Stopped playing LoL after getting mad for the millionth time – so many random dickheads playing this game!

…And BF4 was released and I’m around when I have time. Too bad my spoken English isn’t well enough and it sometimes seems to be a an obstacle in having a proper conversation

btw. I have some other screenshots on my backup HDD, could post them later if you want.

Monkeys for life!

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