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  • Glad we have defined the difference between race, religion, nationality and identity. It didn’t really have any great bearing on the point i was trying to get across but i’m glad it was sorted.

    Like i said in my original post the practice is accepted within the MG community as is evident from the replies.

    Personally I do not wish to discuss the…[Read more]

  • Apologies @schnooody i was taking some time to consider my options as well as my reply. I sometimes have a disturbing habit of rushing into a reply and using emotion to formulate it usually resulting in regret later down the line 😀

    Everybody reply runs along the same lines so I do not feel there is any need respond to any specific one…[Read more]

  • After almost three years to the day since i joined this rag tag group of Monkeys i have a troubling issue i would like to raise. Monkey-Gamers has some very likeable characters and I have made some good friends within the community in my time here, however this can not be said for all.

    A member was recently ‘removed’ for what I gather was racism,…[Read more]