League of Death Recap June 8th

Game 1: Zavod Night (i)

On this week’s LoD, Cerberus’ Team was a bit short on mapower. From initial looks, one could have almost fooled oneself that the MGs outnumbered the DEFR players this time around, sporting two full Squads under the lead of BrianSaysRelax and Toben.
The first match took place on the night version of Zavod, much to the pleasure of Casper. But not only Brightness sliders were turned to a hundred here, as the fight on the centre flags C and D proved to be one of the craziest, most hectic ones in a long time. Flags changed around constantly, with Krecks being a nuisance on Cerberus’ homeflags A and B. But it seemed equally hard to maintain control over our home flags F and E, where Bux and his DEFR squad helped out the Kronos team.
All in all it was a really close fight, stretching for more than 35 minutes, so I was quite surprised to find that in the end the ticket margin was more than 200 tickets. Luckily this week, this margin was in favour of Kronos, giving a much needed boost to morale.

Game 2: Sunken Dragon (v)

The watery Metropolitan battleground seems to be a favourite among the vehicle maps, at least for the Game coordinators. Probably due to the fact that vehicles are quite limited, with both teams only getting one APC and one Scout Heli. Cooperation between the vehicle and infantry squads are therefore crucial. Spotting that enemy APC across the map gives the own Fighting vehicle a good impression over its possible area of influence.
Kronos team was deploying from the US side, aka the side with A and B. Initially, Both Brians and Tobens squad were supposed to be paradropped into the C and D area, but this advanced was stopped by the countering Scout Heli. Toben and his squad managed to get on the shore in front of D, in a less than optimal position. It was our task at that moment to get onto C and clear a path for the incoming APC, as well as keep their APC from pushing. Luckily, we managed to achieve that objective, getting the bleed on for Kronos side.
The fighting hotspots shifted to A and D, while Tobens squad, together with Kreck’s APC, tried to fend of the enemy IFV, which at one point seemed almost impossible, as it had a constant crew of 2 repairmen keeping it out of trouble. Only by a desperate Kamikaze act by Duke could the LAV menace be tamed.
In the end, holding B and C constantly proved to be a secure hold over the ticket bleed, bringing the game home by exactly 333 tickets.

Game 3: Hainan Resort (i)

The last game of the evening made it rather apparent that we had developed another balancing problem. This time though, Kronos was the beneficiary. As mentioned, a lot of the regular DEFR players were missing on this Friday evening, probably enjoying the summer sun with a cold beer or two.
The Cerberus side was therefore not the well oiled machine that we are used to see. It goes to show how important it is to know the people you play with. But I am sure next week we will see Cerberus back in full force, with nice and tight games for both sides. Because thats when LoD is the most fun.
Anyway, there is not much to say about Hainan. Kronos managed to get the initial 3 flag hold, repelled a counter-offensive towards B and then managed to get a squad into E, completely disrupting Cerberus’ offensive movements. The game went in Kronos favour, with 500 tickets gained.

It was really nice to see so many of us showing up. I hope you guys had fun! I sure did. Thanks, and see you next week!

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  1. I’m a little disappointed for not even getting a mention. I don’t want to brag but I like to think my contributions to this stomp were substantial.

    hehe gg wp, Brian did a lot of work.

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