League of Death Recap June 1st

Game 1: OP Mortar (i)

We got wet again! Taking a swim to the main island, Kronos took a hold of the southern islands with F+G. The advance on E was halted by faster Cerberus forces. MedicNL’s squad took hold of C, but had their hands full there as well.
In an attempt to get a hold of the game, Kronos switched around, taking a hold of A and B, while Jackson and his squad secured the south. This proved to be too unstable to hold, as Cerberus had to push only one side to gain the advantage. So Kronos went back to the initial starting position, all of the sudden finding great success. At one point, all that remained to Cerberus was A and B.

But Kronos was not able to contain them long enough to achieve the comeback. The game was lost by 200-ish tickets.

Game 2: Langcang Damn (v)

So there are two things I have learned on this map. One, C is really really important on this map. Having the island protects your back flag and gets you to the enemies back flag really quickly. Also, you can lase everything from there, so it also helps with the vehicle domination. Two, sometimes you can do your best, but it just is not good enough. “That’s not a flaw, that is life” as my favourite Earl-Gray sipping Frenchman will say.
Anyway, what Kronos did here was assign vehicles freely across the board. Every squad got a vehicle. I think next time it is better to keep all vehicles of one kind (aka Armor, and Air) in one squad). Maybe give one APC to each infantry squad. In the end, this was fairly one sided, with roughly 500 tickets in the hands of Cerberus.

Game 3: Hangar 21 (i)

In its second coming to this season of LoD, the fight took us to the snowy heights of the Russian Weapons development facility. The plan about this map seems easy in theory when you start as the Russians: Lock down the access to A and B, Get D and C and be happy about life. But, as last time, this does not really seem to work. Cerberus yet again managed to infest the Hangar with their presence, locking 2 Kronos squads down in a fight in and around the Titan.
The fight outside was a stalemate as well, but more often then not, Cerberus managed to get short periods of ticket bleed in, slowly gaining some headspace over Kronos.
Personally, my squad fought a valiant fight on F for most of the game. New Recruit Pinking managed to keep his suicidal SL alive a lot of times; overall, the revive game was good, keeping us on the flag for long periods of time. But in the end, the game was still lost by 168 tickets.

So maybe it is time to address the elephant in the room here: Team Balancing. Last week was good, this week not so much. And in general, it seems unbalanced too much in favour of Cerberus, which has lead to the fact that quite some regular players stopped showing up.
This has been noted by Bux and we will start mixing the teams some more. Some Cerberus peeps might move over to Kronos, some Kronos peeps might have to move over to Cerberus. So I hope in the future we will have close games again, like the ones we had last week.
Anyway, I still had a ton of fun in these matches. The fight on F on Hangar was fantastic, and the comeback we almost had on OP Mortar would have been epic. But alas, I will have to wait until next week for more competitive BF goodness. Hope to see you then!

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