MG Variety Game Night – Proposal

The Concept

I want to propose a simple idea. Remembering our Insurgency-Coop night, I want us to try out some games. At a pre-determined day, everyone who wants to gets together on Discord and plays a different game together.
What type of game? With the many giveaways and sales, it should be a game that is available to most of us. Like Insurgency, it could be a game that has recently been given away. Or something that is on sale or cheap. For example, we could set a upper limit of 5 € for game price. We can have replays, for example I would like to play Insurgency-Coop with you-lot again.
Via the forum, we can collect the possible games in between the sessions and then have a vote on what to play. The frequency of the “game day” is something we need to determine as well. Should we play every week, every 2 weeks, every month? A poll for this will be below, as well as a poll for the day of the week.
So let me know what you think by voting below. Results will be taken on Febuary 8th. Thanks!

Voting in the forum post:

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