MG News – Squad releases from Early Access

The Teamwork-Military-Shooter Squad ( has released from Early Access on Steam. If you are interested, be sure to grab it before October 7th. On that date, the developers will increase the price to roughly 50 €, as a result of its release from Early Access.

Since it’s initial release in 2015, Squad has gathered a small but loyal core group of players among the Monkey-Gamers. Because of it’s emphasis on squad-based gameplay, inbuilt VOIP communication and epic 50v50 battles, the monkeys have jointly logged in thousands of hours, with many more sure to come.

If you are interested in achieving victory not by having the quickest reflexes in EU-West, but through your ability to communicate and to overcome obstacles together, then head over to our Discord. Tag the “@Squad” role and we’ll show you the ropes.

Until then, remember to stick to your Squad-Leader. See you on the Battlefield, soldier!


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