LoD Recap May 11th

Game 1: Guilin Peaks (i)

Returning to the present, our Infantry division faced off once again on Guilin Peaks. Having D on this map has proven to be crucial in previous games. This fact may have lead Kronos’ HC to overcommit to it, devoting 3 full squads to cap it. This left us vulnerable on the flanks, a weakness on which Cerberus quickly capitalized.
One thing I’m beginning to realize more and more is that the overall key to fighting a successful game is to keep balance in the battlefield. It is quite intricate, as things move along very quickly.
So without an overall commander, it all very much comes down to the “game-smarts” of the individual SLs, making the right decisions.
What is a right decision? Communication is key to finding that right decision. Your Squad is being torn up near a defensive objective? Call it out in SL chat. Then another SL has to make the call, to redeploy his forces to that objective, or maybe even push another to counter-cap.
Successes are created by decisions that are made in the blink of an eye. Kronos’ is not quite there yet. Therefore, Guilin was lost by 400 tickets.


Game 2: Caspian Border (v)

The flag structure on Caspian is a bit easier to structure: Hold 3 flags and win the game. And on the onset, things seemed to work out. A quick Jet-drop into D gave Kronos control over C and D.
Unfortunately, Cerberus did not remain behind the wall. Some good fights ensued on both Charlie and Delta, with tickets very even up until the 300 ticket mark.
But then things started to shift a bit. After many tries, ringlicker and his Cerberus squad finally managed to infest ECHO with their presence, which meant Kronos now either had to pull forces back or get either of the flags beyond the wall. In any case, it stretched Kronos thin, on which Cerberus promptly capitalized, bleeding Kronos‘ last 200 tickets down in a short while.

This one was an unfortunate loss. We held ourselves well, and with a little more luck this could have swung in our way.


Game 3: Propaganda (i)

The last game of the evening took us to the streets of Propaganda. Even beaten twice, the Kronos’ spirits did not let up. Deploying from the Chinese side, Kronos took hold over the CDE combination. 2 squads each were facing of on the side of DB, while three squads were duking it out on C. DELTA was soon to be lost due to overmounting pressure on that side, but luckily, friendly forces managed to secure ALPHA rather quickly.
In the short time that Cerberus held the flag advantage, they managed to eke out a 100 ticket advantage, which proved very hard to shrink back down. Non the less, the fight continued. Jackson and Toben’s squad bundled up and took a hold of BRAVO. Later, Toben dug in here to keep it in Kronos’ position, while Jackson was tasked with getting back to DELTA. It proofed to be a hard challenge.
On the other side of the street, things seemed to go wrong slowly but surely, losing control over C and ultimately also E. Inter-squad cohesion seemed broken after that, and single squad assaults appeared to be to little to break the wall that Cerberus formed.

As you might deduct from this, Kronos need ideas. So this is a call to all of you Squad-tacticians, bring us your ideas. How can we surprise Cerberus? Especially on Infantry-only variants, we need your creativity.

Post your ideas in the thread!

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