the Berlin Major Main Qualifier starts today 12 CET

Vitality have the unfortunate Syman to victimize, while NRG and DreamEaters Slug it out on the other Stream. Over the weekend 16 teams will be reduced down to 8 to move to next weekends Major Main Event.
It’s getting hotter.

In other news: Some Russians and an Ukrainian beat the longstanding R6 Siege champions of G2 in the finals to take the Raleigh Major victory. It was a pretty good tournament to watch and Empire just was a brick wall and made very little mistakes to take the 3 maps to win.

Ah yeh and some guys still are playing dota 2 somewhere… if you are into that, … we don’t judge.


The International 2019

Not enough esports yet? Not a fan of FPS? Maybe this will tickle your fancy: Dota 2 Teams fight it out in Shanghai over the rest of this month for a prizepool of 33 MILLION DOLLARS. Every player of the winning team will walk away with more than 2 Million Dollars each if the coach gets his share. Turns out we are all playing the wrong games.

Anyway: https://liquipedia.net/dota2/The_International/2019
Here’s all the Info, just go to twitch and pretty much all the biggest streams are Dota 2 ones.


Six Major Raleigh

Just saw a few Monkeys running through each others line of fire in R6 Siege, and checked out Liquipedia on when the next Major is: IT IS RIGHT NOW, not even joking. 12th to 18th, if you like fast tactical fps, meanwhile i will download the 87 GB of updates.