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    Yes, a lot of the original PR devs are creating this, the commercial successor to PR.

    I haven’t played PR is ages, I used to enjoy it but as the game developed it took too long to get 6 of us on the same server on the same team in the same squad only for the server to crash or god forbid Kashan to be the next map.

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    Everyone at work has been talking about this.

    I managed to snag all the episodes off usenet.

    I’m praying for a bout of the flu so I can get some time off work to catch up with all my unwatched tele.

  • I used to collect trainers, adidas mainly. Handball spezials, forrect hills, sl72, sl80, munchens, the city series (madrid, stockholm etc). At one point I had over 100 pairs, 75% box fresh unworn.

    Then I got married.

    Now I’m just a terrible hoarder. The shed is full of all manor of crap that I refuse to throw out.

    Oh and the loft is like a…[Read more]

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    Nice one aalio.

    I believe you’re in for lots of extra sleep now.

  • Player name:HTE_

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    For music I got rid of Spotify and got Google Music instead.

    In the end I did exactly the same DTA.

    The killer function was the ability to upload 20k of my own mp3s. The interface is cleaner than Spotify and you just know google will be throwing resources at it to improve the functionality.

    The fact Spotify have been majorly over valued for…[Read more]

  • Bought this one some weeks ago for bedroom TV


    Let me know how you get on with that please Remi.

    I have a pair of jailbroken ATV2s (bedroom/living room). They work well with XMBC but I always feel they’re under powered with iOS running on them. ATV2s go for £200/250 on ebay as they’re out of production now and I’m thinking about selling…[Read more]

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    Well Season 4 has just come to a finale. Powerful stuff as ever.

    This program is one the best things on TV ever, if you where a Sopranos fan you’ll love this.

    The acting, depth of story line, characterisation, historical context, style all meet to make the perfect storm of TV.

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    I was tempted by the Note 3 in the summer but as I was due and upgrade I did’t have the patience to wait until the release and then for Vodafone to stock it so I got the S4.

    No complaints really, I’m on a 4G plan and when I’m in London get 20mb download speed and better coverage indoors.

    There’s some nifty features on it, like the IR blaster…[Read more]

  • Karl’s right. The need to build the server into peoples favorites before it’s made more bespoke.

    Is auto balance on? Many times the losing team has spent the majority of the round with 4 or so less players.

    Maybe it’s on but cannot keep up with those lacking in moral fiber who leave when the round goes against them.

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    Now here’s a subject that’s both close to my heart and a sore point.

    Up until 2 weeks ago I had 1.8TB of mp3s on my server at home, all tagged up in mediamonkey. All my old CD’s, mix tapes and tracks plus every mp3 download since the days of the 56k modems and napster et al.

    Then the HDD died.

    Approx 50% of it had backed up to Crashplan but…[Read more]

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    What if you only buy 1 Commander-slot? Just 1 Commander then?

    Commander slots probably only come in multiples of 2.

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    I don’t mind the game but for me the weapons are all over the place and the tanks fire nerf bullets. I fired shell after shell at 4 players behind a desk hitting the wall, desk and floor by them and killed none. In the end I got out and shot them. </p>

    I’ve had that, but I noticed the tank shells are amour piercing not HE. Which makes sense, m…[Read more]

  • I got given an Asus VH236H. It’s obsolete now but cost me nothing.

    3D is ok for some things (took me a while to find out I didn’t have the correct DVI cable) especially a bit of pr0n.

    I haven’t dialed in any specific settings and is pretty mush OOTB config.

    I realise this doesn’t help… but I can offer some advice… Jurassic Park in 3D is…[Read more]

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    I’m of the same opinion as Babs, I’ve probably had more fun (and had more play time) of this beta than of BF3 in total.

    Lag, it’ll be better but I have little confidence that it will be fully optimised at go live.
    Collapsing buildings are great, especially the sound but it adds to the lag
    I really dig the BattlePlan on my second monitor, no…[Read more]

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  • Very very tidy Linc.

    And clean desk is a productive desk!

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    This was good until the last episode when they were told there was to be a 2nd series.

    So the last 15 mins is the writers desperately seeking an opening for series 2.

  • If you’re looking at a good player Remi, I’d recommend you go for an xbmc compatible one.

    I’ve got 2 apple tvs (2nd gen) that I jailbroke and installed xmbc there.

    atv2 2nd gen are not in production anymore and go for quite a bit of cash on ebay.

    I’ve been hearing good things about the pivos recently, apparently they sponsored the devs at xbmc…[Read more]

  • <p>I work from home most of the time so have my own office. Work laptop and PC on a kvm, NAS and HP microserver.</p> <p>null</p> <p>http://i.imgur.com/1UexBg1.jpg</p>

    <p>What kind of Microserver is that, the N40L or?</p> <p>Looking into those aswell. Seems cheap.</p>

    Yep the N40L.

    HP were doing a £100 cashback last year, so with that it was only…[Read more]

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