• Hi Crit,

    disclaimer first, i haven’t read the quoted discussions but i trust the others in their judgement.

    I have to talk a bit in defense of the community. Monkey-Gamers is an international community – always has been as far as I know. I don’t think this does attract nationalists/racists very much. I am surely not the only one who enjoys…[Read more]

  • I searched ugliest Belgian church but no match so i give up. 😀

  • No. There were some allegations that Riggs would have lost on purpose but these seem to be based on “how could a man lose against a woman?” instead of actual facts.

  • Battle of the Sexes: Emancipation! Tennis! 70ies! All wrapped into an entertaining, character focused movie. 😉

  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer. Polarizing (in my opinion superb) psychological-horror-thriller

  • @aalio: Now i am confused and i don’t think it is exclusively because i am drunk. 😀

  • I seem to be too unqualified for googling. :'(

  • Yeah. Yesternight was that shootingstar night. I sat a bit on the balcony but couldn’t see anything. 🙁

  • From the architecture i would place it somewhere scandinavian corner. Close?

  • @abraxus: Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

    Epecu̩n was a tourist village in Argentina. In 1985 a damn broke, water flooded the village and stayed there for 25 years Рmade these trees look so funny. I did not find any information though if anyone was injured or killed when the damn broke.

    Found out about it through this video which also has…[Read more]

  • @xc4sper21: No, but i take great interest in travelling the highlands one day as well (never have been there). I am most interested in a road trib though.


  • Our new hymn?

  • Nice pictures Casper. Was that the West Highland Way?

    west highland way

  • Ghost town is on the right track, but unlike the places named so far noone has lived there for ~25 years.

  • 36°. Song of the day – actually the whole week. (kill me)

  • Yipii, so seldom i win. I had planed a trip last week which would had been perfect for this but unfortunately didn’t happen. So in the mean time you get this. Not sure if to difficult so 2 pictures to start with – third one will come if still to challenging.



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