League of Death Recap May 25th

After a short leave of absence, we’re back with the weekly recap!

Game 1: Zavod 311 (i)

Kicking the evening off on my personal favourite map, things promised to be very entertaining. MedicNL’s squad was tasked with keeping the back cap’s (A+B) secure, while Gluck55 and his compatriots put some pressure on the enemies backyard (F). Buxs’ squad and Toben’s monkeys deployed to the center, rotating around the CDE combination. It was quite the pleasant surprise when we found substantial success there. We put our minds to capping a flag and it often worked.
I find it important to disallow them the respawn on the flag. It should always be the first order of business to neutralize a flag before sticking one’s neck out. Otherwise enemies will just respawn within 15 secs, and all work will be for nothing.
Anyway, flags changes possession constantly, but in the end, Kronos, just barely, managed to come out on top, winning by 50-ish tickets.

Game 2: Flood Zone (v)

This was a tough one, as the monkeys were thrown into the meatgrinder of B and C over and over again, while the rest of the team took hold over the A+D+E combination. As is tradition on this map, holding A is a challenge. The game was non the less a really good and close one, being lost by 50-ish tickets this time around.

Game 3: Outbreak (i)

Returning to the Jungles of Outbreak, the plan mirrored the first match: MedicNL holding A/B, Toben and Bux on C and Gluck attacking D+E. I did not see much of the map, as my squad was constantly busy on C, but I am sure MedicNL faced one hell of a fight on our back caps (Especially when Cerberus gave up on C due to sheer ‘Monkey Superiority’ *ahem*).
Anyway, this match was a bit one-sided, netting Kronos around 240 tickets for the overall tally.

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